Song Review: Pentagon – Feelin’ Like

Pentagon - Feelin' LikeGlobal music trends are currently in my favor, as sounds shift in directions I tend to enjoy. As always, K-pop is catching up to deliver a wealth of rhythmic, retro-themed tracks. By any measure, I should be jumping up and down and proclaiming this a golden age for the industry. Yet when it comes to my own ratings, so many of these songs lodge themselves in the mid-8’s at best. Why is this?

Pentagon’s Feelin’ Like is a great case study. Like so many of its peers, it’s an appetizer rather than a main course. Its overall sound will always appeal to me, but the song is robbed of any opportunity to grow into something special. Verse one gets off on the right foot as chugging bass underlines a catchy melody delivered with flair. From here, Feelin’ Like spins its wheels until it reaches its central drop. Even by K-pop drop standards, this is a pretty feeble centerpiece. I kept waiting for something to else to happen, but the track is content to rest on this not-so-special rhythmic loop.

Drops have been popular in K-pop for years, and they can be thrilling when surrounded by the right elements. But, they can also feel exceedingly lazy – an opportunity to showcase dance skills over dynamic songcraft. Feelin’ Like clocks in at under three minutes and feels severely under-formed. The ballsy bridge attempts to deliver some punch, but I fear it’s too little, too late. The song quickly falls back into that maddening drop, doo doo doo-ing its way toward a bland conclusion.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8


34 thoughts on “Song Review: Pentagon – Feelin’ Like

  1. Sir you did a rant this time two years ago about how kpop is noise noise uncreative (totally get btw) but randomly threw Elris in there as your prime example instead of idk Blackpink and now that groups are bringing funk sounds about you’re like ahhh let me pick this apart too like. It’s not a meal it’s a song in the ever revolving industry you’re free to critique as you please but it’s getting picky man. I don’t even listen to releases anymore so I just happened to jump on this review sorry but come on 😭


    • No offense meant, but I don’t understand these kind of comments. Do you guys want me to give every song a 10/10? What would be the point of having a blog where I review/critique songs, then? Picking apart songs is the point of this site. It’s literally all I do here.

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      • With all due respect sir, I’ve scoured your blog today and it seems as if the issue is not “I can’t give every song a 10/10” but moreso “nothing suites the 2013 niche I have in mind and I have to give everything a mid 8 at highest adorned w a handful of BUTs…” which I mean. Isn’t that big of an issue in the grand scheme of things but the people I hang around are beginning to find your page and my fear is that nobody is going to have an opinion of their own anymore bc of your outreach – it’s pretty large! Maybe the past is your niche but don’t hold back others from enjoying the present. That seems to be a big theme of this blog


        • I mean, if people are seriously changing their opinion based upon my thoughts, I’m not sure they had much of an opinion in the first place.

          All I can do is be honest. Take it or leave it, I guess. I’m certainly not trying to hold back anyone from enjoying anything, nor would I be presumptuous enough to think I have that power!

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          • “I mean, if people are seriously changing their opinion based upon my thoughts, I’m not sure they had much of an opinion in the first place.”

            Yeah, that’s true. There wouldn’t be an opinion in a first place. Heck, there wouldn’t been a discussion that allows us to talk our likes/dislikes! That’s no fun if everyone has the same views on why the song works or doesn’t work, hmm? Obviously respect is necessary but these kind of discussions is what I always love. It could help us broaden our scope on our common interest and potentially appreciate the song even more. Either way, these kind of discussions are ones that I personally find them to be very meaningful.

            And Nick, if it means anything… I think that goes to show how much of a convincing reviewer and writer you are on your blog if a few individuals believe what you say for something so subjective.


            • So, here’s the thing… I welcome debate and disagreements. Like you said, that’s what makes blogs like this so much fun. But I can’t do anything with “I wish you were less picky” or “I wish you weren’t stuck in the past.” Both of these are somewhat common complaints leveled my way, so I’m not calling out the OP directly. But, it is what it is and I am who I am. That kind of feedback doesn’t move the needle. It’s too vague. I don’t even know what the point of it is.

              If you love a song that I didn’t care for, defend the song. Break it down. Show me what I’m missing or where you think I’m wrong. Maybe you’ll change my mind (if that matters to you). Maybe you’ll spark some new line of thinking that will go on to influence future reviews. But, you’ve got to bring the goods if we’re gonna debate. Simply saying “come on, why are you so grumpy?” ends the conversation before it even starts.

              (Also, I think it’s important to remember that one person’s “grumpy” may be another person’s “critical.” We all have different expectations and ways of expressing our opinion.)

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  2. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be your thing but I’m just glad they’re finally back (and it’s a nice song). It seems like the break between comebacks is starting to become around 1 year or so.


  3. I actually really enjoyed this. I thnk its cos the instrumental is very pleasing to me and the guys flow in and out of each other nicely. It’s not got obnoxious tinny drops but rather smooth. Deffo going on my playlist 👍

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  4. This is just okay. It feels like a Monsta X song, but Monsta X would have gone harder? The Game is the buried treasure of the album for me.


    • Omg agreed, The Game would definitely be my buried treasure pick as well. I also love One Shot but tbh most of the b-sides beat the title for me lol


  5. Imo Feelin’ Like is FINE but I’m mostly annoyed that this is written by outside producers & the other 5 songs on the album are member-written, and at least a few of the member tracks would’ve been better title tracks and most of them are more interesting than Feelin’ Like. If companies are going to have members who produce music, maybe they should actually trust them with their own title tracks. Saw this happen way too many times with Got7 too…

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    • This!
      Not that all the tracks that were not self-composed by Pentagon are bad. ‘Pretty Pretty’ is one of many examples that I adore by the group.
      But I think once Pentagon had gotten more creative control and are working along with composers they are familiar with like Nathan (same guy you’ll see collaborating with Woodz!). The guys know their strengths and build on that.
      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought almost any, if not all, of the bsides are far more interesting than the title track.

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  6. It’s a fun song and it’s getting better the most I listen to it, but still, it’s definitely not Pentagon’s strongest title track. Feelin’ Like grabs my attention enough for me to dig into the rest of the album which it’s pretty amazing and already has some of my favorite Pentagon songs ever. “The Game” is just insane. Pentagon are the strongest when they have full control over their sound. They didn’t have it with the title track but I’m quite satisfied either way. It had been so long!

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  7. The drop is catchy but in a way that makes me wonder ” Do I want this in my head?”. I wish they added more to the chorus, this song is so undercooked.

    The audio snippet gives me hope that some of the b-sides will be better

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  8. Not good, not bad, but a frustratingly lazy attempt at emulating a sound for the pure fact that it is trendy, rather than actually trying to create something inspired.

    Songs as subpar as this start to suggest to me that the ‘retro/disco/funk’ trend is really beginning to wear out.. kpop companies are gonna juice every last bit of life out of it unfortunately.

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  9. These bassy antidrops are starting to feel formulaic. Considering the hooks aren’t strong, I wish instead of settling for just one bass antidrop,there would come a big mind blowing edm drop after. I love bass, but what’s better is if it’s not just used as some sort of accessory but to serve as a bridge for melodic lines and the percussion (Woodz’s Kiss of Fire is the best example of this.)

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  10. Tbh im surprised that im in the minority here but i really like the song! Its got a bit of edm with a splash of funk. Maybe im biased because I also love the choreography but this song is truly right up my alley.

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  11. Feelin’like is the only okayish song. Their performance for this song is so satisfying with quick choreography though. But of you ask me if it was wise of the company to choose this over every track on the B side, that’s a huge NO! We already are set a high standard with Hui’s musicality. The only way to present the fans with a delicious meal of music in the absence of hui was to give the colours of the members in their music. Regardless, I am happy having them back. And anticipating a few performances of B side tracks.

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  12. I’m not over the moon with this either – I’m pretty neutral on the retro sound but this one does have that feeling like it’s about to go somewhere and never does. The b-sides though… I was very WTF the first time I heard “The Game” but it might actually be amazing.


  13. Absolutely did not get it on first listen on my crummy laptop. Then heard it for the second time in my car – which has the bass turned up a bit more – and it clicked. The melody came alive, and Yuto and Wooseok’s raps made a lot more sense rhythmically.

    By the way, I’m a first-time poster, but long-time reader, and wanted to respond to the first comment on this page. I often disagree with your ratings, but I always learn something from your articles. I am amazed you are able to survive so long in a k-pop fandom at-large that so often refuses to accept comments that are anything less than fawning obsession. It is a credit to yourself and your readers, who all seem to enjoy music in general. Keep up the great work!


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