Every LOVELYZ Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

Every LOVELYZ Single Ranked - From Worst to BestI’ve listed my “top tens” for many artists, but it’s time to rummage through entire discographies and rank every single from worst to best. This feature will primarily tackle groups who have disbanded or gone on indefinite hiatus. It’s a way for me to re-evaluate my initial thoughts on their singles run. Don’t be surprised if the order has changed from past countdowns. These things are always in flux!

15. Obliviate (2020)

Many loved this transformation in sound, but to me it wastes Lovelyz’s unique appeal in favor of more generic tropes. (original review)

14. Shooting Star (2015)

A lovely (pun intended) mid-tempo with a beautiful chorus.

13. Goodnight Like Yesterday (2014)

A subtle, emotive pre-debut teaser before we got to the quirky, upbeat stuff.

12. Wag-Zak (2018)

A bit of a throwaway, but this is good summer fun. (original review)

11. Hi~ (2015)

Pure fluff in the best way. I love those strings!

10. WoW! (2017)

Brings a bit of funk to Lovelyz’s sweet sound. (original review)

9. Lost N Found (2018)

The sophisticated sound of a group who know their strengths. That chorus is gorgeous. (original review)

8. Destiny (2016)

A signature song – stately and enthralling. (original review)

7. Now, We (2017)

One of the group’s biggest growers. That cotton candy chorus is simply irresistible. (original review)

6. Beautiful Days (2019)

This is the kind of ethereal synth-dance Lovelyz pulls off better than anyone. (original review)

5. Twinkle (2017)

A festive staple with iconic choreography and limitless energy. (original review)

4. Candy Jelly Love (2014)

Quirky and bubbly with a hook for the ages. (full review)

3. That Day (2018)

Sweetune Alert! Sweetune Alert! As expected, this is a match made in heaven. That chorus is everything. (original review)

2. Ah-Choo (2015)

Sidestepping novelty thanks to its excellent melodies, Ah-Choo goes down as Lovelyz’s most well-known musical moment. It’s a modern classic.

1. For You (2015)

This is pure, sunshine-in-a-bottle melody. Its robust instrumental and bounding energy make it one of my all-time favorite girl group tracks. (original review)

10 thoughts on “Every LOVELYZ Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

  1. 01. Ah-Choo
    02. That Day
    03. Twinkle
    04. Hi~
    05. Beautiful Days
    06. Destiny
    07. Now, We
    08. Lost N Found
    09. Candy Jelly Love
    10. WoW
    11. Obliviate
    12. Wag-Zak
    13. For You
    14. Goodnight Like Yesterday
    15. Shooting Star

    I actually surprised myself at the order I listed each of the songs. Somewhere in my memory, “Obliviate” and “WoW were among my favorite Lovelyz songs, but when measured against their most recognized releases, they kept dropping down the list. I remember applauding the release of both as a fresh break the norm, but ultimately, it was Lovelyz signature sound that liked the most.

    P.S. As usual, with these “list “n” songs in order” posts, the order could change tomorrow, but the top 6 are locked; mostly.. ..sort of.. ..I think.

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  2. We got the ranking yes! Thankful for this.
    Personally these are the songs I love in no order: a) Twinkle (the first thing my mind thinks of with ‘kpop christmas’) b) Lost n Found (personal nostalgia) c) Now, We (I agree – that chorus is everything!) d) That Day (the key change here is pulled off so well!) e) GNLY (aka one of my all-time favorite ballads!). For You & Beautiful Days has a soft spot as well~
    Also idk if the reviews referred have to be strictly the Song Reviews (aka the real time ones) but Candy Jelly Love had the Random Shuffle treatment. In case you want to link it: https://thebiaslist.com/2019/08/16/random-shuffle-review-lovelyz-candy-jelly-love


  3. What a discography! Lovelyz you will definitely be missed!
    My top Lovelyz title tracks include For You, Ah Choo, Beautiful Days and Now, We


  4. I enjoy For You as well but it is essentially a rehash of BoA’s “Milky Way”. Would probably put “That Day” as my favourite though, so breezy and fresh. Also I really love “Goodnight Like Yesterday” and would rank it amongst my favourite K-pop group ballads.

    My ranking would be:
    15. Shooting Star
    14. Wag-Zak
    13. Now, We
    12. Candy Jelly Love
    11. WoW!
    10. Obliviate
    9. Beautiful Days
    8. For You
    7. Hi~
    6. Destiny
    5. Lost N Found
    4. Ah-Choo
    3. Goodnight Like Yesterday
    2. Twinkle
    1. That Day


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