Song Review: AB6IX – Savior

AB6IX - SaviorAB6IX’s recent comebacks have been all over the place, swerving from noisy beat drops to light funk to stately synth-pop. It’s a far cry from their debut year, which presented a sleek, stylish dance sound that seemed to be their calling card. Savior switches things up again, bringing in new producers and a new, darker sound. It’s an interesting experiment that never quite reaches its full potential.

The track opens with its chorus, though you may not realize it at first. I certainly didn’t, as this refrain feels much more like a verse. After a brief volley of rap, Savior blossoms into a dramatic, brass-laden pre-chorus. From here, you’d expect an equally ferocious centerpiece, but the song retreats back to the rugged hook that formed its introduction. Again, this is an interesting choice – especially when it comes to energy and dynamics. But as an actual experience, it’s not very satisfying.

Worse yet, Savior waits until its final moments to deliver its sucker punch. The song takes another hard turn, bringing guitar and percussion into the mix as its melody and arrangement become more robust. Bombastic finales are hardly new in K-pop, but I wish Savior had opted to sprinkle this energy more fully throughout its three-minute running time. Instead, we’re left with a confusing tease of a track. Its individual elements are all strong, but they’re arranged in a self-defeating way. I get the sense that AB6IX (along with every other boy group) are aiming for some abrasive NCT energy. Savior nearly gets there, but I’m not sure this is the right lane for the guys.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


16 thoughts on “Song Review: AB6IX – Savior

  1. It’s like two very good songs were mashed together. One melodic, lush and emotional, the other a very tight brooding dance groove. This is where a remixer might make the song a lot better than its parts. There are a lot of Frankensongs this year.

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  2. I am going to say, on balance, yes.

    Ok, yes, it sounds like two different songs, especially with the first transition to the section we call the prechorus. It even changes key, which makes it aurally twice a different song. Its like old school kpop (circa 2010-2015) when the key would just change, just go there. By the second shift the song settles into itself. Does it work? It is interesting enough that it works well enough, for me, for now. Plus, Lee Dae Hwi candy.

    I would call the section that starts it more of a “refrain” than proper chorus.

    Maybe 8 even for me.

    Y’all might have missed it, but a couple members of Ab6ix were did an OST in March “I’m Crazy”, and it’s pretty good. It also has a striking transition into the chorus which kicks it up a notch every time it kicks in.

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  3. What’s with all these boy groups having subpar title tracks with killer pop-rock b-sides hidden within the album?

    First Ciipher with Slam the Door
    Now AB6IX with Sucker for your love

    God they would have made for such great title tracks.
    In terms of the song. Yeah basically what you said though I rated it like 0.25 less though. That pre-chorus is sublime but everything around it gets boring fast.

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  4. This one feels really weird. The verses’ hook is really dull, and when the song came to life at least a bit during the pre-chorus, I was hoping for something really bombastic. Alas, that same dull hook was extended to the chorus territory, and when it got grittier, it was WAY TOO LATE. I love the song’s concept, but the rest of it is so-so for me. Especially production, it is very poor.

    All in all, my rating is:

    Hooks: 7
    Production: 6
    Longevity: 8
    Bias: 8
    Total: 7.25/10

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  5. I will never get over the AB6IX name. What an odd name for a 4-member group! Plus they debuted at the same time as Cix, which also doesn’t have sixth member. Make it make sense!

    Anyway, I like to refer to AB6IX as Sixpack.

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    • Haha they used to explain it as the 6th member being the fans I think, since they were 5 members at debut. I can see why that might sound confusing though personally I don’t mind these names as much, but CIX is far clearer to me because I’ve never read it as ‘six’, I always saw it as C-I-X separately and then my second thought was it was a pun on C9 in roman numerals, which is their company name?

      There have certainly been a ton of weird kpop group names since time immemorial, but I actually prefer these to completely random acronyms myself (I enjoy a lot of Teen Top’s music but damn, Teenage Emoboy Emotion New Talent Object Praise anyone?)

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  6. I actually really like this song but “Sucker for your love” is the real star on the album for me. So catchy with a beautiful melody for the chorus.

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  7. This one’s a letdown. I like that they’re branching out from exclusively house (as much as I eat up their house tracks, it can get stale) but Savior sounds like any other 4th gen bg song to me–the disjointed sections, the edginess, unsatisfying melody (or lack of). I like Sucker for your love much much more. But well, if the edgy concept and noise music keeps them relevant with all the competition… 😩

    I’m glad for the one or two standout B-sides on their last two albums, but man, I miss their 2020-2021 discography. Vivid, Salute: A New Hope, and Mo’ Complete: Have a Dream will remain my favorites.


  8. Tbh i dont hate the song. I actually quite like portions of it. I think youre right about the chorus sounding like a verse. If it had a more energetic chorus I really think this song would’ve been a banger. I know its not possible but if they could bring this back to the studio and rework it again it has the potential to be a really good and interesting song.


  9. The key change at least made me sit up and take notice, even if the song as a whole isn’t getting there.


  10. I basically agree with this entire review. However, my score would’ve been very different it’s a 5 or a 6 for me


  11. i personally loved this cb! the transitions felt a bit off but that was the thing that perked my ears up. overall i love the anti chorus and love the weird build up to the last blow. also woojins gay 🙏🙏 the representation we neede

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  12. I love this. I love the structure of the song, the way it pulls back just when you think it might lift. And maybe it’s darker, but it isn’t clashing and clanging. It’s on rotation for me.


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