Song Review: CRAVITY – Adrenaline

Cravity - AdrenalineCRAVITY’s delayed comeback is marketed as the second half of their first full album, an interesting strategy that essentially amounts to two lengthy EPs. The group has released a wealth of music since their 2020 debut, but I haven’t connected with much of it. Their biggest hurdle has been a lack of unique musical identity, though that hasn’t seemed to matter when it comes to building a robust fan base. New single Adrenaline isn’t likely to make them stand out, but CRAVITY have delivered a K-pop style that really appeals to me.

With song producers jumping from one group to the next, standout comebacks can come from the most unlikely of places. I’m shocked (in a good way) to say that CRAVITY have released one of the strongest title tracks of the year so far. Adrenaline feels like a modern nod to the funk pop of groups like SHINee and Seventeen. It’s lean, mean and focused.

I often gripe about “melodic scraps” and “sing talk” in recent K-pop songs. Too often, verses (and sometimes choruses!) pass by with an aimlessness that goes in one ear and immediately out the other. Right from the start, Adrenaline knows where it’s headed. The vocals coast over a rugged bass loop and insistent kick. I appreciate the arrangement during the pre-chorus, which builds momentum without relying heavily on percussion. Then, we launch into a simple, punchy chorus. It may prove repetitive on future listens, but for now it’s hitting just right. Adrenaline briefly fools us into thinking we’re in for a second verse collapse before the beat returns for a breakneck rap interlude. We’re whisked along without interruption until the song reaches its exciting climax, finishing on a high. I’ve got a few niggles along the way, but this is easily CRAVITY’s strongest single yet.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

18 thoughts on “Song Review: CRAVITY – Adrenaline

  1. With a title like Adrenaline, this song better not suck.

    Yeah, its pretty good. Its not the most original or ambitious song, but for what it does it does very well. Best of all, it maintains the momentum through the whole song. It’s a solid base hit double with run batted in. I am not complaining.

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  2. This sounded like a song you’d like (which considering this year so far, I’m happy for you!), but I couldn’t connect with it in the same way. For me, the verses were boring – akin to the sing-talk of post-ITZY girl groups – and the chorus didn’t stand out enough. I want to like Cravity, but they’ve been 0/5 with title tracks for me.


  3. It’s a strong song. I also liked Maybe Baby – think it had a little more texture than Adrenaline. And i really liked Pow! – It was what I wanted Kino’s Tang to sound like (and also 1/2 of NCT’s Universe). It’s noisy, chanty, but really coherent and fun.

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    • Hah, I’m on “Maybe Baby” right now and it’s the first track after “Adrenaline” and “Pow!” that hasn’t made me wince. Admittedly I didn’t finish “Pow!” because I can’t handle that much noise before I’ve finished my coffee, but I suspect it will end up on the bangers playlist. “Late Night” is a nice one for my strummy playlist.

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  4. ive wanted to get into cravity forever now bc the guys themselves r super fun to watch in variety stuff but everything theyve put out so far feels like starship just gave them all the rejected mx demos they could find…..

    EXCEPT for this one. if they continue down this route i might have to become a full on luvity

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  5. Haven’t met any alluring track in a month that often takes me to the top of a penthouse. This song itself is not amazingly strong enough to knock me right off of my feet immediately. Anyway, it’s is the first song from 2022 that can give me enough fresh meat…Believe it will be one of the winners of this month.

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  6. I absolutely loved this!! I was so shocked by how different it was from what I was expecting (I was expecting more “cars” lol)…

    Veni Vedi Vici from last year was their favourite song so far even though it was so far from their usual style. In fact it even was one of my top songs of last year. I would say there are many aspects of Adrenaline like the pre-chorus and the Instrumentals etc which remind me of Veni Vedi Vici but this time it was arranged to fit the youthful Cravity vibe! 🙂

    I’m really glad you like it too and agree this is an unexpectedly strong song from them! The MV was pretty nice and fun as well. I already love this song and I think this is gonna be a bigger grower the more I hear it! 🙂

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  7. I like “Adrenaline” too – it’s more Nick’s sound than mine but I like the glitchy-electronic bits and the funky guitar. It’s not quite the retro trend that’s been going around recently but has a bit of that feel.

    The rest of the EP/Album is really a mixed bag. “POW!” might be a banger but it’s too early in the day to be sure – it’s definitely giving me a Stray Kids/MCND feeling. “Maybe Baby” and “Late Night” are pleasant mid-tempos. The other three songs (not counting the outro) sounded like whatever SM is doing these days and I don’t like it. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t make one of these the title given how I guess people like that sound? /shrug

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  8. First heard them while binge listening Ingkigayo performances, I find their song interesting. It’s good but not so great, sounds like a decent NCT b-side, but overall its clean and interesting.


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