Song Review: NCT U – Rain Day

NCT U - Rain DayIt’s been a while since we had a song from SM’s NCT Lab project. So far, this showcase has given us a Mark Lee solo and a dance unit. Now, it’s time to focus on the group’s vocalists. Rain Day brings together Taeil, Kun and Yangyang for a mid-tempo designed for laid-back summer days.

NCT’s vocalists are often under-utilized, making showcases like this very welcome. However, SM has a history of saddling its greatest vocalists with dull ballads or forgettable mid-tempos. I wish they would realize that a singer doesn’t have to slow the tempo to show off their voice. If anything, 2016’s epic Without You should offer ample proof to the contrary! With tempo in mind, Rain Day has a bit of bounce to it. It’s still a subdued track that wouldn’t feel out of place in a coffee shop, but the song has an r&b flair that offers plenty of movement in the vocal performance.

Rain Day also features a writing credit for Kun, allowing him to flex his song production skills. In a perfect world, NCT Lab would act as a free-for-all venue for the members to unleash their creativity. I think we’re slowly getting there. I just hope the guys are able to harness a vision that feels specific to them. Rain Day is super pleasant and offers plenty of space for impressive vocal runs and lush harmonies. But in the end, it’s a relatively slight detour in the group’s overall discography.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


6 thoughts on “Song Review: NCT U – Rain Day

  1. For some reason, when the song started, I thought it would be something sounding like early-00’s r&b. Some time after, I got a little disappointed. Yes, subdued dance-pop mid-tempos like this are undoubtedly nice, but I wanna hear something MORE than nice, something less generic.
    Same as STAYC’s Beautiful Monster, this one gives me strong top 40 radio fare vibes.
    I’ll give it an 8.

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  2. Another flashback song, to old R&B circa late 90’s or 00’s. I could almost hear this coming from Mariah Carey circa Butterfly era, adorning the song with her trademark wispy whistle register and more decorative harmonic embellishments.

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  3. I’m kind of enjoying these pleasant, unchallenging songs right now. Maybe it’s a palate cleanse. It’s suiting my current lazy summer mood.

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  4. SM: you guys need to be a subunit. Taeil and Kun rarely sing together and we gotta keep YangYang off the streets.
    YangYang – hey
    Kun – but they’re not wrong.
    SM: so for the video,
    Taeil – I have a corgi!
    Kun – I have half a song!
    YangYang – I have half a rap!
    SM: The beach is empty and my sister and her friends are free this afternoon.
    Corgi – do I get lines?
    SM – no, but you get screen time
    Corgi – I’m down, let me call my agent. (Puts down phone) It’s cool.

    and I can’t say I’m mad about it it


  5. I’m happy the English isn’t awful in this song. Not a bump everyday song, but I totally see the place for this sort of track and the guys sound amazing.

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