Song Review: Jessi – Zoom

Jessi - ZoomJessi has been on a roll these past few years. Ever since joining P Nation, her music has felt more confident and focused, taking advantage of her skills as both a rapper and vocalist. I wasn’t immediately sold with 2020’s Nunu Nana, but that song ended up being a major grower. Last year’s What Type Of X was an instant hit. New single Zoom isn’t as unique or ear-catching, but its steady groove and fun performance build upon Jessi’s strengths.

The song’s ”zoom in, zoom out” concept fits well with Jessi’s energy. It might be a bit cheesy coming from anyone else, but her confidence sells the track. The beat is anchored by a catchy synth loop, which descends and ascends in a seesawing structure that gives Zoom plenty of movement. It’s the kind of loop that could easily wear out its welcome, but the production modulates just enough throughout the song to keep things fresh. I especially enjoy the melodic pre-chorus where the instrumental switches gears and Jessi’s performance softens.

Zoom’s chorus won’t be for everyone. I’m not even sure it’s for me! The hook is definitely repetitive and has the potential to grate. For now, I think it works – largely due to the interplay between Jessi’s voice and that playful synth. The verses are more exciting, offering a variety of sounds and percussion. In the end, Zoom is an enjoyable head-nodder, buoyed by its strong personality and willingness not to take itself too seriously.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

10 thoughts on “Song Review: Jessi – Zoom

  1. Well hot damn, I think Jessi has another hot one. Even if it isn’t my style, this song is something I can appreciate. She has managed to craft a song that is fully in the current Instagram / Tik Tok gestalt, complete with sections that are ready for everyone’s 15 seconds of fame. Also while keeping true to her persona which has found that magic balance between being self-effacing and self-deprecating. Add a little bit that she can actually sing too, this Jessi can sing as well as she swaggers.

    Yes, a hot one. Not for me, but if it came around I would not skip.

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  2. Not bad, but I somewhat dislike that chorus. Idk why, but it seems to be somewhat underwhelming and not powerful enough to deliver that energy of Jessi’s tracks. Still, I feel that this one will grow on me. Finally, I’m giving it a 7.75/10


  3. I wish the prechorus had continued on to a melodic chorus…that would have been unexpected and different, and Jessi sure has the vocal chops to pull it off. I almost thought the chorus was missing because the prechorus builds up to something so typical. I would love to see her really rock out.


  4. I wasn’t a fan of the hook. I didn’t like the synth loop being there, and I think they should’ve either just changed the hook or gave it more exciting production. Jessi’s charisma comes through very well in the verses and her vocals in the pre-chorus make me want to hear her do more songs in which she’s only singing. They’re just not used enough ( kinda like Hyuna’s). I’m willing to give “zoom” time, but I don’t think I’ll be listening to it often, and if I do it’ll be for Jessi.


    • Kinda sad that it’s not another rock banger. I think there’s more she can do with the genre and What type of X was one of my favorite songs last year


  5. You know what? That’s not all I got. I know, surprise, surprise, right?

    I’ve tossed out the statement, “…has one of my favorite voices in the genre!” quite a few times, but there is only a handful of performers that I consider “…has one of the BEST voices in the genre!”, and there is a distinction. The former are voices that I enjoy listening to. The latter are voices that I can’t get enough of. Jessi is in both groups as one of my favorite “and” best singers.. ..when she actually sings.

    I don’t know which is a sadder tale: Lee Hi (another “best”) spending all of her contract being locked in an ivory tower by her evil uibuseomeoni (Yang Hyun-suk*), or Jessi having the freedom to do her thing, thanks to PSY’s “International House of Han-cakes”**, but choosing to use that freedom to gift the world a Korean hybridization of Minaj/Cyrus replete with S.A. exaggerated lips, bust, and butt; that double as floatation devices in the event of a water emergency.

    Jessi can do what makes her happy. She’s earned that. If “Zoom” is a furtherance of that goal, then more power to her. But I’m not going to pretend that I’m not sad about missing yet another opportunity to hear her actually sing. Her timbre is bustling with grit and ballsy sass and she has a fantastic “in your face” stage presence. If she ever decides to move on from making music, I could totally envision her starring in “Real Housewives of Gangnum” where she’ll be snatching weaves, tossing soju in faces, and whooping bitches upside the head with a fistful of kimchi.

    But, man.. ..when she belts out a tune, I feel it in my soul. I miss that.



    * I honestly believe that the only reason Hyun-suk added Lee Hi to YG was not to actually promote her, but rather to keep the other agencies from benefitting from her. He already had the agency, trainers, support staff, and lodgings, so adding one more to the roster was simply adding one more mouth to feed, which he may have believed was strategically worth that cost versus having to deal with her as a feather in some other agencies cap. Yes, he’s that much of a douche-nozzle.

    ** “han” definition: something that is unique to the people of Korea.


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