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Open Discussion (April 24, 2022)

Open DiscussionIt’s Sunday, which means it’s time to end the week with an open discussion post!

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Each week, I’ll open with a question to get the conversation going. Feel free to chat about anything, but if you’re not sure what to write you can use this question as a starting point.

This week’s question:

What’s the first K-pop song you ever heard? And, which song “hooked” you on K-pop?

98 thoughts on “Open Discussion (April 24, 2022)

  1. Gangnam Style was probably the accurate first but I didn’t even know it was kpop so it doesn’t count lol.

    The first kpop song I heard knowing it was a kpop song was Exo’s Monster recommended by a friend who was a huge fan of Exo. And honestly this song is still special to me! ❤ I listened to a few other songs at the same time including BTS Blood, Sweat and Tears but the one that really went on loop for me was Exo’s Monster. I got a bit into Exo’s discography then : Call Me Baby, Growl, Overdose, Monster and Loveshot were my favorites.

    And then I fell out of kpop for a long time… I knew a lot of the songs that were getting released but I got to hear them through other means (read vocaloid which I’m not sure if anybody here would know lol) and I never listened to the original versions back then.

    Until I returned 2 years back… 😅

    Though Monster was the song that actually introduced me to kpop I wasn’t that hooked then. What really got me back in are two of my current fave groups : SKZ and Dreamcatcher. God’s Menu and Scream were the songs that actually pulled me back into kpop with a bang and for the first time I literally went through all their old discographies and bsides and everything and listened to almost all their songs! 🙂

    In short, Monster is always special because it gave me a taste of kpop but it’s Scream and God’s Menu that got me hooked! ❤

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  2. Of course Gangnam Style. Then, 8 years later I heard Dynamite and thought it was cute. I saw the Carpool Karaoke and really liked the songs, especially Black Swan. I moved through the BTS catalog, but what really riveted me was hearing NCT’s Superhuman (after someone said “do you think it’s hard learning 7 people, NCT has 23”) then watching EXO’s Monster after it was featured in an NCT reaction video, and then finally seeing Taemin’s Criminal. I was officially all in by then.


  3. Hum… It’s old :p

    I think it was I’m a Loner from CN Blue. I came in the kpop because of Yonghwa who acted in the drama You’re Beautiful. Then, I listenned FT Island too.

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  4. My first song was one from S.E.S. I think it was Dreams Come True or I’m Your Girl, tbh I dont remember which one came first. But then I didnt know that was Kpop, I used to listen to Jrock more often. I found it out a few years later thanks to a friend that showed me TVXQ (when they were still five members) and I became a big Cassiopeia. Then everything else followed, until now like 15 years later xD Now I still listen to every Kpop song at least once, but I only stan BTS , TVXQ and Taemin.

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  5. The first K-pop song I heard was playing with fire by black pink (which is probably their best song), but the song that really got me into K-pop was definitely Russian roulette by Red Velvet, with all its bizarre, creepy chiptune bubblegum-ness. 🙂 Seconds after finishing it, I binged all of red velvet’s music videos and… here I am three years later, still a huge ReVeLuv.


  6. The first kpop song I’ve ever heard was Wonder Girls’ Nobody but I was like 7 years old then which was when it blew up in my country and I didn’t know that it was from a kpop group since I heard it in english.

    The first kpop song that got me “hooked” would have to be Fire by BTS. It was played during my sixth grade Christmas party and It just had this energy that I don’t usually see in Westerns songs and it sparked my curiosity of the genre even more.


  7. 1. The earliest i can recall would be “Coincidence” by Baby VOX. I was watching Music Bank back then but apparently most songs did not leave an impression.
    2. Looking back, it was a one-two combination that got me more interested, songwise. T-ara’s “Wae Ireoni” and later 9Muses’ “Figaro”. Reading k-pop related blogs did the rest.


    • Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” in 2008 and 2NE1’s “Fire* and” I don’t care” in 2009 were big back then in my country and i liked them but did not pull me into k-pop much.


  8. I’m catching up to these Open Discussion threads!

    Obviously it was Psy,,.but I hated it.
    Next it was BigBang’s Fantastic Baby and I was wondering WTH did I hear.
    Next it was GOT 7’s Just Right and I was scratching my head.
    Next it was Monsta X’s Dramarama and I was interested.
    Finally, it was EXO’s Love Shot…the rest is history


  9. Technically, like about everyone else, my first k-pop song was Gangnam Style. But I started listening to it proper in early 2019 because someone I had a crush on had a Blackpink keychain! I asked what that was, they responded a k-pop group, I went home and listened to Kill This Love which had just come out, and fell in love with how completely different it was to anything I heard in Western pop music. I reported back to them the next day that I liked Blackpink too, and we ended up dating for about a year. But if Blackpink hooked me, what made me stay was Boy With Luv by BTS which came out around at a similar time. It felt so fresh and so perfectly pop, yet with a unique charm I was searching for. I took the time to check out their discography, discovered groups like Twice, Red Velvet, and Weki Meki, and the rest is history

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