Song Review: Leo (VIXX) – Losing Game

Leo - Losing GameLast November, VIXX’s Leo reminded us that he was still a force to be reckoned with. Now, he’s finally followed that one-off single with a new mini album. It’s been a long time coming – over three years, to be exact. New single Losing Game catches him right in his element. It’s a vocal-focused mid-tempo with plenty of slinky appeal.

Losing Game is quite groovy, even if its energy never rises above a hush. The beat is prodded along by bass guitar – so tactile you can almost feel it in your bones. This isn’t a complex or even dynamic groove, but it hits with palpable effect. Add some atmospheric synths to the arrangement and you’ve got a great base for Leo’s confident performance. As expected, he grabs the song by the collar and makes it his.

While all these elements add up to a satisfying whole, Losing Game feels a bit one-note for me. That one note is quite enjoyable, but I kept waiting for the track to reveal some kind of climax or melodic counterpoint. It feels like a tease all the way through, and that’s probably the point. Thankfully, the nimble chorus has a nice sense of push and pull that gives Losing Game some pathos. This is definitely a “mood” track, and Leo’s evocative voice is well-suited to that task. As dynamite as he is when singing ballads, it’s nice to hear something rhythmic as well.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

One thought on “Song Review: Leo (VIXX) – Losing Game

  1. I may be biased as a Starlight but I really think they did the most with what they had! Leo is a big part of the Vixx brand, and I keep hoping the members will carry on the group’s legacy with more daring solo work. I really miss my boys and it was great to have a comeback from Leo!


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