Song Review: Kwon Eunbi – Esper

Kwon Eunbi - EsperTo be honest, I completely forgot Kwon Eunbi’s Universe track was dropping today. You know I like to “celebrate” these releases with some insane funhouse game, but that takes a fair bit of planning.

But then, I remembered these Universe reviews are supposed to be as half-assed as the music itself. That’s the joke! So, I humbly present a visual review of Kwon Eunbi’s latest opus-on-an-app:







Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

19 thoughts on “Song Review: Kwon Eunbi – Esper

  1. Oh, back to this song.
    Its sounds like a demo being shopped around for a girl group circa about 2019 or 2020, left unused, later released as an actual song. Also, my eyes see one girl, but my ears here many girls, so it sounds like they left on the backing tracks from that demo.


  2. The way I was listening to the song in time to your timestamps lmao. I knew exactly what 1:17 was gonna build up to be lmao.

    I just can’t unhear aespa instead of esper.

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  3. the good news is that since eunbi dropped this generic-ass reggaeton song that sounds like a watered down version of burn it on the already named app, it means an actual comeback is just around the corner. i hope my hopes can stay up

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  4. Mami-mami-mami-ya!

    Honestly, probably my favorite Universe song so far. If it had a different chorus and kept the atmosphere it’d probably make it on my running “hon. mentions for 2022” list. I am a woman of simple tastes: arpeggiated instrumental loops are nice.


    • I would have to agree with best song.
      For me, it’s her best solo track in this style (the other one being Amigo) – IMO Amigo didn’t give her justice. The instrumental here is more engaging and upbeat.

      PS: I was the person who replied on Nick’s Twitter with GIFs instead of here to lessen my struggle 🤗


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