Song Review: Woodz – I Hate You

Woodz - I Hate YouWith each new album, Woodz has leaned harder into rock music. It seems to be a burgeoning trend in K-pop, and he’s uniquely positioned to seize upon it. His gritty, expressive vocal practically begs for equally-passionate guitar riffs, and his natural swagger sells the rock attitude – a vital component to make this genre feel authentic. Last year’s brilliant Chaser unveiled this full potential, and new album Colorful Trauma seeks to build upon that formula.

I Hate You’s punky heart is in the right place, and the song is definitely successful. It’s not the total knockout I hoped for, but I’m happy to see Woodz continue down this route. As usual, his vocal carries the track in compelling fashion, effortlessly skirting between sentimental, ferocious and rhythmic. He drives the chorus home without the need for layering or effects. There’s a rawness to his performance that matches this genre well. And when he moves into a more spitfire delivery during verse two, the transition is natural and exciting.

Comparing I Hate You (난 너 없이 ) to past efforts, I can’t help but wish the melody hinged upon a more memorable series of refrains. The song isn’t as catchy as Bump Bump, nor as focused as Chaser. Granted, those are high bars for any artist to overcome, but when we know Woodz is capable of greatness, a solid track like I Hate You can’t help but feel a bit underwhelming. It thrives upon its explosive energy, but a knockout chorus would have brought it to another level. Still, I stand by the statement I made last week: Woodz is definitely one of the most exciting artists in K-pop at the moment.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

25 thoughts on “Song Review: Woodz – I Hate You

  1. i really like it although i think some of the b-sides are even better. he’s amazing either way, it’s nice to have an artist you can musically rely on.

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  2. In fact, I consider myself to be a huge alternative rock fan. So it’s no surprise that I fell in love with his new comeback in just a moment. This was so amazing for me that I really suffered from a stroke lmao😂
    On the other hand, the chorus and the production itself could have been somewhat stronger. As a result, I give it a solid 8.75/10.

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  3. Okay, I like like this. It’s not sophisticated but it doesn’t have to be. Putting it on a playlist with Dami’s “Beauty Full” and Moonbyul’s “C.I.T.T.”

    I wasn’t sold on Woodz before but his past few singles have been solid so I think I am now!

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  4. Yeah, its a bit of fun. The song fills the void I didn’t know was even there of other kpop bands who are very quiet this year. It has a very similar vibe to Day6 “Dance Dance” from their 2017 monthly series, so if you like that song, you should like this song. Or if you like this song, you should like that song.

    Yes, I wish it were a bit punchier and more rangey, but I will take it anyway.

    Dance Dance live live (at least the vocals are)


  5. I really, really want to like Woodz. He was by far the most charismatic performer in the special stage of Mirotic for the SBS Gayo Daejeon last year, and that had two of my favorite dancers in it (Juyeon and Moonbin). I don’t doubt he’s supremely talented. But I just can’t connect with his music. I like a lot of Kbands but this feels very sanitized Kpop idol rock to me. It’s the Day6/N.Flying/Onewe kind of rock, which I can’t get into either.


        • Glad you liked it. He has really good b-sides buried in his albums and he crosses genres a lot too. It’s a bit hard to pin a particular genre on him atp he is just pop lol.

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            • I really love Woodz’ R&B work. I think a lot of people don’t know that he co-composed ONF’s excellent b-side “Ice & Fire”. I thought he would continue to make music like this. But when he was asked if he considered himself to be an R&B artist after his rebranding in 2018, he replied that he was just making R&B music at that moment. Dude is just living his best life now doing whatever he likes.

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              • “But when he was asked if he considered himself to be an R&B artist after his rebranding in 2018, he replied that he was just making R&B music at that moment. Dude is just living his best life now doing whatever he likes.”
                Honestly that’s the best thing to hear when people are releasing works based on what they want to do.
                I’m one of the selfish people and say that I am liking the new sound WOODZ has been doing since ‘Love Me Harder’ (though I definitely empathise with older fans or casual listeners who prefer his R&B sound like ‘Different’!)

                I know that’s a no-brainer but given how sometimes we want a certain concept or sound from certain people, I think at the end of the day it’s up to the artist/creator on what makes them happy. It’s their work after all.


    • To generalize it, it is the sanitized version of small r rock music, whether kpop or any other country. I grew up with my sister’s notion of capital R Rock music vibrating through the walls of the house, and this ain’t that.

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    • Man, much as I like them, I really wish Day6 and N.Flying were allowed to rock out more.

      N.Flying’s best song is “Say Goodbye” off The Real. It’s a damn shame they don’t make these kinds of songs anymore, not even on their B-sides, because Hun is a metal riff machine who listens to a lot of Mark Tremonti and Slash. There’s a live recording where Seunghyub literally growls and the crowd goes insane. I live for it.

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    • I’m somewhat shocked to hear this about the Mirotic cover. Hyunjin and Seungyoun are both my ults and I thought Hyunjin outshone everyone on that stage by far… But hey, why pit 2 bad bitches against each other? Especially since overall that stage is probably best left forgotten LOL. It was not what I would call “good.”


  6. I also grew up with much louder ‘80s and ‘90s rock, courtesy of much older siblings. Anything that comes after which people can find on top 40 charts is pop music to me lol but radio-friendly pop rock can be lovely too when done right.

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  7. i like this, it’s a simple and effective pop punk track that doesn’t take itself too seriously. woodz’ vocals have a charm that works really well with this sort of song but i wish it went a liiiittle harder!

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  8. Oh I love Woodz release last year, “Feel like” or “Chaser”, all the B-side are so right in my alley. So I have high hope for Woodz new song.
    But I feel like this new song sound like a Glee redention of rock. It’s too cute, too straightforward. Ah….


  9. “I hate you” feels very much analogous to his labelmate Yena’s b-side from her solo EP, “Lxxk to you.” LTY felt a lot like an Avril Lavigne track, which was cool to see coming from Yena. I think we know that Seungyoun can handle edgier stuff, so this track suffers by comparison.

    I really, really like “Hijack” and probably would have chosen it as the title track but that’s just me. Seungyoun is still an ult for me and I’m always happy to see Nick praising him when it’s comeback time, anyway 🙂

    btw he sang live-live at his showcase, as far as I can tell! With a live band and everything. Pretty cool.

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    • wow, thank you from MOODZ!!

      Sorry if this comment posts a billion times, I was having trouble on mobile But i guess that’ll only make me seem more wholesome lol

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  10. I’m couldn’t get into it, which is disappointing because I really like Woodz. Maybe if it sneaks up on me in a shuffle I’ll like it. But I feel the same way about rock music in k-pop as I do about hip-hop in k-pop. It’s a hard sell because it feels very hollow. It’s fun but almost always feels like the group or artist is playing dress up.

    Woodz may be a different case because while he may like this style, but the actual song comes off as “generic rock” to me.


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