Song Review: Mirae – Marvelous

Mirae - MarvelousI chose Mirae as my favorite rookie of 2021 due to the strength of their single Killa as well as their entertaining presence in variety. But, follow-up track Splash revealed a weakness in their armor. Like so many K-pop acts, their sound seems dictated by a “throw everything at the wall” approach rather than an intentional through line. This makes it difficult to anticipate future comebacks with unabashed excitement. But while new single Marvelous may be no Killa, it begins to steer the guys back in the right direction.

Rather than hinge upon the futuristic sounds that marked their debut, Marvelous opts for a lighter touch. It strikes a balance we don’t often hear from boy groups these days. It’s not relentlessly dark and angsty, but I wouldn’t call it bright and buoyant either. It finds a nice middle-ground – melodic but a little rough and tumble. Most of my favorite songs tend to fall within this sonic landscape.

Marvelous bops along an insistent dance beat, drawing upon multiple K-pop trends from the past few years. An early 90’s club thump competes with atmospheric synth squiggles as the verses deliver a solid blend of rap and sung vocals. It’s nothing original, but I appreciate the consistent and upbeat energy. The song stakes most of its claim on an ebullient chorus. It’s a supremely catchy hook, harnessing the tried-and-true power of a potent “mamama, nanana.” I’m concerned it may be too simplistic to have much staying power, but for now I can definitely get behind Marvelous’s exclamatory verve. Better yet, the track finds space for a few great flourishes, highlighted by a dynamic bridge that hints at the immense potential showcased in Killa.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

12 thoughts on “Song Review: Mirae – Marvelous

  1. Well, that is one hell of a refrain hook.

    The song production sounds like it is trying too hard, and over thinking it. And yet at the same time, missing the point about what the song wants to be when it grows up. When you open with a salvo like that, the rest of the song better be soundscaped to support it. As is, there is a lurch from chorus to verse and back, high low, nowhere in between, no story telling. Its like a kid trying to learning how to drive stick shift and start from a standing stop on a hill.

    I am also overthinking it. It’s a good song. Mid- to Low 8’s for me.

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  2. They went back to space, a little. I miss Jun Hyuk’s explosive raps, but this is miles better than Splash, and the video is fun as hell. If I number-rated, my score would be mid 8s, too.


  3. This gave me the vibes of a Golcha + ONF song lol. The settings reminded me of Ra Pam Pam but the mood was like an ONF song 😂. It was pretty fun but Mirae always wins me over on the stage and so I have no more comments for now. They are amazing performers and know how to sell a song – they even sold Splash to me after a couple of performances. Far from a Killa but still a pretty nice song!

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  4. It’s difficult for me to view this from a non-bias angle. It’s a solid song but I can’t help but be upset that Mirae continues to stray away from that electronic, futuristic bombast that skyrocketed “Killa” up my all-time favs list. I just feel like there was SO MUCH potential to build on what “Killa” did but their most recent releases seem to have foregone that for more generic territories imo.

    That being said…the song is rather catchy. The hook is a little hit or miss for me but that’s all my major complaints. I’d say 8.25 personally

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  5. I really like it – solid four stars! The production does meander a bit but the beat doesn’t let down and that chorus is pretty great. I’m super tired of the increasing snare pre-chorus but they add some electronic blatty somethings in there that mixes things up, and then the chorus comes back in and all is good.

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  6. Had to dive back to the previous titles before getting into this one, and so, after getting my fill of all 3 tracks, I’m just left confused. Never been into Mirae much, it’s kinda hard bargain at this point cause the song itself is really good but somehow there feels something missing in there, like a likability factor to the entire production and the song itself even after multiple listens.

    Hopefully it’ll grow on me.
    But good stuff here.

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