Song Review: Park Bom – Flower (ft. Kim Minseok)

Park Bom - Flower (ft. Kim Minseok)Since returning as a soloist in 2019, Park Bom has had a rather infrequent run of singles. We didn’t hear from her at all in 2020, and her latest track dropped nearly a year ago. But, she’s back with Melomance’s Kim Minseok as a duet partner on the dramatic Flower (꽃).

It’s always a treat to hear Park Bom’s voice. She has one of the most identifiable tones in all of K-pop, capable of wielding a raw sense of emotion that instantly draws you in. Big ballads like this make a great match for her skill. Kim Minseok is also a singer with unique vocal color, making this a match of dynamic belters. Flower takes advantage of the pairing, shooting for the stratosphere with a near-symphonic bombast. It climaxes in a choir-kissed rush, though I almost wish it was more overwrought. Give us full on opera, guys!

Flower opens with a stripped-back arrangement, casting full spotlight on Park Bom herself. Keys underline her commanding performance as the melody begins to bloom. It’s a pretty tune – familiar, but effective. Minseok’s verse brings more of that operatic flair I’m craving, adding polish that contrasts with Bom’s heart-on-her-sleeve approach. The two join forces for Flower’s final third, rattling off a series of power notes that end the song on a high. It’s a classic ballad, filled with the tropes you’d expect and hope for. Listeners’ enjoyment will likely depend on their preference for this style, but I think we can safely call Flower a success.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


3 thoughts on “Song Review: Park Bom – Flower (ft. Kim Minseok)

  1. Whoever picked this song, did a genius job. Most of it plays right in Bom’s good range, roughly A to A (Bb, technically). Pair her with a better singer of the opposite sex who does the heavy lifting. Add tasteful orchestration to do the flowing and swelling and ebbing, plus a strategic key change. So all Bom has to do is sing one verse, two choruses, and the lesser half of the break, and it sounds =GREAT=.

    People are going to sing the shit out of this song. Better sopranos are going to belt the shit out of that high F at 4:04. Heck, I am going to sing the shit out of this song, as itunes has the instrumental version, nice.

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  2. Love a dramatic ballad, but Ai Higuchi is taking care of that in my playlist now, so I am not sure this song is gonna last long for me. Also, I only know one Korean Flower song, and that is by Junsu. Speaking of which, the teaser for Hana seems promising!


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