Song Review: Treasure – Darari (Remix)

TREASURE - 'DARARI (REMIX)Sometimes a song arrangement can make all the difference. Back in January, Darari was released on Treasure’s newest mini album. It was a fine – but forgettable – mid-tempo, casting a subdued groove that spotlighted the guys’ vocals. Now, a remixed rock version has been released as follow-up promotion. Suddenly, the song has my complete attention.

One of my biggest peeves about this current K-pop era is how slow and vibey many of the songs are. Either the entire track lopes along on hesitant percussion or we get one of those stop/start productions where a breathless build gives way to a dull drop. This remix of Darari brings the energy from start to finish. In this way, it reminds me more of early Seventeen than a typical YG group track. There’s a sharpness to the performance, keeping momentum high while making room for personality to poke through.

I love how the guitars become so prominent during the chorus. This driving beat makes a perfect centerpiece, unleashing a rollicking force. And when we hit that expected YG chant finale, it’s given new life thanks to the rock percussion. Most importantly, it sounds like Treasure are actually having fun. This isn’t another JIKJIN situation, where great verses plunge into a puffed-up-chest, cool-boy hook. It’s just blazing, youthful spirit all the way through. If I had my way, the melody would soar more often than it does, but the fact they were able to wring this much drama from an unassuming b-side is quite the feat.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

17 thoughts on “Song Review: Treasure – Darari (Remix)

  1. This popped up on my feed this morning, and I made emoji wonder face wondering “Remix? what was the original?”.

    Yeah, what a difference! I still don’t remember the original, and to be frank I will not seek it out as that was not the droid i was looking for, This is the droid I was looking for.

    So much fun! Solid pop song, solidly delivered!


    • … the remix is not yet on US itunes, alas.

      Also, I feel like the frequent times I say on song reviews that the song is improved by clicking the 1.1x or 1.25x speed button has been vindicated here.


  2. I liked it, but the original ended up on my chill crowd-pleasing backyard playlist – not too many sharp edges or chord changes.

    I do like this remix a whole lot and I’m extremely picky about pop-punk in my Kpop.
    Here’s the backyard playlist. It’s that time of year again.

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  3. The original got tiring over time with its popularity. Like its great that the song went viral, but there’s only so much darari I can smile to.

    But, this is good. I really really like it! As Arpydarpy said, banger!


  4. The remix was amazing and it is a sharp contrast from the original.

    I just realized that they rerecorded their vocals for this remix, which makes it even better. Just listen to Bang Yedam’s first line in the original and in the remix. He sounds soft in the original, but in the remix he sounds powerful.


  5. I would rather want them to actually make a rock song (i wonder what’s stopping them?) rather than remix a mellow song like this. I’m so used to the original one that I always hear so it will take a long time for me to not think this is slightly odd? Unpopular opinion I know.


  6. Darari and Polaroid Love going viral around the same time just proves to me that the gp liking shit mid tempo chunkers where nothing is going on is a universal thing. People shit on the title tracks but at least they tried with those songs to make it interesting. Anyway the rock remix is okay but the big problem with Darari was its go nowhere melody and that hasn’t changed so it really does feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. And Darari was an awkward little song to begin so it doesn’t help matters. Oh and its way more percussion over any kind of rock guitars. Sounds like a fourth tier Big Bang b side from 2011 basically.


    • It’s the same thing as Peaches by Bieber being a hit as well. Those mellow songs are so inoffensive as you don’t mind them hearing anywhere, kind of like a background noise for everything. It may be bland but everyone buys it, just think of it as fastfood. I do love mellow songs but I prefer the powerful ballad ones than this.

      Well I agree Darari’s originally very chill and laidback chorus transformed into rock felt a bit odd in this context. The remix production is great though which made me think YG is really capable of doing so much more but chose not to (Idk why?).


  7. I didn’t listen to the original bside so coming straight into this remix felt super awesome! I really loved the rock vibe! It gave slight Rock With You vibes. I went back and listened to the original after this. I would say at its roots it is a good song but the remix definitely adds that spark. The original is a nice ballad but not something I would jam out to. But the remix was really fun and got me interested fast!


  8. I remember when I was super hooked on JIKJIN I unsuccessfully tried to listen to (the original) Darari. I just couldn’t make it through the song without getting distracted because it really wasn’t my thing. But the remix I saw today I just fell in love with – it renewed my craving for more songs like this that I somehow never come across 😅
    Now it would be even better if this was on iTunes…


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