Buried Treasure: TXT – Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go

TXT - Thursday's Child Has Far To GoA K-pop act’s title track isn’t always the best song on their album, even if it’s the one most people will hear. Sometimes, b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

TXT have already broken sales records with their new album – a testament to the consistency of their music thus far. Still, with each year that passes K-pop has become more of a pre-order game. The majority of sales for most big albums occur before anyone has even heard the music, making the actual songs increasingly moot. I only mention this because I think “Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” is one of the weaker TXT albums – perhaps their weakest overall. But it’s already a huge hit, and I can’t begrudge proven K-pop tactics. Preorders rule the day yet again.

The mini album is surprisingly downbeat, with most tracks either mid-tempo or straight-up ballad. The only moment of real release happens right at the end, as the unit song Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go injects a welcome oomph to the atmosphere. In what must be a new record, the song has a total of twenty (!) credited writers, including the group’s own Beomgyu and Taehyun. Those two, along with leader Soobin, perform Thursday’s Child with gusto. I’m assuming the fact that only three-fifths of the group are present probably cuts its chances of promotion. That’s a shame, because this is the best thing on the album and would have made a fantastic springtime single.

Thursday’s Child thrives upon its bounding chorus, which ties a catchy hook to a brilliantly icy synth line. I adore the little melodic flourish that takes us into that instrumental riff. It has the lilting wistfulness TXT have always executed so well. The verses are more forgettable, casting off familiar melodic turns (seriously… this took twenty people?), but even the song’s weaker moments are boosted by their potent energy. This would make a great soundtrack for driving or running, pushing you along with a sense of open road optimism.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


16 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: TXT – Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go

  1. i feel like im the only person who finds this song just ok :/ on paper i should love it, it has everything i love in it but something about it just puts me off and i have no idea what

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  2. This song (while it may not be their best), really sets them apart, at least in my eyes, from most other 4th gen groups. There’s a beautiful air of nostalgia about this song, and that can be largely attributed to their gorgeous vocal tones throughout the song. It’s not as exciting to listen to, but it is exhilarating to be pulled along for the ride. Easily a 9 for me, at least.

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  3. I really like this song as well. Highlight of an album I’m liking well enough but not adoring. I’m holding out hope for promotion because they have previously promoted every song that matches the album title (Nap of a Star, Magic Island, Eternally, Frost). Minisodes may play by different rules though.

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  4. i love the melody and production for this song. easily a high 8’s for me, but not sure how it would age

    anyway, american song contest ended and as predicted, alexa won. not surprising considering she’s a kpop idol who has a huge international fanbase. i dont really enjoy the song she submitted, but im glad she won for it

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  5. I was listening to the mini album yesterday and this definitely stood out to me. In the way where I got distracted by work, tuned out (cuz as Nick said it’s not their BEST release) and then the song totally captured my attention.

    I love the direction of TXT’s music and I’ve sincerely enjoyed all their comebacks. They’re one of the most consistent and creative groups right now! But I still wish for something that has the boundless pop colorbursts of “Crown.”

    Of course this song has the retro thing going on but it’s their vocal delivery that gets me excited.

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  6. 20 songwriters? What, did they invite everyone into the studio for a super-spreader event and give everyone credit for showing up? Whoever came up with the Take On Me – style synth riff should get half credit.

    For the record, Thursday’s child is going to break your heart. I don’t care what Mother Goose has to say to the contrary about it.

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  7. Despite I started getting tired of this 1980’s synthwave trend, I consider the song to be great. However, I find the chorus to be a bit overstuffed, and the hook doesn’t match with the track’s style, IMO. 8.5 for me.

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  8. I would LOVE to know the contributions of each individual writer. I, too, know one good word.

    This song is the only one on the album I’ve been listening to (I think it’s the only one I like, period), and I’m surprised I’ve made it a day without getting burnout from it. That melody is so simple, but so perfect, and it’s delivered really nicely. I like that the baritones don’t have to act like they’re not baritones — they’ve got some falsetto, sure, but they get to sit pretty comfortably in their natural ranges and let Taehyun do the heavy lifting. Speaking of him, too, I feel like this is the first time I 100% understand his position. Honestly think the vocal effects were killing my opinion of the guy, but he can definitely sing! Who knew! It is SO NICE to have some clarity in a TXT song.

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  9. I agree that this is not a great mini for TXT.

    I enjoy Thursday and while I understand why it was chosen as a buried treasure, I think I’d give the buried treasure to Trust Fund Baby.
    Even though Thursday’s chorus is indeed catchy and the song has more drive to it, I think it lends itself to be somewhat generic.

    Trust Fund Baby isn’t perfect either but I think it has this sweet hint on the melody that I enjoy and that the production just makes the song flourish and have a little more character to it. In the end, it’s still just a ballad and although I don’t love it I enjoy the little details it has.

    I can see myself singing more of Thursday’s chorus than Trust Fund Baby but I think I enjoy the intricacies of Trust Fund Baby a little more for now.

    Hoping for better albums in the future!


  10. This really felt nice! It struck me better than the title really. It would have been nice if this had all 5 members as well and they promoted it live. Besides the chorus I really loved the instrumental of this one!

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  11. Oh I didn’t even realize this was a unit track. Anyways, this was my favourite as well – the rest of the album didn’t stick out to me on first listen, but I’ll be listening again and perhaps that might change, I don’t know.


  12. This is very reminiscent of last year’s Stay by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber which may explain why it’s an instant earworm. I have to say though that I’ve heard an ample amount of songs with this sound and it’s really the lyrics the hooks that do it for me. With that being said I still prefer Good Boy Gone Bad by a tad bit more so I give this a solid 9 (9,8,9,10)

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