Song Review: Just B – RE=LOAD

Just B - RE=LOADYou’d think having more and more idol groups join K-pop’s competitive landscape would result in a greater variety of sounds and perspectives. Strangely, the exact opposite has happened. Looking at the rookie debuts of the past few years, it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish songs from one another. What makes a Just B different than an Omega X or an EPEX? Not much (barring the latter’s awful, insensitive subject matter, of course).

I blame the constant shifting of producers and production teams for this monotony. Few groups stick with one creative voice anymore. Just B’s debut succeeded largely because the agency enlisted ex-BAP member Bang Yongguk to craft the single. Sadly, follow-up Tick Tock reverted to blustery boy group mush, causing Just B to sound like everyone else. New single RE=LOAD is a much stronger song, but just as generic.

Thankfully, RE=LOAD brings Just B back to the gritty rock sounds that marked their debut. The distortion hits hard on this one, and supports a towering chorus that ranks among the group’s strongest. If this focus had been extended across the entire track, we could be talking about a real standout. Unfortunately, RE=LOAD’s verses succumb to the same fragmented shoutiness I’ve been ranting about all year. This sing-shout approach has lost all its bite, making exclamations like “we go hard like this” fairly meaningless. To me, “going hard” would mean daring to do something different – unafraid to let your own vision shine. This is just posing. And, if you’re going to pose you better have a damn good hook to soundtrack your attitude. RE=LOAD is lucky to have its megawatt chorus, which elevates it above its many, many peers.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


15 thoughts on “Song Review: Just B – RE=LOAD

  1. Recently, I’ve noticed this tiring trend in where when the choruses are amazing, the verses are extremely lackluster.

    …And when a song has awesome verses, it gets cut down due to a sub-par chorus.

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    • Yes, we can’t it both ways, alas.

      Also, mho, so many of these choruses sound like they start from EXO’s Monster era chorus structure, mimic how that chorus swells and ebbs through its lines, and modify it just enough to sound contemporary.

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    • Often, these recent K-pop verses feel like the place they squeeze in every member they possibly can, regardless of whether it benefits the song or not.


  2. *sigh* another one.

    What I am really crushing on this morning is Kingdom’s The Song of Dann. Everyone, go listen! ‘

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    • YES! 😭 I already loved the song when I heard it and the live showcase was amazing too! And with the MV the feels hit a lot more!! ❤ Definitely one of my fave songs of this month!

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    • Yeah that chorus makes me more accepting of this song’s chest puffing. I genuinely found of the song song moments more playful than obnoxious.

      I often hear these songs and forget them soon after. Group name, title, video, everything just goes out of my mind. I’m glad I have have a single that let’s me go “oh yeah just B, I remember that had the nice track, reload”.


  3. UGH.😡 I cannot even imagine how much I’m done with this concept. Previous time, when I listened to their Tick Tock, it was a complete fail to me, so I expected for Just B to come back with something really new and outstanding. Unfortunately, I failed to guess and now I hear this generic-ass go-hard ditty…*facepalm*

    As a result, I can give it no more than 6.75.


  4. Lina from hallyureviews said it’s like the prechorus and chorus are a reward for staying longer in listening to the song. That’s exactly how it feels you have to endure the verses just to get the good part which is like what JUST B’s concept is all about i can’t

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  5. The chorus ❤ These boys are talented af and their stages are really insane too! Not close to Damage’s overall cohesiveness but the chorus is a knockout and they always perform the heck out of a song so it made a better first impression than Tick Tock!

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    • Exactly why I’m good with them doing this dark bg stuff, they have the roughness needed for it compared to their peers. They may succumb with doing whatever others are also doing now but also they put some edge to it.


  6. I know around 10 days have passed since this came out, but I did not give it much credit at first since it was so generic… Now I am OBSESSED, the chorus is really a stand-out for me and it competely pays off the somewhat dull typical bg rap verses. I hope that, if they are going to follow this dark bg track for some time, they mantain the same grip as in this track’s chorus. With some finer work in the rest of the song ofc


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