Global Pop Round-Up: June 2022 Edition

Global Pop Round-Up

The Bias List is a K-pop blog that also covers a fair amount of J-pop. But along with most music fans, I enjoy tracks from all around the world. So, I thought I’d start a monthly round-up of some of the non-K-pop songs that have caught my ear. No ratings — just highlights!

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As Sirens Fall – boywhatever

I don’t often get my emo on, but I can make an exception for a beat this ferocious. I love the electronic flourishes in the track and that chorus is just huge.

Benjamin – N-Y-T

This has the hazy summertime energy I always look for in a summer dance track. The touches of brass are addictive, and I’ve always enjoyed the sound of the Finnish language in pop music.

Beyoncé – Break My Soul

I know I’m not the only one, but this song has such a chokehold on me. I’m 100% ready for the return of early-90’s house music. Beyoncé is such a great conduit for the sound.

Dagny – Brightsider

Further proof that Scandinavians just know how to write an incredible pop chorus.

Demi Lovato – Skin Of My Teeth

I’ve never been a huge fan of Demi’s music, but Skin Of My Teeth‘s unbridled emotion is so, so satisfying. Bonus points for the (intentional?) callback to Hole’s Celebrity Skin.

Dotter – Only Good Die Young

Yep, those Scandinavians have the pop formula perfected. A great chorus and anthemic production make this an easy standout.

Linus & The Moon – Communicate

This references moody 80’s synth-pop so hard. I’m getting strong Erasure vibes, which is never a bad thing.

The Midnight – Heartbeat

Speaking of 80’s synth, The Midnight are poised to release a killer album built around that style. Heartbeat‘s punchy synths and anthemic chorus are like musical catnip to me. Make sure to check out the rocking Change Your Heart or Die as well!

Sexy Zone – Desideria

Okay, this is actually a b-side, but I have to include it because it just may end up being my 2022 song of summer. It’s like SHINee’s View mixed with ONF’s Complete, as seen through the Sexy Zone prism. So freaking good.

Sigala – Stay the Night (ft. Talia Mar)

Sigala has become one of my go-to dance producers. Stay The Night isn’t quite as addictive as The Melody, but its bubbly energy is perfect for summer.


20 thoughts on “Global Pop Round-Up: June 2022 Edition

  1. I absolutely love break my soul. The male voice on the track gets me so hype. I don’t know most of the other tracks today so I can’t wait to dive in!


      • Yeah the chorus is a bit of a let down. I listened to it while I was high so it was a bop then. I still like it, but probably won’t be listening at the end of the year, but who knows? Thanks for your opinion!


  2. idk if hyperpop is ur thing and this was released back in 2020 but PLEASE go listen to this whole album…….gupi and fraxiom are gods

    (also gives me a lot of early kesha vibes)

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  3. Great round-up once again! I spent a few hours the other day catching up on full Kpop releases I’ve missed over the past few weeks and I ended up adding like… 5 songs to my playlists (out of a 100 or so, hah :/), so I find great comfort knowing I come out of these posts enjoying a good handful of the songs listed. Stay the Night and Brightsider are loves at first listen ❤

    There are two tracks in particular I've been absolutely obsessed with recently and might actually be my favourites of the year so far. First one is "Dans Mes Yeux", which is a track by French dark pop band TSS from their latest album. The synth work here is pretty incredible and I really love how the song progresses from the second verse by gradually amping up the strong elements in its mix.

    And then there's "Abyssal Zone" from a newly formed trio of vocalists named Nornis, which is just stuffed to the brim with orchestral drama. Structure-wise, it might a bit unusual for first-time listeners but I think it does an amazing job tying together its larger-than-life ideas into a tight 3-minute long runtime.


  4. #hornyforthorny
    Album goes off

    Also Spiritbox surprise dropped a new single out a few days ago and I love the industrial-Garbage vibes.


  5. I really liked Benjamin -NYT. I think the Finnish language is really satisfying to hear. I wonder what a Finnish rap sounds like. I added all of these to my playlist except the sigala and sexy zone tracks. Unfortunately, they didn’t leave a mark and are very hard to get into for me.

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  6. In June I loved Blonde & Pink by Trixie Mattel, Superache by Conan Gray and So Good by Halsey! The songs C’Mon Loretta and Hello Hello by Trixie are absolutely fantastic 60s pop rock tunes stacked with melody


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