Song Review: Miyavi – Hush Hush (ft. Kang Daniel)

Miyavi - Hush Hush (ft. Kang Daniel)Miyavi and Kang Daniel’s Hush Hush has been kicking around for a few months now, originally released as part of last September’s Imaginary album. A Korean version has also been recorded as an OST for the drama Rookie Cops. Now, we’ve cycled back to the original with an official music video!

I’ve been a massive fan of Miyavi’s music for years and I think the quality is only growing stronger as his career advances. He’s no stranger to collaborations, releasing entire albums featuring guest artists. On the surface, Kang Daniel feels like an unexpected match for Miyavi’s guitar-fueled style, but Hush Hush is a welcome pairing. The song melds Miyavi’s always-excellent playing with a funky dance beat. Daniel’s airy vocals provide a great compliment, navigating the groove with ease. Miyavi has a rougher, more combative tone and offers contrast that keeps the track from feeling too slick.

Hush Hush embraces rhythm and energy more than big melodies, and that’s totally fine. In fact, it’s a nice change of pace from the anthemic nature of Miyavi’s past few singles. He still manages to work a searing guitar solo into the mix as Daniel offers an aloof, nonchalant counterpoint. J-pop/K-pop crossovers are not common, but both industries stand to learn from each other and share their respective strengths. Hush Hush is an exciting example of what these unpredictable matchups might bring.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75


4 thoughts on “Song Review: Miyavi – Hush Hush (ft. Kang Daniel)

  1. This song is awesome! Oh, I love this song. This mix adds little extra scratchy harmony touches here and there which are all good – a rare example of where more is more.

    imho, Kang Daniel’s best release. KD, more of this please!

    Also, for those interested in acquiring said title: This remix version is listed on US itunes under Miyavi as artist, his “Imaginary” album. The Rookie Cops OST version is almost the same exact minus the extra scratchy harmonies, and is listed under Kang Daniel as artist. Why not both?

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