Song Review: Treasure – JIKJIN

Treasure - JIKJINAfter a debut album stuffed with title tracks, I fear Treasure have entered the second stage of YG Entertainment’s “artist development”: radio silence, peppered by the odd comeback here and there. JIKJIN (직진) is the first title track from the group in over a year, and comes paired with a big budget music video and tons of hype.

I have a soft spot for YG’s brand of rock music. Their artists often opt for this style, resulting in tons of great songs. JIKJIN’s teasers promised plenty of guitar and even hinted at a sprightly funk beat. But, this is the modern iteration of YG we’re talking about. There’s no way we’re getting through an entire track without some random, jarring energy shift. JIKJIN is a Frankenstein of a comeback, unsure what it wants to be. There’s a great song in here somewhere, but it’s forced to twist itself to fit the agency’s template for a hit.

JIKJIN’s opening verse is quite promising. I love the punchy rock energy, paired with swerving synth that hints at something big just around the corner. Bang Yedam’s vocals are always a treat, and he kicks off the pre-chorus with aplomb. However, it’s not long before we plunge into the song’s noisy, half-time chorus. A comeback like this shouldn’t elicit eye rolls, but the predictability of this approach is exhausting. The trick used to be fresh and fun (Bigbang’s Bang Bang Bang). At this point, it’s corny and dull. Unfortunately, JIKJIN never quite recovers despite upping the energy for a chant-along climax (another overused YG trope). With songs like this, Treasure feel like a delivery method for the agency’s cut-and-paste style rather than an exciting entity of their own.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


29 thoughts on “Song Review: Treasure – JIKJIN

  1. Honestly, if they just had a different chorus I would love the song. Truly. I was praying for a fuller chorus, but I knew my wish would not come true. It sucks because the vocals are REALLY GOOD when they get their time to shine.

    Also, their outro kinda felt like a copy and pasted method for all their songs. I would be more surprised if they DID NOT have an climax finals portion. Sighsss

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  2. I spent the song wondering these things, in some order
    What does Jikjin mean, besides the straight forward “straight” in google translate?
    Where is my boy Bang Yedam? Ah, there he is.
    Here is the empty round building, again. Also, tunnel.
    … … Has Hybe ever repurposed that giant egg building or what?
    And what happened to the kid jumping into the big pool, why did they leave me hanging like that?
    Is this the new trend to torment us with superfast drones doing flippy whips?
    How long has it been since the last Treasure come back?
    And was this song worth the wait?

    Alright, moving on.

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  3. I was enjoying the verses and that VERY satisfying guitar + buildup in the prechorus, but remembered in time that this was a YG group and the song would likely be a YG™ Hype song.

    Remembering that prepared me to expect the drop, which was why I wasn’t as disappointed as I would’ve been if I had thought I was listening to a group without such sound restrictions/templates.

    By the end of the drop, I was thoroughly unenthused, even when hyunsuk was spitting fire and jeongwoo in the prechorus, because I knew that whatever energy and hype I was feeling would be crushed by the drop. The end segment was formulaic as usual.

    Idk I just don’t get why the producers have to so slavishly follow a template yknow? The boys are talented, let them SING a chorus.

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  4. That chorus sounded like something Cravity rejected because it sounded so generic and cheesy. The rest of the song, quite nice. I’m also REALLY liking U from the mini-album.

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  5. They took a year? To make this???

    Thoroughly enjoyed the rap verses and bridge (before the dance break). And still, this song is categorized as unlistenable. Nick describes the style of the song perfectly—predictable and stale. If this type of song is all that YGE will do with Treasure, I’m prepared to be dissapointed for years to come.

    Okay, but on their mini-album, they do showcase another style of song. But just ONE other style. The b-sides are so incredibly BORING, and by gosh they all sound the same. Definitely not promising for the future of Treasure at all.

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  6. I had an incredibly difficult time locating this on Spotify, which would only show me JinJin & Rocky the artist, JinJin & Rocky’s album, and every single one of JinJin & Rocky’s songs. I now realize it was trying to protect me 😦

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  7. I will be the only person here to say I actually kinda liked the chorus lmao. Feel like I’ve heard this song like 20 times in the past year but I actually kinda enjoyed it this go around.

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  8. I know everyone is complaining about the cliche party ending chant but I think in this song they actually needed it? Without it, it would even be more dull but actually for the first time in a long time, the party ending chant saved a YG song. And for me the ending part feels more natural than for example Boy or ILY because this time it’s kinda like the developed version of the chorus instead of a random part put for the sake of a party ending. Idk it’s just me though

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  9. Honestly, the problem with Treasure is, their producers spend so much time making the songs YG-esque that they seem to have forgotten that there are just 3 rappers and 9 vocals in the group. They’d go places when they finally realize that.
    I did not wait for 1 year to listen to the same sort of thing they released in 2020.

    I’m not hearing good things about the b-sides so I haven’t gotten to them, I hope they aren’t too boring.

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    • I liked U very much. Classic dance music with a lot of subtly interesting twists and turns. Not wildly innovative, just done well and pleasing.


  10. It feels like Jikjin is a forced-made, just to show that Treasure is also “still YG swag”. You know, there was so many YG stan who don’t like Treasure cause they’re too-cute and different.

    I can say like this, cause, all their B-sides is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT vibe from Jikjin. Their B-sides is better, I think, I like Darari and U.

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  11. It feels like Jikjin is a forced-made, just to show that Treasure is also “still have YG swag”.

    I can say like this, cause, their B-sides is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT vibe from Jikjin. Their B-sides is better, I think, I like Darari and U.

    Such a pity, cause these boys are talented.

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  12. Oh dear god no. They have such a nice variety of voices and then..what the hell is that cataclysm? To be honest I would have been more indulgent if they hadn’t sounded so obnoxiously bratty like they were sneering their way through the chorus. I couldn’t even finish the song.

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  13. Loved everything about this song and how hyped it made me feel. The energy of youth running straight towards their goal was conveyed well. Definitely a bop and one of their best title tracks next to I love you.


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