Song Review: YOUNITE – Everybody (ft. DJ Juice)

YOUNITE - Everybody (ft. DJ Juice)New boy group YOUNITE are set to debut next month. Before that, they’ve dropped a pre-debut track to ease us into their sound. Everybody fits within Brand New Music’s hip-hop style, offering a refreshingly warm and youthful take on the genre. I haven’t been too impressed with 2022’s debuts so far, but my eyes are now on YOUNITE. Heck, their group name isn’t even half bad!

Featuring the agency’s DJ Juice on turntables, Everybody coasts along a chunky funk beat and keeps its groove aloft for nearly four minutes – a minor miracle in modern K-pop! It’s nothing fancy, but that’s kind of its charm. You’ll nod your head and have a good time. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. And when the cool scratching breakdown kicks in two thirds of the way through, you’ll realize how retro the track is without succumbing to the sort of in-your-face, trendy retro that’s been making its rounds over the past year or two.

The past few weeks have seen plenty of hip-hop boy group tracks. Some have been alright. Many are a few decibels from becoming shouting matches. I think Everybody is the strongest yet. Its verses are entirely rapped, and the groove accommodates space for personality to poke through. I don’t get the sense YOUNITE are puffing up their chests and trying to impress or intimidate. They’re just having fun, and it’s a pleasure to absorb this good energy. Chanted responses add more interplay and life to these verses, further enhancing the funk appeal. Everybody’s chorus could be stronger and its dull pre-chorus should have been eliminated entirely, but the song’s ebullient spirit carries the day.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


12 thoughts on “Song Review: YOUNITE – Everybody (ft. DJ Juice)

  1. Since they’re debuting in April and Kyungmun from LOUD is in this group, he’s really gonna be debuting first than both of the final groups from LOUD. It’s the same situation as CIX’s BX and Seunghun who debuted earlier than Treasure.


  2. That turntablist dance break was very delicious. Song was fun and liked the raps here. Hopefully they keep this bright, rap-based sound going I feel like it’s a cool pocket in the current kpop landscape. I will say I’m weary of Brand New Music debuting ANOTHER boy group when they already have two.

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    • I agree about being a little hesitant about this decision – I’m especially concerned about BDC, considering they’ve never had the time to build up a solid fanbase (the members not being among the Produce finalists sadly, the long wait between their debut and then the Moon trilogy, the pandemic halting possible other activities) – I am concerned for AB6IX as well, but at least the AB6IX members have been getting some other opportunities, like Daehwi with producing and with Woojin on variety, Woong with his radio appearances, Donghyun with acting etc.

      BDC’s music has been so good. I really think they would benefit from more of a push, and AB6IX certainly need more investment as well. I am looking forward to what this new group is going to be like (it’s been so long since Eunsang was on Produce!), and this song is a good taste of what they can offer, but I really hope Brand New has something up their sleeve to give all three groups enough opportunities.

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    • I’m concerned as well. I know Brand New have Lee Eunsang but if they gave him more time to improve he could have been a great soloist.


  3. Reminds me of Tempest’s debut earlier this month – praying this is a sign of a shift to brighter sounds for boy groups? Please? I think I may prefer Bad News more, but I like this one too! Will echo that the turntable scratch dance break was very fun.


    • I have a theory on that actually:

      I think Bdc was meant to be a project group, and wait either a few years for Lee Eunsang to come back from X1, or wait until Brand New Music had enough members for a large boy group debut. However, the Produce scandal happened. Brand New Music then was like “wait what the fuck!?” And kinda panicked, so to buy time they gave Lee Eunsang a debut and Bdc deserved comebacks to prepare for Eunsang’s group debut and the debut itself. By then the time that Brand New were deciding on members, I have a feeling BDC were quite content on them being a trio. So either Brand New asked them if they wanted to join Younite or Brand New just said “We’d rather have not be in our new group.” I hope it’s the first option.

      This is me just speculating though.


  4. I would argue that TAN “du du du” is a solid (re)debut this year.

    This song here isn’t the most original, but it is a breath of fresh air. Even the dance break sounds repurposed from somewhere else and yet it is very easy to listen to.

    I will be the nth person to wonder why the flip Brand New Music are debuting a new group when they already have AB6SIX and BDC who are in need of good comebacks.


  5. I REALLY liked this, even before the old-school scratch break. Yes, the chorus is just kinda there, but the rap verses, and them not stopping the flow? Love it.


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