Song Review: Wonho – Eye On You

Wonho - ObsessionOne of my biggest frustrations with K-pop at the moment is that there aren’t many acts whose comebacks I reliably look forward to. Groups switch producers and concepts so frequently. Consistently great singles runs are harder to find. Heck, consistently great songs are harder to find! Everything feels very piecemeal. With this in mind, Wonho has revealed himself as a hero of consistency. He clearly has input in his musical direction and that’s resulted in a super solid run of dance tracks. They’re not cut-and-paste copies, but you can play one after another and get a sense of his artistic vision.

New single Eye On You hearkens back to past single Lose, which was released around this time last year. Its groove pulsates with a similar drive — dirty and insistent. Like Lose, Eye On You grows as it goes on, introducing more elements to the soundscape. It’s not quite as successful in this regard, but I love the synth textures that arrive during the chorus and form the backbone of the song’s final minute. Their ruggedness is tactile in a satisfying way.

Melodically, Eye On You is mostly a one trick pony. I kept expected the song to introduce a dynamic counter melody, breaking the repetition. Instead, it stubbornly embraces its trance-like drive, unveiling its club-ready beat and letting it simmer for three minutes. Fortunately, this production is addictive enough to compel attention. In the long run, this simplicity could prove an asset or a liability. I’ll be interested to see how Eye On You ages.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


16 thoughts on “Song Review: Wonho – Eye On You

  1. This song shows that Wonho knows his style to a too-tight tee. (… except that we do not speak of the autumn song (the football-themed one) which was a miss)

    Yes, the verses are very one note, but taken as a whole this trance-like song is entrancing.

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  2. of course wonho slays throughout this entire song. of course it’s an 8.5. of course he’s my celebrity crush.

    btw i just saw rocket punch’s new teaser and it’s incredibly promising. those synths are everything i live for, maybe rocket punch has finally found their sound (odd song title though, never imagine they would sing a song about a banana brand)

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  3. Wow ok so I loved this on first listen. Lose was one of those songs that took a little bit of time to reveal its charms but this only took one listen to have me straight up grooving in my seat. That trace like beat is addictive as hell and the thing about repetitive instrumentals is that if you loved it from the get go your not likely to be bothered by how repetitive it is. I really dig those synths and I don’t really see it losing its potency over time. If anything I might just like it even more. Wonho has always been pretty consistent but I am thoroughly impressed with this. I think I am going to have to pay more attention to him in the future. First Taeyeon and now Wonho, the soloists are getting to me but in good way of course:)

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  4. I really didn’t expect much from wonho when he was first going solo. Honestly, I’ve been somewhat anticipating for him to drop the ball(I didn’t want this, but I’ve been hurt before). He just keeps delivering the goods though and this is my favorite song of his. I didn’t even make notes of the memories because that production had me captivated. Not to mention that stunning music video.

    I want some more trance kpop songs; I’m over the disco now.

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  5. This is probably my favourite K-pop song of the year so far. It’s just so…unified. No jarring digressions or half-formed ideas, but a complete song that has a few clear goals and hits them perfectly. This is fantastic.

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  6. I don’t really get the hype around Wonho. He doesn’t seem like a particularly standout vocalist or to have an imaginative musical vision. This has a kind of cool, hypnotic sound but I will forget the song exists tomorrow.


  7. Not just a consistent discography, but consistent songs.

    I do love the touches of barely-there bass in the beginning and end. The bassline reminds me of a retro video game soundtrack (which is a compliment.)


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