Song Review: P1Harmony – Doom Du Doom

P1Harmony - Doom Du DoomP1Harmony have been spending a lot of time in America this year. As an American myself, I can only apologize for the state of things. Idol groups often make this trek across continents in search of a perceived “authenticity” the idol industry can’t always supply. For an act with such strong hip-hop influence, it makes sense to experience the roots of the genre. However, new single Doom Du Doom (둠두둠) is their poppiest yet, bounding along a lighthearted energy.

I’m all for lighthearted, especially in this claustrophobic era of shouty boy group noise music. Doom Du Doom brings good vibes alongside a familiar rock influence that’s threatening to become a bigger K-pop trend than 80’s synth. As usual, the track could do with going full-on rock rather than pussy-footing around the genre (study DRIPPIN’s Zero for a great example of crunchy guitar elevating a track). But, Doom Du Doom has a lighter touch that sees the group delivering playful jabs and confident bursts of melody. The second half of the chorus is pretty dumb, but I’ll gladly take dumb melodies over blustery posturing. At least it’s catchy!

I wish the first half of Doom Du Doom’s chorus didn’t sink into a slinky, bass-driven arrangement. This “anti-drop” approach has become so overused it’s beginning to feel lazy. The track quickly rights itself and remains aloft thanks to the members’ personality, but like many of 2022’s summer tracks Doom Du Doom stops short of “excellent” and settles for “solid.” However, beggars can’t be choosers, and I have a feeling its ingratiating hooks will grow more addictive with time.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

16 thoughts on “Song Review: P1Harmony – Doom Du Doom

  1. When I watched the comeback’s first teaser, I’ve got to know it’s gonna be my thing. And this one matched my expectations.
    I’m in love with the rock-meets-hip-hop production. So much that the quite underwhelming first half of its chorus went down easily. However, there’s one thing to complain about, and it is the song’s name. This onomatopoeia has already got dated and boring, but it also goes down with ease.
    Rating is about, though hooks are 8 and bias is 9 for me.

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  2. I am not as big of a fan. What this song needed is for the agency person to preview it for a trusted friend and ask “Do you think it is any good?”. Because it really could have used a second or third honest opinion before they even begun recording. Its not bad, its just very good for me.

    For me the primary offense is the really obvious setting of what I call “rap triplets” with every doom doom: One-two-three Four Five Six or sometimes here One Two Three-four-five Six. Every single damn song these days has them.

    This song also has a strong one-And two-And three-And Four which just highlights really dumb-And dumb-And dumb-And dumb obvious rhythms that beat into my skull. I feel like I am counting time for my kids just starting music lessons few years back.


  3. damn this subdued approach + antidrop should’ve went already but i dont know im digging it. the second verse goes nuts.
    high 8’s for me

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  4. I enjoyed this a lot. Kind of reminds me of a TXT song but I can’t seem to figure out which, maybe it’s just the general sound. Anyway I like it.

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  5. Loved this! I’ve been into them ever since Do It Like This and this song is definitely up my street! The MV was super fun and so was the song and I really enjoyed the whole song! 🙂

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  6. This is pretty mild compared to their previous title tracks but that doesn’t mean it falls behind. I do wish however that they would have continued to experiment with more songs like ‘scared’

    It’s a pretty good song overall but I much prefer their b-sides ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Different Song For Me’


  7. I feel like most of the catchiness of this song comes from the repetition rather than actually having a satisfying melody. It’s objectively fine, but it doesn’t sound distinct enough from the general boy group stereotype that I would want to come back to it. I’m also tired of the constant onomatopoeia cop-out in kpop choruses. I think that itself instilled a default level of distain for this song within me that few songs would be able to overcome.


  8. enjoyed most of their previous titles and this one is a great one too. they also always have pretty cool bsides (mirror mirror almost sounds like it was the title track and then switched to a bside bc it reminds of their previous cbs).


  9. The pre-chorus is very pretty, as is that little sort of dribble-down melody at the beginning of the chorus. The rest is a bit forgettable.


  10. I’m not against anti-drops but I wish they were used just once in most songs I hear them in. At first I think “oooh what’s coming” but the second time I think “can we just get to the chorus”


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