Song Review: BVNDIT – Venom

BVNDIT - VenomIt’s crazy how quickly time passes in K-pop. When looking back at BVNDIT’s discography, I hadn’t even realized their last release happened over two years ago. That’s an entire lifetime for some groups, and a real hurdle for those still trying to establish themselves. So, it’s no surprise to see BVNDIT opt for a reinvention — or “Re-Original,” as they call it. New single Venom is a step in the right direction, even as it succumbs to a few familiar stumbling blocks.

I’m quite fond of Venom’s instrumental. The elastic beat kicks off with full gusto and never really slows. It contracts and stretches like a coiled snake, bringing an exciting energy to the track. When the pre-chorus adds guitar to the mix, the intensity amps further. These are the building blocks for a standout dance track and if nothing else, Venom will definitely get your head moving. That’s half the battle right there!

But when evaluating Venom as a whole, it’s just an okay dance track. This comes down to the actual song the composers have chosen to drape over this crackling instrumental. A few of its core elements are strong (the “venom, venom yeah” hook is sinfully catchy). But, the producers have the girls chanting and shouting and “na na na-ing” far too often for the melodies to stick. It seems we’re still stuck in the Dalla Dalla school of songwriting, which had its charms before the industry ran it into the ground. Venom’s sheer drive compensates for its lack of melodic imagination, but given a few changes this could have been an absolute banger.

Hooks 7
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


18 thoughts on “Song Review: BVNDIT – Venom

  1. The song has some charms to it. A bonus point for pronouncing Venom with a solid sharp shock Vee sound. I suppose they have good practice from pronouncing their own name Bvvvvhhhhindit. Or is in Bun-dit? I keed I keed.

    I hear more I am pirate yeah yeah a pirate yeah yeah crossed with a few BlackPinks. (When that mashup appears, can someone please share.) Which is to say that the song isn’t new, but the latest rehashing of the current gestalt. I have enough of them on my playlist, so I shall pass.


  2. Agree with your last sentence, but still I have been totally conquered by the energy of this song. Very satisfied with this comeback and happy that the girls are back.


  3. i havent seen much girl groups in your jpop reviews lately, so I was wondering if you’ve checked out the music videos morning musume tsubaki factory have dropped in the past few days? the momusu one i thought was pleasant but a bit of a snooze, but the tsubaki factory song was fantastic, very high energy

    momusu (dai jinsei never been better)
    tsubaki (adrenaline dame)


  4. The song’s energy is incredibly addictive. Otherwise, I totally agree with Nick, and it is no more than a fine dance track. Also, there’s TOO MUCH of this generic sing-talk, and it drives me mad. My rating would be the same.

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  5. The second verse has a delivery that reminds me of the second verse of DALLA DALLA. I really love the beat especially that bass synth. BVNDIT has great vocalists with unique tones, but I think this track has done a pretty bad job showing that off. With all the chanting I can’t really remember the specifics of the song, only that synth, It’s great to see them back I thought they were done for. Hopefully we see more of them this year


  6. Glad the girls are back and the song is a solid banger. Amazing energy, likr you say, and that helps it rise out of the bog of generic shout-singy girl crush tracks.

    It doesn’t do a good job of showcasing their individual talents, but I think it’ll do well enough for them to avoid disbandment.

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  7. I am glad to see these girls back!

    The song is nice, I really dig the energy, but yeah, it really needed a stronger, more melodic second half for the chorus to send it into the stratosphere.

    Still fairly enjoyable, mid-8s for me.

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  8. btw nick what are your thoughts on ballistik boys’ new song? i really like it, its a nice 80s disco throwback with a pretty strong melody


    • I actually fell asleep the first time I watched it, but that has nothing to do with the song and everything to do with how exhausted I was that night haha.

      I agree. It’s a nice little retro bop. Nothing spectacular, but enjoyable enough. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by most of BB’s singles since Tenhane, but this is a small step in the right direction.


  9. oh no, has it really been 2 years since jungle? I wish seungeun had been more successful in gp999, that would’ve brought some positive attention to the group.


  10. This has been my issue with many of these kinds of songs: they opt out for a shout-y chant instead of a proper chorus. I heard that song twice and I can’t remember much other than “Venom, venom, yeah”. I want to give it a proper listen because, like you said, that beat slaps, and it’s honestly a shame when the songwriting falls flat since that could make or break a song. I don’t mind this direction for them, but I don’t think this is going to push them in the direction they need.


  11. It’s been so long since BVNDIT has comeback that I legit thought one member had left, I thought there were 6 of them at first! Some elements of this song reminds me of some good ole early 2010 dance club bangers that would blast full volume at my Catholic school’s dances where saying “heck” or any “naughty” words would land you in the principle’s office. Ah…. I miss those days… 8.5/10

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    • It astonishes me how half a year passing by can change things, especially in this industry. the first sentence is now nullified – they’ve been disbanded.
      in the age where a lot of children are being taken into the spotlight (and the GP is eating it up), it’s sad to see the lost of BVNDIT & Hinapia in this kpop scene.


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