Song Review: Hyolyn – Layin’ Low (ft. Jooyoung)

Hyolyn - Layin' LowSince going solo, Hyolyn has proven herself adept at a variety of genres. Nostalgia will always lure me toward her upbeat, Sistar-esque summer pop, but her R&B-influenced work has also been great. Nothing quite beats 2018’s Dally in this regard, but new single Layin’ Low certainly puts up a fight.

When it comes to Hyolyn, vocals are always front and center. She remains one of the industry’s most beguiling performers, able to captivate with the slightest nuance. Layin’ Low knows how to harness this power, offering plenty of space to riff and tug on the main melody line. The song is ready to pounce right from the start, yet pulls back to offer maximum tension. The simple pre-chorus is a great example of this approach. It doesn’t build to cathartic levels, but compels with a droning quality that promises eventual release.

This payoff arrives during the chorus, which merges a simple hook with Hyolyn’s engaging performance. The synths echo her vocals, crafting a sound that’s at once sensual and a little threatening. Fellow soloist Jooyoung takes over verse two and offers contrasting energy with phrasing that feels more brusque and blunt. But, Layin’ Low remains Hyolyn’s show even when she’s not present. She wrings every opportunity from the track, elevating a straightforward arrangement. Layin’ Low doesn’t feel as iconic as some of her past work, but it’s satisfying to watch an artist thrive within their element. As much as the song’s vocals roar, the performance is driven by a quiet sort of confidence only earned though time and experience.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Hyolyn – Layin’ Low (ft. Jooyoung)

  1. Darling daughter started reviewing my cooking skills in the traditional laconic teenage style. The other day she called dinner “tasty, if generic”.

    So too with this song and video.

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  2. For me, this is her best work
    I’m not really a fan of her “summer” work but because it’s her songs, I still listen to those once in a while

    But this, I instantly like the song. The beat, the vocal, the choreo, the aura, the structure, I just fall in love

    Yes, there’s still some advice I would give if I could like she can put some post-chorus after the 2nd and final chorus or just make it longer to do adlibs on it.

    But still, I like the RnB force she brings into this song. She commands the song with her softy low register-to-powerful not over belting and she shows that her sexiness and “naughty” choreo isn’t make her as object, but she is the leader of her body and do as she pleases with her body, with or without a company.


  3. this is awesome. a real surprise. I was actually pretty taken with Jooyoung verse, it didn’t take away or feel unnecessary. It contrasts well.

    Hyolyn!!!!!!! slay. Love the composition and arrangement. It’s big without drawing too attention to itself.

    The “you got me layin low” hook reminds me of another hook that’s a more bombastic GG track, but I can’t quite pin my finger on it.

    nice surprise for me, as i was totally unaware of this on the horizon.

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  4. Performance wise, it was a strong showcase, although nothing new that has not been done before.

    The opening of the MV had one of those raw starts that felt like a performance video rather than the MV quality kind, but it did transitioned well in verse 2.

    Song was ok-ish. Pre-chorus and hook was nice and the featuring was a good addition.

    Overall, it’s Hyolyn’s confidence that brings out the best in this song.


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