Song Review: TAN – Louder

TAN - LouderTAN debuted earlier this year with the groovy Du Du Du. That track went on to be a big grower, refreshingly old-school in its approach with a focus on slick vocals. Better yet, its intro Fix You pointed toward a group capable of making excellent dance music. The guys have pushed further in that direction with follow-up Louder, bringing intensity with hard-hitting EDM.

I want to love this song so much. I’ve been missing big, maximalist dance music in K-pop – songs that just keep building and building. And up until its central beat drop, it seems Louder might be headed in that direction. The verses borrow the groovy nature from Du Du Du but elevate the energy. The rhythm has a swagger that drives momentum forward. TAN sound great when singing in unison. Their vocal blend feels more distinct than many of their peers, which is surprising given their origin on a survival series. I guess sometimes it’s just pure luck.

This potential makes Louder’s beat drop chorus all the more disappointing. A drop could have worked very well here, but the tempo-shifting nature of this one leaves much to be desired. It feels so generic compared to its surroundings, as if the producers gave up two-thirds of the way through and browsed a library of EDM stock music instead. It’s not entirely unsuccessful, and will probably benefit from more listens. But, it’s frustrating – and I’m so tired of K-pop tracks feeling frustrating. I mean, how hard is it to write an actual chorus?

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


16 thoughts on “Song Review: TAN – Louder

  1. I got a very good laugh out of this song, with its cause I’m alvatroaz chrous 😅😅
    I can get used to it but I would rather an actual chorus but at least I left the song laughing instead of crying. Like usually

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  2. The other day I showed darling daughter the actual music video of Wonho performing his latest release, since she has only played his recordings in the car she was not aware of his physicality. In the typical avuncular teenage style, she commented “Interesting”, and wandered off.

    I feel the same about this song. Interesting. Interesting in a good way, possibly, probably.

    As if they “browsed a library of EDM stock music instead” indeed. I am not sure if the drop chorus annoys me more than I enjoy the other parts to on balance be OK or OK enough. The English lyrics are more than a bit cliché. But as I have listened to the song several times already, I think the answer is it’s fine.

    On an semi-related note. Ulala Session. Who are these people? This song from last week popped up in my suggested feed today, and its all good groovy stuff. Yes more of this please! Only 5,000 views, what?

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  3. It’s like the producers made great verses and a surprisingly great pre-chorus, then halfway realized “Oh! We were supposed to be making Kpoop music!” and put some stupid drop in the middle. It could have been at least bearable if the bridge wasn’t so languid, but alas.

    Really, somebody replace this chorus with Chiquita’s or Love Me Right’s – man, this could have been such a great song.

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  4. UGH. I agree with you here. The verses and prechorus are great but the drop is irritating. Ruins the momentum and has some really irritating high frequencies (reminiscent somewhat of Hot Butter’s version of Popcorn but in the worst way possible).

    I’d rate this a 7 out of spite, but I’m also having a headache and probably irritable.

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  5. ANOTHER GOD-DAMNED FRANKENSONG. True to 95%of boy groups this year the title is hopelessly flawed and the B-sides are glorious. I did enjoy the sultry 2nd gen fishing net couture though.

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  6. Yeah, I feel the same. This song kind of feels like wasted potential. It has many good elements but collectively it doesn’t really work IMO. I like the instrumental at 5:13 tho. LOL.


  7. I was rolling my eyes at beat drop at first but I think I kinda enjoy it? Everything surrounding it is definitely a winner. We’ll see how it ages

    What’s up with the video though?


  8. Erm…
    I don’t even know what to think about this one.
    The verses were great. But, that’s the only reason I like the song. ISN’T IT JUST SO FUCKING HARD TO WRITE AN ACTUAL CHORUS SO THAT WE COULD NO MORE HEAR THESE ULTRA-DULL BEAT DROPS?!…🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Probably low-7’s for me (6,8,8,7).

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  9. i might be super late to this song but i absolutely love it. including the chorus. the production, switch ups here and there, noisy chorus but not in an uncreative buzzing way 9-10 for me actually


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