Song Review: Blitzers – Hit The Bass

Blitzers - Hit The BassOn this busy day for K-pop, boy group Blitzers emerge as the undeniable underdogs, carrying the esteem of a smaller agency on their backs. They’ve begun to make a name for themselves with a rock-inspired sound, foretelling a musical trend that’s beginning to appear in the work of bigger-name acts. Interestingly, new single Hit The Bass jettisons this approach, opting for a sound more in keeping with the “noise music” often attributed to fourth-gen boy groups.

This is an unwelcome shift for Blitzers. I haven’t connected with their music as strongly as others have, but I’ve enjoyed the continuity between releases. Hit The Bass is every bit as loud as previous comebacks, but feels less focused and much more obnoxious. Do producers know how exhausted we are with these clanging beats, strangled brass samples and farty synth loops? Any charm these elements may have once held has been crushed by sheer repetition. At this point, I could make a playlist hundreds of songs long and use it to torture my enemies. There’s just nothing new to craft with this template.

Hit The Bass is largely hookless, and shifts energy so often that it feels endless. By the time guitar distortion comes in during the climax, it’s as if we’ve entered a new song entirely. Separated out, there are musical elements that could forge the backbone of a strong comeback. But, Hit The Bass throws everything into an inartful blender. It feels designed for a visual performance above all else. Never mind if the song itself is listenable.

 Hooks 6
 Production 6
 Longevity 7
 Bias 5

16 thoughts on “Song Review: Blitzers – Hit The Bass

  1. This is just unlistenable. I was hoping for Blitzers to continue their rock-influenced journey, but then I heard this….and wanted to slap the producers straight into their face for mistreating the guys in this way, or even beat them to death. Maybe I sounded too rude here, yeah, however I just can’t stand this unending stream of aggressively obnoxious TV noise-like ditties anymore. WHEN IS THIS MADNESS GONNA FUCKING END?????????

    I think it is so terrible that it doesn’t even deserve a 6 rating. 4 at best for me. Additionally, it goes into my list of the lowest-rated k-pop songs, though I can hardly call it a song.


  2. There are some days of releases when I wonder “Is it me? Is it the coffee? Or is this, well, … is it me?” Today is one of those days.
    Also, I would expect a song titled “Hit the Bass” to actually, yanno, hit the bass. Where is the bass?

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    • The absence of the bass the song’s title promised somewhat reminds me of Itzy’s comeback, teased as a royal concept at first, but then revealed as a children’s song lol


      • I was also thinking ACE’s “Mr Bass” where every time they sing Mr Bay-ee-yaysss they go up on “Bass” and not down towards the, yanno, bass.


        In any case, this is my favorite kpop bass


  3. Haha…. And I liked it XD I’m a shameless fan of Blitzers’s music. This kinda stuff is usually not for me but for some strange reason I actually liked it. They have great bridges, there’s a lot of the classic Blitzers touch to it and this is the sorta fun song that would grow on me even more with live stages! I didn’t connect as instantly to this as it was with Bobbin – but I have hopes 😀


  4. I don’t know what it is but I feel like I like this more than most noise music. Still not enough to put on a playlist, but I’m supprised I’m not more upset at this


  5. A potential candidate for my “Kpop songs that make me want to crawl out of my skin” playlist.

    It felt like it was 50 years long.


  6. I do love the Blitzers. This is not the totle track I was expecting (until that outro) and isn’t my favorite of their songs, but it will probably grow on me. I always like their b sides, which never go hard and I’m enjoying them this time as well – the guys have nice voices. I’ll look forward to what they do next and hope they don’tabandon the hard rock sound of past releases.


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