Song Review: PSY – Celeb

PSY - CelebI’m writing more about the new PSY album than I expected to, but he often releases multiple title tracks to promote his comebacks. Celeb is an interesting story. The song and video have been in the can since 2019, originally meant for release that year alongside his album. Who knew we’d be waiting almost three years for this long-planned comeback to actually happen! I think the endless wait was worth it, as That That makes for a stronger title track.

Celeb is enjoyable, but lacks the punch of a great PSY single. It’s quite catchy and a little gimmicky, which might as well be his calling card. It’s more melodic than That That, yet delivered in a similar sing-talk style. The piano-assisted beat has an insistent drive – almost an “oompah oompah” chug. Scratchy brass underlines the hook, while the dance break is driven by the kind of playful electronics that were all the rage around the time PSY first gained global prominence with Gangnam Style.

Melodically, Celeb rests upon a fun, singalong hook that riffs on the song’s playful intro. The entire track carries this lively energy, its melody poking and prodding around several repeating refrains. It’s well-constructed and quite memorable, even if it lacks one killer aspect. The ever-popular Bae Suzy features in the music video, yet doesn’t lend her vocals to the track itself. I can’t help but think Celeb would have been stronger as a full-on duet, injecting a variety of textures into the mix.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


3 thoughts on “Song Review: PSY – Celeb

  1. I should like this song more. It has that pop standard progression and confidence that characterize some simple-yet-good songs. Think GDragon “Crooked”, or further back Men Without Hats “Pop Goes the World” or such. And yet I just find it grating, and nothing that I want to sing along with. Its almost too self-aware, too PSY-like. Moving on …


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  2. I was straight up waiting for suzy to sing the whole time. The piano in the track makes it sound like a song meant for preschoolers (in a bad way). Supa dupa and other tracks for the pororo show I can genuinely enjoy, so that’s not always a critique. It just blunted the effect for me. When Psy does the hook after the ridge, I absolutely adore it. The added elements also give the vibe I wish the rest of the song had. Just a little too much plonky piano, but I think I can get over that after a while.

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