Song Review: STAYC – Beautiful Monster

STAYC - Beautiful MonsterFrom what I’ve gathered from interviews, STAYC’s agency were opting for a sound closer to western pop when composing new single Beautiful Monster. The lines between music markets have blurred so much over the past few years that I’m not exactly sure what that means, but as long as it gives us a great chorus, I’m in! Ever since their late-2020 debut, STAYC’s music has reliably delivered the hooks.

Beautiful Monster is another Black Eyed Pilseung track, but takes the group’s music in a more subdued, emotional direction. The idiosyncrasies we’ve come to expect are present, yet feel a little buried this time around. Melody reigns supreme during the song’s chorus, though its endless stream of power notes threatens to become one-note. I would have cut the second half entirely and replaced it with something that acted as a memorable contrast.

Elsewhere, Beautiful Monster marries the acoustic to the electronic. It’s a successful combination, bringing depth to the instrumental. The verses don’t really go anywhere, but their evocative texture helps sell the sentiment. I especially enjoy the flute-like tones sprinkled throughout the song. However, I wish the arrangement would have committed to either being a full-on dance track or a moody slow-burn. It’s kind of stuck between the two, making it feel less impactful than most STAYC singles. In the end, I don’t see myself going back to Beautiful Monster often, though I can appreciate the skill and vision that went into its creation. I’m still waiting for another So Bad!

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75


21 thoughts on “Song Review: STAYC – Beautiful Monster

  1. ASAP remains my least fav STAYC title track and So Bad my fav. I like this one a lot, it’s not their best but it’s also still very much their type of music.


  2. Tbh their previous title tracks make this song quite a letdown even though it has pretty decent chorus. I wonder if the group has stable enough popularity to secure this song’s success.

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  3. Honestly this band can do no wrong for me. Although they’ve only been around for a few short years, their discography is so strong and unmatched. Not just the singles, but b-sides too, like Young Luv, Love Fool, and Like This. I’ll be listening to the new 4-song single all day long.

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  4. I think I liked this vibe a lot! As a huge fan of Young Luv I really feel these girls suit this style more than the pastel vibes! This one is different from the other tracks so far and I rather prefer this subdued melodic vibe to an ASAP or Sterotype. 😅

    I too am a hardcore fan of So Bad but I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that they may not go for something so hard-hitting again until well in the future.

    The chorus is incredible though and this is a big one for StayC because for the last three titles it’s the choruses that have let me down a lot. Run2U was especially frustrating because from the intro parts I expected another So Bad… but nope.

    I have yet to listen to the bsides, but I really liked the highlight medley and so I’m looking forward to it!


  5. Nice one. It’s not world-shaking or groundbreaking, and this song ain’t gotta be. I can imagine it being a track played on a contemporary hits station for a few times a day. Low-8’s for me.


  6. The melody and vocal is rather straighforward. Almost too ordinary.

    So to spice it up, it sounds like the composers went through afterwards late one night, had a nice beverage or three, and starting hitting all the alt sounds on the synth that they haven’t used in a long while because now was the time! That windy large bore flute that sounds like blowing across this empty bottle, yes! Deep but soft brass, yes. Twinkly star arpeggios, yes please! Do you think it needs more claps? Sure, why not. I know, the occasional acoustic strum too.

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  7. The moment I heard the chorus in the highlight medley I was sold ahaha, I love it! I can see it getting a bit repetitive but for now it really hits hard for me. I was worried when they were first teasing their comeback and I read that they were supposedly going to “change up their sound” or something along those lines, but thankfully it wasn’t really all that drastic at all (yeah I don’t even know if “western pop” really that much of a shift). So Bad remains my favourite title track, and it probably will for a while…but I’ll keep waiting for a return to that sound ahaha


  8. Another pleasing song that suits my current mood. Will it have a permanent place on my playlist? I’m not sure, but I don’t think I would fast forward if it popped up. It has a nice melody, very easy to listen to.


  9. Probably my least favorite stayc single. I still like it, but it’s really hard to get into the groove. I think the chorus like you said did threaten to be one note the first time around but now after a few listens it’s not threatening it just is one note.


  10. my… least favorite title track from their discography.

    i read someone on youtube commented ” this got YOUNG-LUV ( the song ) vibe but much better ” and i highly disagree with that. At least YOUNG-LUV left me impressed and it rings in my head especially the synth ( not to mention the bass is killer in that song.). But this? it feels like.. just there. yeah, the chorus is catchy but the verses feels so lacking but i dont know whats lacking, its just went too fast for me.

    i agree with what you said at the end. im still waiting for them to hit me with another ‘so bad’



    • jeez.. i really did being harsh to them earlier.

      I KEEP REPEATING J’S INTRO + SUMIN’S Prechorus and totally got addicted to the song.

      dare i say this is their third best title track.
      the first one is still So Bad, with RUN2U being the second, and this one.. being the third.

      the album actually pretty solid too. 9/10


  11. stayc’s singles have been 5/5 for me, really. even if it doesn’t hit at first, when it hits… boy does it /hit/, that chorus especially.


  12. I would put this in the same category as Sunni’s heartburn; where I understand if others aren’t into it but at this point in summer I just want to lie down next to a fan and listen to something pretty, so I love this.

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