Song Review: MCND – #MOOD

MCND - MoodFresh off their solid pre-release W.A.T.1, MCND have returned with a new mini album – the sequel to last year’s Secret Mission Chapter 1. Over the years, this group has had a knack for making music I dismiss at first, yet come to love over repeated plays. This happened with Ice Age, Not Over and Crush. Will new single #MOOD follow the same trajectory? Time will tell, but the deck is stacked against them this time.

The thing is, this shout-sung style has become so, so oversaturated over the past year – especially when it comes to boy groups. MCND get a pass because they’ve been doing this from the start. It’s their “signature sound,” for lack of a better phrase. And, they sell it better than most. But, there’s a fine line between “boisterous and fun” and straight-up obnoxious. Without much of a refrain to fall back on, I fear #MOOD threatens to tip over into the latter column.

On the plus side, #MOOD’s rambunctious instrumental is anchored by a memorable riff that makes for a suitable centerpiece as the song heads toward its drop-style chorus. However, I’m not a fan of the vocal asides placed over the top. As a hook, “Flexing! Flexing!” just doesn’t hit the same way MCND’s stronger titles have. As usual, I’m sure the track will come alive with their music show performances, but as a piece of music disconnected from any visual, I can’t see this taking over my playlist the way Crush and Ice Age did. Let’s give it a month and see what happens!

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


12 thoughts on “Song Review: MCND – #MOOD

  1. There are songs which one likes to watch, and songs which one likes to sing, and those which are both, or neither.
    Full marks to the boys for selling the shit out of this song. Actual fun is being had. But do I want to listen to it without watching them? No, notsomuch, not much at all. As for Nick, for me it is on the near edge of obnoxious.

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  2. Is it only me, or this one really sounds like a PSY song, but its cheaper version?
    Now about the song. It’s fine. It’s not so aggressively obnoxious like other noise music releases, which is nice. But…dammit, just because of the concept I dislike the comeback at the same time, and personally for me, W.A.T.1 was a much stronger effort.
    My rating would be exactly the same.

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  3. Oh I think it’s still boisterous and fun. I got a kick out of it and their smiles always make me smile. Like you said, they have the gift of really selling their songs. They look like they’re having a great time and want you to come along.

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  4. Actually to me this is a 10/10 ❤😂 I love this song so much! Like SO MUCH! It’s crazy because me loving a song so much – completely, fully, every single line and part – on first listen is kinda rare! 😂 The last time I felt this way was in January! And then when I heard Epitaph!

    And it is usually these songs that I absolutely love fully on the very first listen that have the highest staying power on my top songs of the year 🙂

    I think this might be one of my top MCND songs and it is an amazing followup to W.A.T.1 ! All the boys shone – rap, vocals, choreo – this was perfect to me! ❤

    This gives me a very SKZ (raps) + Ateez (Chorus) + Oneus (Pre-Chorus) + Verivery (Bridge) vibes ; And hey, I just named 4 of my favorite groups up there making this song a perfect win in my books! 😀


  5. I agree this is a song that I need to watch the boys perform to in order to fully enjoy it. They honestly make the song come to life. But on its own…it’s an average song. Not bad, but not AMAZING. I just wish they used that first post chorus more than once because it was my favorite part of the song.

    Favorite song on the album: W.AT.1. This song is my JAM 😍


  6. Really love the instrumental here and I didn’t mind most of catchphrases (besides “flexing flexing” never again please). I would’ve loved if they had an additional chant after that. The Vocalists in groups like mcnd aren’t used as much as I like, but I think huihyun was utilized quite well


  7. I made a promise to myself that I will not travel for any concerts for the rest of the year (unless A.C.E are somehow discharged early), but they’re one that I’m really disappointed to miss. Their live performances really do elevate all of their material, and I tend to like the material on its own!

    I like this better than “Movin”, not as much as some of their earlier releases, but given the wild fluctuations in quality from other groups the last several months, I’m perfectly happy with this.

    And don’t think I missed you posting on Twitter that this has started growing on you! Hah!


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