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Open Discussion (May 15, 2022)

Open DiscussionIt’s Sunday, which means it’s time to end the week with an open discussion post!

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Each week, I’ll open with a question to get the conversation going. Feel free to chat about anything, but if you’re not sure what to write you can use this question as a starting point.

This week’s question:

If you were to share a single performance from your bias group to help others become a fan, what would it be?

59 thoughts on “Open Discussion (May 15, 2022)

  1. I’m already gonna cheat by posting two!

    This Sketchbook performance from Infinite is basically what confirmed my super-standom. It’s all about that She’s Back/Man In Love/The Chaser medley. Brilliant songs, back-to-back with no room to breathe. The guys are giving it their all. The sound just gets bigger and bigger.

    Then, I’d show them this remixed version of the The Chaser with a live orchestra because it’s my favorite K-pop performance of all time. It’s just unfathomably epic.

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    • I haven’t been listening to Infinite for a long, long time. This performance convinced me to start listening to them again, ah! Man In Love sounds great!

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    • Happy 10th Birthday “The Chaser”!

      Idols, singing live live while dancing! Actually, they are singing better on this stage than on any music show stage I have watched.

      Also, Nam Woo Hyun does an extra special good job with the key change at 2:59. Attaboy!

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  2. NCT 127 has some of my favourite all time performances inside and outside of the Kpop Industry. Its really hard to choose a single performance to pick out of their catalogue but one that I’d want to show is this cherry bomb performance. There were a lot of iconic stages to come out of the era and it might be a good segue into their discography since the cherry bomb album has a lot of material that could catch someones interest.

    If not this one, their 2017 mama appearance, the kick it stages, the sticker gaonchart performance or even Favourite with the prologue dance practice.

    To me, where seventeen and other performance-heavy groups have synchronisation, NCT and 127 in particular stick out for carrying themselves with more ‘swag’ and individual character on top of great synch. Its something i’ve grown to love and part of why I bias them.

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  3. I’d go with this LOVELY gayo stage by Taemin

    You have to specifically watch this version though, because the fixed shot and 4k adds so much. The final sequence in particular is gorgeous.

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    • I would like to share the newest song But You by iKON because I have the impression that a lot of people missed it, and of course ikonic performance of their two biggest hit.

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  4. I’m answering this question based on experience, because I got my friend addicted to EXO by showing her this performance of Call Me Baby! I especially love their outfits, and Kai’s solo intro was just the perfect way to open the performance.

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    • This performance is actually what made me take a serious dive into Exo! I saw a clip of the Call Me Baby music video during a fluff piece for the 2018 Olympics, and this was the first performance that came up on Youtube when I searched for the song. The rest is history!

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  5. Hmm… I’m a multifan and have quite a few ults but I can’t think of performance stages for them all lol (eg:- Oneus and Dreamcatcher; love them but can’t think of THAT ONE performance. The original MV’s do the trick better lol)

    Ateez Black Cat Nero:

    Yeah it’s not exactly there’s but the Immortal Song Nero stage is literally one of their best stages and they are all awesome here 🔥 The Kingdom Wonderland Stage is a close second but no Mingi diminishes it by a little bit. Ofc most Wonderland stages are epic!

    SKZ Victory Song Mama version:

    This is what made me love this song more! This is peak SKZ for me!

    So while I am at it may I drop a performance that is personally high up on my “Performances I can watch ANYTIME”

    Vanner Form:

    This is something that DID get me into tbe group myself and honestly if somebody told me they were a seasoned group I would have believed it because I found this amazing!

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  6. As a long time NCTzen, probably this performance. This song is incredible, but the performance is so endearing and exciting. The choreography is incredible dynamic and the song itself works so well with each of their charms. I have no doubt in my mind that if I were to convert anyone to my sneaky NCTzen ways, it would be through this performance.

    I’m horrible with technology and have no clue how to embed a link, but for reference it’s NCT Dream’s MFAL comeback stage!

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  7. Though I should’ve put this the previous week, here are few songs that creeped up my mind first when I thought about being under appreciated.

    To you-Seventeen
    The definition of bliss with that memorable chorus and potent hooks

    Fairy of Shampoo-TXT
    So hazy, and dreamlike. Haunts you with its melodies and the sax

    G.Soul sounds so good here. Very compelling, desperate and powerful. The track surges so beautifully at that chorus.

    The instrumental is simple yet very effective as it provides the perfect template for taemin to croon.

    The vocals are insane. Woodz just soars in this song. Especially that bridge…

    Incredibly propulsive with a super brisk drop.

    Before u go-TVXQ!
    I know we rave quite a bit about this on the blog but this goes largely unappreciated. The adlibs and the immense melodies just sweep you in.

    While talking about vixx’s horror phase, this one goes missed. The chorus is great and claustrophobic and the instrumental is so so so very propulsive. 10/10

    Speaking of great performances, BTS’s epic 2019 MMA performance was legendary. It’s sheer scale is mindblowing.


  8. for loona, any butterfly stage is iconic in my book. the choreography is so intricate and layered, and the members are so good at executing the complex steps while keeping the ethereal mood.

    and even though they’re covers, i would still show people the recent shake it stage from queendom and the cherry bomb cover. two performances that show very different sides of loona, but still demonstrate their razor-sharp synchronization.

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  9. Super Junior “Bonamana” on a music show back when. See, idols can dance and sing at the same time!

    As a bonus, slightly NSFW at times but a classic in Super Junior lore. The legendary 12 minute long Rockstar.

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  10. any of tbzs rtk/klw performances but ESPECIALLY quasi un fantasia like…just watch words dont do this masterpiece justice

    but also im gonna link some of the members individual performances i love….

    (come on u KNOW i had to put chanhee my beloved first lmao….but yeah since he mostly gets attention for his visuals ppl tend to forget just how excellent of a vocalist he is like LAWD)

    (ji changmin aka one of THE best new gen kpop dancers imo)

    (ok technically not a solo performance but still so much fun to watch…i mean cobies not even in the dance line but he slayed nonetheless)

    (honestly im just linking this bc of sunwoo going “CHOI CHANHEE! CHOI CHANHEE!” in the intro of one of the songs)

    theres prolly so many more im forgetting and i missed a few of the members but yeah


  11. For my obligatory Forestella posting, I had a million favorites to choose from, but I shall post here a blurry fan cam with suboptimal audio of Forestella throwing it down in front of a full symphony orchestra, and looking mighty fine in black tie too. The drop-out part at 4:36 to 4:50 just kills me. The song is an old 80’s schmaltzy Italian love song.

    They have a new single coming out later this month composed by a Studio Ghibli composer. They had covered one of his some time ago, but now they will get their very own original song.

    As a bonus, same concert, different fancam, KHH focus of Hijo De La Luna.
    Same concert, different fancam “Parla Piu Piano” – what magic can happen when the music follows the singers rather than the singers following the music.


    • Also, still among my favorite outfits. I like them so much that many moons ago, when I used to play Animal Crossing New Horizons, I actually made a custom version of these. Unfortunately I can no longer find them. They are technically still on my ACNH save file, but being that it’s a pain in the ass to connect my Switch to the internet, too lazy to fetch them atm.


  12. another good question….since many of my fav kpop groups (mostly girl groups) have either disbanded or have not been active in quite some time, i will go with who is my current favorite female kpop group, Everglow, and say that i would present their performance of my favorite song by them, “La Di Da” as a way to help others become a fan….

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  13. I’m not that great about converting people to the cause, but here are three videos that got the biggest response from my husband/non-K-pop friends/rock and roll song challenge group Facebook group:

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  14. Happy Birthday Nick!

    I’d have to go with my favorite K-Pop group, TVXQ. They have so many iconic performances I really could not sift till there was one. So, I decided to make Nick’s spam filter cry. Sorry Nick. Even then, this is just my top few, I could name at least 10 more before being satisfied lol.

    First, we have this simple Music Core performance. Five men with mikes, dancing a brutally difficult routine. This is such a simple yet effective performance.

    Then, we have this epic concert performance of Mirotic in Japan. The special effects here are amazing, with the rearrangement working great with the effects. The members also perform incredibly.

    Bolero is such a fantastic song, and seeing them belt it out is something worth checking it out. It takes quite a song to make the Cassies keep quiet, but Bolero is one of those songs.

    This performance of Doushite might be the group’s most iconic, and for good reason. No special effects or choreo, just pure vocal euphoria. This is peak TVXQ.

    Rising Sun is a song that somehow improves with confetti, flares, and a liberal amount of red lightsticks that suddenly go quiet when Changmin hits that high note. I wish I could have seen them perform this live as a full group.

    Even as a duo, TVXQ are still amazing, and this performance of Rising Sun is enough proof. I think this one is pre-recording, or at least edited a lot in post, but nothing beats those fireworks coinciding with the best K-Pop song of all time.

    I could embed their entire Begin Again Nissan Stadium performance, but this showcase of Android in the heavy rain with an army of Cassies in the wings should give you an idea of what I am talking about.

    I have now saved the best two for the last…

    KYHD is a song that is much better live than in the studio. This dramatic performance in the middle of the rain in Japan is proof. Seeing the stadium come to life, waving their lightsticks down in the chorus is incredible. The special effects are 10/10, but Changmin and Yunho provide enough charisma in their performance to do this on their own. The live band is the icing on the cake.

    Love in the Ice is another song that should be listened to exclusively in the live version, but for a different reason. Once again, the live band works great with K-Pop’s five best vocalists just letting loose. The middle eight here is everything.

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  15. I think it would depend on the type of person that I would want to check out Red Velvet. If it is someone (like me) who was a fan of 90s R&B groups, I would show them this performance:

    This Automatic performance is nostaligic and makes me think of some of the more sophisticated performances of En Vogue or Xscape, down to the choice of suits for the outfits.

    But, if I met someone who loved over the top theatrics and bright music, I’d pick this performance:

    The concept, colors, and dance break is reminscient of old American award shows where a group or artist had a “star-making” performance.

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  16. I hope every person in this planet can watch this phenomenal live of “Evil” by SHINee @SHINee WORLD III In Seoul. When listening to this song, I actually skipped it for the first time, but watching it live is…. outstanding. The stage, the dance, the vocal, the charisma, all top.

    SHINee “Stranger” also a performance worthy to mention here

    And if you haven’t heard of Taemin, here’s a very sweaty introduction of him

    If it still hasn’t made you sweat, please watch this amazing remix of Sherlock and Danger, dancing on a 45 degree stage.

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  17. There are two for PIXY. One is their INTRO + Wings performance, which they’ve only really been able to do once I think? While the song is good or bad depending on who you ask, the performance itself is spectacular. That intro is spectacular, but I love the choreography of WINGS. The whole thing is enhanced by the members stage presence. Plus the vocals are sort of richer here. I cannot be assured that it’s live singing, but that’s why I have a second performance.

    This one is a military performance of Bewitched. Bewitched herself is an iconic song, and just great by itself but the choreo is just so GOOD. It’s just so eye-catching and bewitching, it’s very fitting. This is one of the few performances that I could really tell it was live-singing, I can’t say it’s the most impressive song to sing, but a surprising amount of them are keeping up despite the somewhat intensive choreo. It’s also good to keep in mind, this is after they performed both Addicted and Moonlight live.

    Honestly, I’ll chuck in that Addicted military performance too, because that one ruled too. Ella and Satbyeol in particular shines pretty well here, but they all do pretty well despite how crazy intensive this choreo is compared to Bewitched. Not all of them, but overall just really fun to watch these performances back.

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    • I’m glad you posted this. I was looking at the Pixy “Wings” stages last night because I wanted to make a comment like this, but I got distracted by all of the great performances and ended up just enjoying them until well after midnight.

      Pixy’s performances really are something special. They are what made me a stan. People who have only seen the MVs don’t know what they’re missing.


  18. EASY!!!!!!!!

    BtoB’s WOW…my favorite song ever. Even my daughter shows it to her teenage friends. And the one time I played it to my husband, by the end of it he was “oeoeing” his heart out😂


  19. BoA’s live performances are always a treat, she is the whole package! Stable vocals, strong and clean choreography, beautiful visuals, and great stage appeal. Her earlier stages have more energetic dances, but I don’t quite like her earlier vocals. It wasn’t until her later years 2015-onwards I see real growth in her vocal range and her contributions in her own artistry. For more than 20 years in the business, I think this is one of her best performances from her The Live 2018 “X-mas”, definitely show-stopping and enaging performance:


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