Song Review: Jo Yuri – Love Shhh!

Jo Yuri - Love Shhh!We’re at the point in the year when upbeat summer releases should start becoming more common. Given the season, I’m surprised May was filled with so many darker concepts. If you’ve followed The Bias List for long, you’ll know how much I love a summer concept album. I’ve got a whole playlist of these songs and it’s always a reliable mood-lifter. Jo Yuri’s new single Love Shhh! will likely join that list, though it tempers its summery vibe with the punchy pop-rock sound that’s become a burgeoning 2022 K-pop trend.

Releases from former IZ*ONE members have generally been strong, with Yena’s Smiley standing as the best solo track so far. I wasn’t as smitten with Jo Yuri’s Glassy. In fact, eight months after its release I couldn’t tell you a single thing about it. Love Shhh! leaves a bigger mark, bounding out of the gate with lively guitar and an explosive energy. The verses take familiar turns, cribbing liberally from K-pop summer tracks of years gone by. But when it comes to songs like this, that familiarity is part of the charm.

Love Shhh! takes a more dynamic route when we reach its chorus. The rock elements grow more prominent, anchoring a multi-part power pop hook. Jo Yuri brings the requisite attitude, but I’m not sure the vocal arrangement is the best match for this style. Love Shhh! would have made for a stronger group track, with multiple voices layered to give the chorus more punch. Even more robust multi-tracking of Yuri’s performance would have brought a stronger variety to the song’s texture. That hook just calls for a larger than life sound.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Jo Yuri – Love Shhh!

  1. All I can say is that this melody line (I think?) is similar/the same with Rocket Punch’s Summer Punch. That song is probably the better version of the song, that being a group song.

    The best b-side in this album, in my opinion, would have to be the first track – but it happens to be half a song. I was bummed, since I was really anticipating for it.

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  2. Wow. That was an incredibly strong follow-up to Yuri’s debut. Yes, songs like this have already become familiar to all of us, but in a completely another way rather than boy group tuneless noise. I’ll give it an 8.75.

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  3. Summer is here! It isn’t fully original, but it is a good time and very well done all the way around. Rating is about right.

    “Smiley” is still on top for me. Oh hey, I’m going make you smile smile smile ok!

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  4. IF WE DONT GET A FULL VERSION OF ROUND AND AROUND I WILL RIOT and other than that the real mini didnt match the expectations i had after hearing the medley. is it good? definitely but no more than that for me. opening was super yummy tho will be replaying it a lot
    love shh-8/10
    the mini-8.25/10


  5. Count me as the standalone that LOVED Glassy I guess LOL

    But this is really fun and feels like a proper kick off to the summer for sure.


  6. The web of vocal complexity Jo Yuri weaves so smoothly in Love Shh! is mesmerizing to me gliding smoothly from a low breathy smokiness to a brilliantly uplifting high register with a lot of projection and resonance. It’s a mix between infectious cuteness, old school dance and R and B, a dash of rock with choreographed fist pumps and the special elixir to thrown into the mixer that was even more prevalent in the great Glassy is the offbeat jazz feel. I really like Love Shh and Glassy about equally and this they are both fabulous. I also like Yena’s Smiley a lot and dream of her vocals harmonizing with Jo Yuri as I listen to all these tracks since it makes me reminisce about what I am missing since my two favorites vocalists in IZone are no longer together, but I have to give just a bit of an edge to Jo Yuri’s singles based on the strength of Yuri’s vocals and that offbeat mix of jazziness, breathiness mixed with tongue and cheek or ironic cuteness. Best of all for me would be to see Jo Yuri and Yena do a collaboration because I think their styles blend beautifully together and they have some of my favorite singles.


  7. I love Yuri’s voice but I was expecting a change in her vocal tone or something more thunderous somewhere in the song, it was a bit disappointing. Although I do think that as a group song it would have been great, Yuri also had the ability to give us a vocal delivery up to what the song demanded. I think it was a mistake that came from the direction, not from her.


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