Song Review: Monsta X – Love

Monsta X - LoveYou can tell a lot from a K-pop album’s highlight medley. When listening to these teasers, I often find myself playing “spot the title track.” But, this game is fraught with peril. How many times do I hear fantastic samples in a highlight medley, only to realize they’re b-sides and the title track itself is the same old sound everyone else is peddling? Such was the case with the highlight medley for Monsta X’s new mini album. Clips of Burning Up, Breathe and And felt like instant hits, while title track Love sounded… fine.

On full listen, I’m happy to report that Love is better than “fine,” though it lacks the knockout punch that would’ve made it a classic title track. The song builds upon the funky pop sound of last year’s standout Gambler, and is strongest when it adheres to that energy. The verses have great drive, delivering a lively volley of percussion. From here, the beat drops out and we enter an atmospheric pre-chorus. I really like the production here – especially the synth and brass – but a stronger melody would have helped compensate for the sudden shift in energy.

This concern continues into the chorus, which restores the percussion but plays things safe when it comes to melody. The hook is catchy in a piecemeal way – more of an aside than a big, confident refrain. Then, Love swerves back into its synth-drenched fantasia. This production works better as a post-chorus than a pre-chorus – especially when the saxophone kicks in. It all builds to a rousing finale, further developing Love’s fragmented charm. Even after several listens, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. But, I’m certainly nodding along.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Monsta X – Love

  1. I would just like to understand what is the point. What is it about the human condition do they was to convey through this song? Hope love angst woe glory sorrow despair joy, anything?

    The song really just a collection of noise and sound in time. A bit all over the place. There is a groove buried in there somewhere, under a too loud instrumental. That’s all I got. Somewhere in the 7’s for me.

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  2. I think it gets better with each listen, the finale is really great (I think whoever liked Gambler will like this too mostly cause it’s similar although a bit weaker).

    Waiting for buried treasure on Burning Up tho! 😁👀

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  3. I think the chorus has too many duds for me to actually truly like the song. Some of those hooks don’t really work for me, but the post-chorus is very fun (at least for me) and I think the rest of the song feels like there’s potential. Still, with Monsta X, I often feel like there’s just always a part of their title tracks that kind of feels embarrassing if that makes sense. I don’t know quite know what it is, but it’s always there even in Gambler.


    • yes!!! I absolutely agree, even as a pretty intense monbebe

      I feel like they try too hard in the title tracks, but their side tracks is where the magic is


  4. Well, I love this a lot. Idk why, but it gives me strong early to mid-00’s R&B vibes. The only thing I can complain about is the song’s hook, I wish it was just a little bit sharper. Here comes my rating:

    Hooks: 7
    Production: 9
    Longevity: 9
    Bias: 8
    Total: 8.25/10


  5. Burning Up would have been a much better option under any point of view, including the featuring of R3hab as an additional driver of awareness.
    Love is probably the worst track of the whole ep, I can’t really get the choice.

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  6. This song is good in fits and starts. I love the funky parts. The parts where it gets slow are frustrating. The saxophone kinda reminds me of “Hero” for some reason which is a single/B-side of theirs I know gets a lot of love around these parts but just not something I’ve really latched onto.

    And there is this part wherein I start mentally singing The Boyz’ “Reveal” over it; you’ll know which one it is. Idk if this is a good thing, but I suppose this means I haven’t forgotten about that song as much as I thought I did (even though I never really cared for it much!)

    Still, when it’s good it’s good. Low 8s for me, same as you.

    OT: I have “Pony” stuck in my head now and I blame you for this.



  7. I am echo’ing the choir that I think this song is great, cool vibes but needs more standout hook.
    But I’m digging it. I’ve recently been digging into Monsta X’s discography more, and it’s cool that they’re still developing artistically even in their enlistment phase.

    Even though this could be a bit hotter, it’s one of my fav boy group tracks so far this year.


  8. Love, love, love this song!! My 1st comeback w/Monsta X. Wish I would have discovered them earlier, but ya know, too wrapped up in bts world for 5 yrs. Kihyun vocals! These guys are talent.


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