Song Review: Trendz – Who

Trendz - WhoBoy group Trendz debuted earlier this year with TNT (Truth&Trust), a song I can barely recall. Their first mini album didn’t instill much confidence, largely forgoing memorable melodies for blustering attitude. On follow-up Who (吼), the guys have bolstered the intensity but still struggle to find a song that lives up to that energy.

Who continues to build upon this year’s lackluster run of boy group singles. But, it has some interesting ideas. The bass-heavy intro recalls H.O.T’s classic Warrior’s Descendent, while the climactic drum and bass elements inject a more unique perspective. There are even some 90’s hip-hop synths sprinkled throughout the track. Who’s instrumental palette draws from so many tried-and-true nostalgic elements that it’s impossible to hate. When searing guitar arrives during the chorus, I just want to turn down the guys’ voices and revel in the drama of the production.

Here’s the problem: Trendz’s producers aren’t able to find an equally strong song to place over this dynamic instrumental. The K-pop industry is severely lacking in great topliners. It’s as if melody has become the least important aspect in any comeback. I mean, shouting can be fun. Many classic 90’s idol groups built an entire career on it. But, it has to be catchy and well-structured to work. Who’s hook benefits greatly from the strong instrumental prodding it along, but it misses the opportunity to land a knockout punch. I desperately want to mash-up the track with a better series of hooks. There’s such squandered potential here!

Hooks 6
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

13 thoughts on “Song Review: Trendz – Who

  1. The only thing I really love here is the rock guitar in the chorus which extends to the epic guitar solo in the end, which is, of course, not unwelcoming. Otherwise, it’s just another aggressively obnoxious, loud and ultra-generic boy group piece of trash…😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬


    Now, I’m afraid that June will be even worse than May and it’s gonna give us even more of these underwhelming TV noise-shout-and-posturing shitpieces…..

    Here comes my rating:
    Hooks: 5
    Production: 8
    Longevity: 7
    Bias: 6
    Total: 6.5/10

    I feel extremely disappointed, and my day is ruined.

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  2. The formula is thus:
    Find two interesting instrumentals (one for verse, one for chorus)
    Layer over it trap and tinny high hats
    Shout over that some rap
    Add three lines (no more) of sung elements with bland line.
    What key is it in? Doesn’t matter.

    Also, I hear mashup with “New thang new thang, punch kick slam punch Bruce Lee Bruce Lee” song, like the rap chorus here is the drunken late night lyrics left on the cutting floor.

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  3. EXO’s Wolf, but 4th generation. I should technically enjoy this, but I can’t even remember the melody after a first listen.

    Also, I think that SM is now calling Warrior’s Descendent “Age of Violence”. Don’t mind it, I find the new title better actually.

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