The Top Three K-Pop Songs of February 2022

Monthly Round-UpAt the end of each month, I look back at my three favorite title tracks by K-pop artists. I take my own ratings into account, but there’s a bit of wiggle room as certain songs tend to grow or fade.

February 2022 Overall Thoughts

Oof. I predicted February would be slow, and unfortunately I was right. Despite a few big releases, this was one of the driest months I’ve covered in quite some time. On top of that, my reaction to new music tended to be muted, topping out at an “it’s good” mid-8’s rating.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve heard an instant, top-ten-of-the-year title track since last September. That’s nearly half a year ago, which probably explains why I’m feeling so underwhelmed with K-pop at the moment. There’s no shortage of “good” tracks out there, but I’m really hoping for a super standout to reignite my excitement.

February did not offer this much-desired head rush, though Rocket Punch came close at the last possible opportunity. Instead, too many of this month’s releases played it safe. At the moment, K-pop comebacks feel so predictable, with everyone chasing the same type of imagery and playing within the same toolbox of sounds. There really aren’t many acts with their own unique sound/concept, nor is there much continuity between releases. The other day, I was trying to think of a group who is currently in their “imperial phase” (ie: three or more excellent, back-to-back singles). Now that ONF are out of the picture, I couldn’t think of a single act. Everyone’s just shifting from trend to trend, producer to producer.

Picking my top three of the month was a difficult task. Number one was easy, but the next two felt like throwing darts at a board and randomly pulling winners. I’m probably cheating by sneaking Sorn’s track in there, but beggars can’t be choosers. For my third choice, I’m going with a song that’s had greater staying power on my playlist than I would have thought.

J-pop also slowed to a crawl this month. Releases were largely uneventful, though March promises to be stronger. For now, my listening habits have trended toward old (J-pop and Janet!) favorites. Hopefully 2022 kicks things into gear and offers some new classics. The clock is ticking, K-pop!

Month Cumulative Rating: 7.8

(compiled by averaging the scores of every K-pop review from this month)

J-Pop Highlights

M!LK – Hikari (video)


Fantastics – Santa Monica Lollipop (review)


Honorable Mentions

Apink – Dilemma (review)

Jamie – Pity Party (review)

Jungkook – Stay Alive (review)

STAYC – RUN2U (review)

Taeyeon – INVU (review)

Wonho – Eye On You (review)


3. VIVIZ – Bop Bop! (review)

2. Sorn – Sharp Objects (review)

1. Rocket Punch – Chiquita (review)

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66 thoughts on “The Top Three K-Pop Songs of February 2022

  1. Apart from Skinz (still going very strong on my playlist) and Devil, 2022 has been extremely dry. By February last year, Beautiful Beautiful, Don’t Call Me, Crush, Burn It, Breathe, Excalibur, Cinema and A bit tipsy were all released (sigh)

    This month, Rocket Punch comes first, and no other song really deserves any spot here.

    March seems to be more packed though, so I am still slightly optimistic.

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    • Oh wait, I just completely forgot Eye On You exists, so sI gave it another chance, and I think it beats Chiquita to first place.


  2. Apink’s “Dilemma” and STAYC’s “Run2U” would definitely be my top 2.

    I personally have no issue that STAYC is not given preferential treatment on the Bias List, as I don’t have to go far, elsewhere, to find friends online/IRL who share my enthusiasm for STAYC and their music. To me they are def on a strong strong singles run that I don’t see dampening any time soon. That’s just my personal bias poking through.

    at the same time, I really enjoyed the songs that made it to the top 3. I think for me Rocket Punch and Sorn would be my fourth and fifth favorite picks.

    We need some good boy group tracks!!!

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  3. 1. Wonho – Eye On You. Top 10 of the year contender already.
    2. Taeyeon – INVU
    3. N.O.M – Look

    Feb was def slower and less interesting but I feel like my top 3 would make my year end list in Dec, esp Wonho.

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  4. Its been a very slow year for kpop for me.

    I have in February 2022, in some order
    Taeil of NCT OST “Starlight”
    DK of Seventeen OST “Go!”
    WonHo ”

    For those who like NOM “Look” – the song sounds to me like an extension of I’m Too Sexy and Supermodel Work work to the left now worrrk work to the right. There is a place for this song, but its not on my ipod, not yet at least. That said, for those who like this song, may I recommend this gem from a few years ago which does live on my ipod. “Move Groove Smooth” by JPink. I love this song.

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  5. Yep, February was really slow, and even more bare compared to January where I had a lot of songs I loved. So top 5 :

    1. Jwiiver Trap
    Yep, it keeps growing.They remind me of Blitzers with a sprinkling of Mirae – and the song is exactly the kind I love. Vocals, Rap and a really good bridge!! It’s a perfect song for me!❤️

    2. Apink Dilemma
    This is so damn good! I really love the chorus part and post chorus, especially the instrumentals.

    3. Taeyon INVU
    It has a very haunting melody and I really loved the whole epicness about it.

    4. Treasure Jikjin
    💀 I’m not kidding. This is the first track from Treasure I have genuinely enjoyed and I even managed to notice all 12 of them. The chorus wasn’t as bad as I expected.

    5. Billlie Gingamingayo (GMY) & Rocket Punch Chiquita

    I still haven’t made up my mind since GMY had got more room to grow on me than Chiquita but I’m really enjoying it as well.

    Former is pure fun and super catchy! And the rap parts are really good! I absolutely loved all their rappers! I do think I like Ring X Ring more than this, but GMY is definitely fun!

    Chiquita – Retro. Full on retro. And the music. I think that’s sufficient explanation 🙂

    Honourable mentions:

    Intro Music and First two verses (by J and Somin) of StayC Run2U :
    If the rest of the song had been like this it would have definitely made the list. I keep going back to the video only to listen to this… I hope StayC tries this sound again someday but I’m pretty sure they won’t lol

    Nmixx some parts idk 💀 :
    I can’t explain it… there are parts that I hum alright. And it’s better on stage and without a MV. They have the enthusiasm and presence to present the song. I perfectly agree it’s still a mess and no I didn’t brainwash myself into liking it. I heard the original MV once and the Studio Choom version twice.

    And a few bsides I loved this time :
    Nmixx Tank
    Taeyon Siren
    BTOB Higher (Plz next comeback let’s go all out like this)

    And my absolute favourite which I really wish should have been their primary sound because it really makes me feel things ❤️ – StayC Young Luv.

    February overall doesn’t seem to be very memorable and I doubt any of these would have the longevity to last the whole year unlike my top 3 of January. March looks promising though with a lot of groups I follow lined up – SKZ, Kingdom, Chebul, Cravity, Weeekly, G-Idle, Wei, NCT Dream etc. Vanner’s cb was done on stage today and I found it fun and Tempest’s debut looks pretty interesting too! Busy month ahead and hopefully will turn out to be fun!

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  6. Think this month was the opposite for me, one of the stronger kpop months in memory!

    Added 7 titles to my general year end considerations playlist in no particular order
    1. Rocket Punch Chiquita
    2. Apink Dilemma
    3. Sorn Sharp Objects
    4. Viviz Bop Bop
    5. Wonho Eye on You
    6. Taeyeon INVU
    7. STAYC RUN2U

    Cool to see MYMA mention dk’s ost, I love pretty much all the tracks on the 25 21 ost and the drama itself is excellent as well.

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  7. 1. Wonho – Eyes On You
    2. Taeyeon – INVU
    3. Sorn – Sharp Objects

    BOYYYY was this a slow month. On the bright side, there was some notable b-sides mixed in. I found Apink, BILLLIE, Stayc, BtoB, and Wonpil’s album all had their highlights.

    On the even brighter side… March looks STACKED. Based off previous reviews and reactions on the site, I will be on the frontlines of the (G)I-DLE defense squad come March 14th.

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  8. Glad to see Bop Bop climb into your top 3! It also had much more staying power than I thought. I think I would have my top 5 as (in some order):

    Viviz – Bop Bop
    Apink – Dilemma
    Rocket Punch – Chiquita (its been a day so I can’t tell how it will age, but I will pre-emptively put in here since I liked it a lot)
    Jamie – Pity Party

    On another note, I wonder if you’ve ever had another month where your Top 3/HMs were this girl-group/female soloist dominant.

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  10. My favourites of this month arw STAYC RUN2U and Wonho Eye On You,but I have to agree with some of the other comments this month wasn’t all that interesting to me. January was much better.

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  11. Definitely a slow month for me as well – I only playlisted 79 songs compared to 138 in January and 116 in December. My top rated songs from those covered here are Mark “Child”, MOONBIN&SANHA “Ghost Town”, JAMIE “Pity Party”, Suzy “Satellite”, and Jung Kook “Stay Alive” – all of those got four stars.

    From artists not covered here, my only five star song of the month is GSoul “Need You (Outro)”, which in spite of the name is a single. /Shrug. Four stars to JWiiver “JTrap” and Song Soo Woo “Love Me or Hate Me”. On the albums side, I really liked BTOB, Epik High, and TAEYEON’s albums.

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    • Oh, and in hilariously late to the party updates, ATEEZ “Take Me Home” finally clicked with me watching tour fancams. I still don’t love it but at least it topped the “I wouldn’t mind listening to this again” threshold and I can tell why other people love it. This fancam is actually pretty good although I wish they’d zoomed out a little more, especially at the end.

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  12. Suzy’s Satellite is my #1. My #2 right now is NMIXX’s Tank, which imo should have been the single (although I enjoy the single). I only listened just now to Look by N.O.M due to what others are saying about it, and I quite like it. I also quite enjoy JK’s Stay Alive, and I’m curious if Apink’s Dilemma will grow on me like past singles eventually did.

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  13. I love all your choices!
    We can clearly see the synth and retro trend is so strong now, and it’s a pleasure to see it work properly in some great releases

    My top 3:
    1.- StayC – Run2U
    2.- Sorn – Sharp Objects
    3.- NOM – Look

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  14. My Top 3 Songs in February (Most Played):

    1. Dilemma (Apink) – the moment it got released i already know it’s my top song of the month. This is how you mature in sound.
    2. Jtrap (Jwiiver) – strongest boy group debut of the year as of now. It follows the typical 4th gen template but the melodies and performance are strong and not too cookie-cutter. I enjoy the energy a lot.
    3. Jikjin (Treasure) – i know this isn’t enjoyed by a lot here, Treasure titles are all growers but this is the most instant and i’m slightly surprised it’s also rated the lowest here among their titles. And that party yg dance ending here is perhaps the most enjoyable one after Bigbang’s Bang(3x). Among all the comebacks this month, this feels the most like a comeback. Yeah i’m throwing objectivity out the door but music doesn’t have to be objectively great for you to enjoy it.

    4. RUN2U (STAYC) – so close, i listen to it a lot but the chorus felt too copy paste the more it gets repeated.
    5. Sharp Objects (Sorn) – One of the best synthpop songs but I’m surprised I don’t seek it a lot
    6. Bop Bop (VIVIZ) – nice melody, it pulled a Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa in the 1st part of the chorus but it felt a little bit cliche. But good longevity though.
    7. Chiquita (Rocket Punch) – an objectively great song like yeah it’s great that i get reminded of KARA and it’s unfair for them to be compared to a group with flawless discography and whenever I listen to it I wish I was listening to Step or Mamma Mia instead.
    8. INVU (Taeyeon) – reminds me of atmospheric pop music I listen back in 2017 so yeah I’m not head over heels with it sadly.

    I think i’m starting to get tired of the atmospheric retro trend at this point, that now I’m wishing for more hype and fun tracks this month.

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  16. My top 3 for the month of February:
    Viviz – Bop Bop
    Billlie – RingaMingaYo

    Also, this:

    Jung Dong Ha (feat. La.Q) – Fighter (The Fiery Priest OST)

    There’s just something about SBS Drama OST!


  17. For me King Taeyeon (the whole) invu album is the best for 2022 release now, while the other is good but i feel forgetable and don’t have wow impact tbh


  18. Taeyeon the whole invu album is the best and superior tbh. Especially for b-side i love siren, cold as hell, some night and timeless the most.


  19. NOT Sorn swiping Wonho’s top 3 spot. I feel he always comes a very difficult 4th and without a Shinee/Shinee member comeback this time I was sure he’d finally manage it, alas!


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