Song Review: DKB – Sober

DKB - SoberBrave Brothers has enjoyed a resurgence with Brave Girls, fusing his classic dance-pop sound with the momentum spawned by viral popularity. Listening to mini albums Thank You and Summer Queen is like reading a guidebook on how to craft a rock-solid, classic K-pop song. Frustratingly, this Midas touch hasn’t quite made it down to Brave Entertainment’s other group: DKB.

Obviously, Brave Brothers can knock out a killer track, so it’s not a question of skill. Most of DKB’s title tracks simply opt for a different sound. Fair play to those who enjoy tracks like Sober (안취해). They’re not for me, and this one is particularly egregious. In fact, I’d call Sober aggressively obnoxious in its approach. It’s a ramshackle blend of shouted vocals and thudding percussion. Apart from the cool piano line that runs throughout most of the track, there’s nothing here I’d opt to experience again.

I think a Brave Brothers-produced hip-hop boy group could be very cool, and DKB have a few standouts in their discography. But, there’s only so much gruff sing-shout delivery I can take. Sober is at its best during its verses, when the guys tone down the bluster and opt for a more nuanced performance. In contrast, the chorus is just awful. It’s irritating and sing-song and stuffed with unpleasant textures. There’s a nice groove hidden somewhere inside, but you can barely hear it with so many warring elements thrown over the top. It’s a shame, because the guys clearly have skills. Their live performances have always stood out on music shows. But, a song like Sober is doing them no favors.

Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6


19 thoughts on “Song Review: DKB – Sober

  1. I don’t know if I actually like this, or if I am just so excited to hear flashes of personality and swagger after this past month that that I’m grabbing at anything. Either way, I truly love that piano in there.

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    • I agree with this. I actually…like this? A lot?? The personality in it and the piano is really refreshing to hear. It’s like a silly goofy song. We will see if it’s holds longevity for me or not- but I’m clearly more of a fan than other people here.

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  2. Why? Just why, huh?…Wtf is happening to you, K-pop?!?! I expected a lot more than this before it was released, so that’s the reason why I never watch teasers. But, unfortunately, their new comeback appeared to be a loud, obnoxious and ultra-generic NOTHING. The only thing the song consists of is just SHOUTING, SHOUTING AND SHOUTING, especially during the chorus. I’m exhausted to hear stuff like this. During this month, none of all the boy group comebacks have done anything to make me REALLY like or love them, and not only during April, but the entire 2022 overall mostly. All of ’em are in the 6’s for me: I rated AOTS by Epex 6/10, Reload by Just B and Undercover by Verivery 6.75/10, Creature by E’Last 6.5/10 (I changed it here now), but Sober is even worse than all of the above combined.

    Brave Entertainment, we need to have a serious conversation. For now, before we meet, I’ve got only one thing to say: BURN YOURSELF IN HELL FOR MISTREATING DKB!!!🤬🤬🤬Btw, Nick, I’m also inviting you to talk with Brave Entertainment producer team, so when are we gonna meet each other?

    Finally, I’ll give this track a 5/10 and that’s it. 6.5 seems too much for such a terrible song.


    • Oh, I forgot. This month’s exceptions for me here are Bigbang and Monsta X, the ones which I really loved. Younite and Seventeen were just fine.


      • Respect your opinion. Anyway, feels like agencies’ producing staff decided to forcedly wake up on the wrong side of their beds this year, and as a result, our beloved guys get such an underwhelming material…..😠


          • Yeah, TYSM for this suggestion, Nick. RoaD-B’s debut was really wonderful, and it is a great escape from these boring, extremely generic shout-along boy group tunes.

            P.s. I’m not kidding, but I almost vomited while listening to Sober🥴🤮

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          • RoaD-B “Don’t Stop” is sooooo awesome! Everything we are looking for in a new song! Please give a full review, please please please let me get what I want, lord knows it will be the first time.

            The little shift at 0:46 just kills me. Then two or three other little shifts, oooh so lovely. The only bad thing about the song is that it isn’t on US itunes yet.


  3. This is the kind of song that would blast over the speakers at a party and get everyone to start freaking out while I’m sitting in the corner wondering what the big deal is.

    It’s not bad—has more melody than a lot of “guy crush.” But the “why do people at parties favor this style so heavily” syndrome is affecting my opinion of it.


  4. I personally actually quite like it. It reminds me of their debut song Sorry Mama—less R&B, more mature and.. crazy lol. The energy of the stages are just insane tho. and if Sober is not your thing, you might like their side track Get Away! I think it’s a 180 in concept and song that is pleasant after listening to Sober


  5. I don’t think this is 6-bad, but it’s not great either.

    I have a soft spot for DKB’s first two singles (I know you panned them and I get why, but something about the delivery has won me over), but this is shoutier and more overprocessed than it needs to be and it’s exhausting to listen to.

    Like Brave Brothers know how to craft a good song, why can’t they do it for DKB…


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