Song Review: DKB – 24/7

DKB - 24-7DKB have spent much of the year touring around the United States and will be returning to that vigorous schedule soon. I don’t always associate K-pop stardom with a ground-up, meet-the-people approach, but it’s a smart way for smaller groups to form lasting bonds with fans. I know I’m much more eager to support an act I feel some connection with.

Unfortunately, I haven’t often connected with DKB’s music despite the fantastic Brave Brothers being involved with production. New single 24/7 (넌 매일) slows the tempo for a more laidback r&b feel that feels very mid-to-late 2000’s. I enjoy the vibe even if the song itself doesn’t quite hit it out of the park. DKB’s sound has relied on vocal effects more often than I’d like, and 24/7 is no different. This is obviously done for aesthetic appeal, and I get why a track like this would benefit from the added texture. But, I’d rather hear the guys sing straight. They’re clearly capable of it. Because of this, the song’s verses are a highlight. They have a nice, uncluttered appeal that’s airy and pleasant.

24/7’s chorus is similarly subdued, delivering a slyly catchy hook that doesn’t hit you over the head but establishes itself slowly. It’s not going to set the world on fire, but it’ll make a groovy addition to any playlist. This seems to be DKB’s sweet spot, and I can see 24/7 growing more effective the longer the track sticks around.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


8 thoughts on “Song Review: DKB – 24/7

  1. Nice song. Sounds pleasant and soothing. Though I like it, I don’t think I’ll be listening to it that often. That’s all I wanna say.


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