Song Review: Super Junior – Don’t Wait

Super Junior - Don't WaitK-pop royalty Super Junior are returning with their eleventh full-length album (twelfth if you count 2015’s “special album” Devil). It’s set to be released in two parts, and new song Don’t Wait serves as a pre-release for the first half. New Super Junior material is always welcome, and I’m thankful for how frequently they deliver music at this stage of their career.

Don’t Wait feels like a fun victory lap – a revisiting of sounds that introduces this new era with a laidback, confident excitement. The track has a classic pop/rock beat, sidestepping the industry’s 80’s obsession for a style that’s even more retro. It’s a nice fit for the guys and harnesses some of the energy that made 2015’s Devil such a career standout. This track is much more lightweight, but that’s to be expected when dealing with an upbeat pre-release.

It’s satisfying to hear Super Junior’s awesome vocal blend again. Don’t Wait offers plenty of opportunity to sing in unison, and that smooth, layered sound makes the track stick out. In fact, if it wasn’t for the guys themselves I’d probably write the song off entirely. Its hooks verge dangerously close to sounding like a commercial jingle and I’m not sure how they will age. Just a few listens in and the chorus is already starting to fizzle. But, Super Junior’s assured performance keeps Don’t Matter from becoming too novelty. It’s good, clean fun. I’m not sure that’s what I want from a K-pop track, but the group’s giddy energy is undeniably infectious.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

8 thoughts on “Song Review: Super Junior – Don’t Wait

  1. As soon as I’ve listened to the first seconds of this one, I realized that the song is exactly my type.
    But when the chorus broke in, I got kinda frustrated. Damn, ain’t it just so fucking hard to write a big, powerful chorus?! Nevertheless, it still sounds fun.
    8.25 for me.

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  2. This is giving me Disney vibes – where two characters are engaged in a conversation and they suddenly break into a song to express some needless point. Commercial and forgettable (should I blame BTS’s PTD for this?). Rating’s too high for me- would give it a 7(only because the MV is fun).


  3. Idk I think this one of my favorite BG tracks in a while. It just shows you how enjoyable it is to not hear a bunch of dudes puffing their chests yelling “zim zlam, boom boom boom” and to hear some true honest pop.
    Honestly I got some GoldCha vibes… although this is very SuJu.
    this is very very charming. I don’t mind the chorus either.


  4. This pre-release sounds like this years version of House Party + Devil combo platter. SuJu know exactly what they are doing here – the concert-ready all having fun song, improvisation in the middle part of the dance, fan service trademark song. I enjoy the song. I will enjoy seeing how they ad lib to it in a live setting.

    I am also eagerly awaiting the main release which will probably be something more slow and sentimental, and then even more eagerly awaiting the buried treasure which should a bit more adventurous (the Burn The Floor artsy thing).


  5. I really like the vibe and performance especially during the prechorus. Doesn’t have much to really dig my teeth into, Nick’s spot on with the jingle comment. It’s not catchy in a head nodding way, the chorus is a pass for me. I don’t know if I’ll pay this often


  6. I thought the beginning was quite boring but after getting to chorus it become quite fun. Love ryeowook part, he made it sounds unique. Yesung and heechul solo version of that part is also good, they truly show their own vocal color. Had to gives standing applause for the mv production though, the scenes are funny and the choreo fits the rythm of the song, the pause and movement is all good.


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