Song Review: SVT Leaders (Seventeen) – Cheers

SVT Leaders - CheersRecently, Seventeen have established an unsteady alliance with vocal processing. It’s hard to determine whether this is HYBE’s influence or simply a progression in the members’ musical taste, but it has markedly changed the group’s sound. Judging by their past few efforts, it’s almost hard to believe this is the same group that gave us Adore U, Mansae and Very Nice.

Preceding the release of their newest repackaged album, Seventeen’s unit leaders have joined forces on Cheers. We’ve got the vocal, rap and performance teams represented in equal measure, but this might as well have been a hip-hop unit release. Those hoping for dynamic choreography or clear vocals will have to look elsewhere. Cheers is Seventeen in full swag-mode, posing and posturing even more than they did during May’s divisive Hot.

There’s a great hype track buried in here somewhere. The beat goes hard during the chorus, and I love the use of keys to give it an extra dimension. Unfortunately, this comes on top of a strangled flute loop that feels dated and deeply unimaginative. Seventeen have groomed us to expect more creativity, but songs like Cheers and Hot are more trend-following than expected. And, if you’re not a fan of heavy vocal effects, you should just avoid this song altogether. Seventeen’s performance is smothered in processing, to the point they barely sound human. It’s clearly an aesthetic choice, but it buries the guys’ natural personality and makes Cheers feel more like a parody than the hard-hitting club track it wants to be. I can respect the song for what it’s trying to do, but this is not the direction I’d hope to see Seventeen’s music take.

*For reference, here’s another idol hip-hop transformation that is much more successful, in my opinion.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

15 thoughts on “Song Review: SVT Leaders (Seventeen) – Cheers

  1. day 2 of reviewing jpop songs until nick renews the 90s jpop roadmap for a 2nd season. the song i will be reviewing today is

    nogizaka46 – synchronicity

    this song is pop perfection. from its layered vocals, whimsical instrumentals, and rapid-fire melody, it gives off a very uplifting atmosphere that carrys the entire song. its my favorite out of the entire sakamichi series discography for a good reason. its just that beautiful. i love it so much oh my god. its everything i love about jpop in one package, and thats that. it’s like that kind of song that slam dunks onto you, while cuddling you at the same time

    hooks: 10
    production: 10
    longevity: 10
    bias: 10
    rating: 10

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  2. I have no idea why, but I was close to laughing while listening to the song. Especially the line “I spill something out on the piano” (subtitles were turned on at that time) in the end is just so hilarious that I can already imagine Seventeen being the rivals of Norazo lmao😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Talking of the way it sounds, it’s better than the most blustery boy group comebacks released recently, but…still, the amount of autotune is unforgivable, and on the whole, I don’t think this is the right way to go for Seventeen.
    Agree with the rating.

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  3. To be fair, I don’t think this song is meant to be taken that seriously. It’s good enough that if it comes on shuffle I’ll let it play and vibe along.
    Certainly harboring high hope for the forthcoming repackage though, if Face the Sun is anything to go by. One of my top albums from 2022.

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  4. People always ask me the reason why I have dropped 17 from my fav groups list when I tell them I was a huge fan of the group when they were rookies, but I’ve never knew the answer. Now reading your review, I more or less have an idea about what made me stop liking the group and now I feel like the annoying uncle who says “in my time it was better”.

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  5. You know, normally I’m not one to pin all blame on one aspect of a song but…gosh. I genuinely feel without all the voice processing this would come off even better. You put it very nicely when you said it’s like it stifles the leaders’ natural personalities. I mean, Change Up had much less and it was perfect (to me). The leaders already have charisma, why cover it up??

    I suppose I can’t complain too much. I’ll be happy to support them all the way anyway because I’m biased like that. Taking away my expectations I think it’s just a fun song that I won’t skip over, if it comes on shuffle. Carats as a whole are overjoyed leaderline are back and I do like the lyrics. I think it’s going to be just great live, as a energy boosting sort of thing. I’m praying that if they do perform it on tour they turn down the vocal effects a little. Oh svt, I just want to hear you sing!

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  6. Like Hot, I’m passing on this song. One or two listens and an MV watch is enough for me (shout out to Hoshi and his THEY/THEM shirt though, happy belated pride 🏳️‍🌈). This style of music just isn’t for me, but I’m sure the guys had fun writing and performing this.

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  7. It’s not a complete fail, some parts of the song grip me more than others. I agree with the comment on the flute, flute loops in hip hop songs have been done way too many time. Definitely feeling the piano though. My biggest gripe with the song as a whole is how inauthentic it feels. While watching these dudes give their all in a well produced video with stylish clothes, I just don’t buy it at all. That’s enough to prevent me from listening to it


  8. I agree with the review, I’m not a huge fan of all the vocal processing. due to this I don’t really listen to the studio version for that reason


    let me introduce: cheers on we speak music

    Cheers without the vocal processing IS SUCH A BANGER OH MY GOD, I’m kind of obsessed with this version. it highlights their unique voices so well. this is the only version I’ll listen to


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