Song Review: Tempest – Can’t Stop Shining

Tempest - Can't Stop ShiningIt feels like it’s been ages since Tempest made their early-March debut. The funky Bad News turned out to be a grower, though the group’s sound still existed within generic boy group tropes. But, at least they didn’t succumb to the shouty angst peddled by so many of their peers! That refreshing switch-up continues with new single Can’t Stop Shining, which aims straight for the glossy pop jugular.

We can probably thank BTS’s English-language singles for inspiring this particular brand of bright boy group pop, and that can be both a boon and a hindrance. There’s a razor-thin line between bubbly fun and inconsequential fluff. Sometimes these songs feel too sanitized for their own good. Can’t Stop Shining rides this line all the way through. Its chorus threatens to tip into the jingle-like quality that makes songs like Can’t Stop The Feeling (and Dynamite) so insipid, but it’s anchored by verses that elevate its overall appeal.

It’s nice to hear a rookie boy group tackle such a straightforward, vocal-centric song. Can’t Stop Shining’s bright synths and layered vocals make a potent match and its verses have an early-Astro style that really works. They’re loose and playful, but painted with a pop sheen that makes for a very smooth listen. And though the first and last lines of the chorus are a bit too on the nose for me, the melody makes a nice leap in the middle that gives the track a dynamic kick. I’m hesitant about how Can’t Stop Shining may age, but I could see it growing into a real standout with time.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75


11 thoughts on “Song Review: Tempest – Can’t Stop Shining

  1. This is how I actually want more boy group debuts and comebacks to sound. It’s a great summer song, though the chorus could’ve been stronger and the track would become a real standout, as for me. I’ll put it in the mid-8’s.

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  2. To be perfectly honest, this is what happened to Bad News: when I heard the first line “Here comes bad news!” I would reach over to the ipod and click the skip button. The finger click does not lie, alas.
    This one here today is alright. It is a little soft for my taste. Also, I see many guys but only hear one big blendered melange of all them for most of the song. High 7’s for me.


  3. Oh, I definitely hear the Astro here. Probably won’t revisit this one tons (though I’m wrong more often than not in my longevity predictions), but it goes down easy and would fit right in on a pretty good department store playlist.


  4. On first listen, I wasn’t too sure how I felt. But the pop sheen you describe really comes through on 2nd listen. I think this is best track of the entire mini album.


  5. It was standard pop in the best way – not outstanding in particular, but upbeat and easy to listen to. It’s something I’ll play in the background and maybe sing along to absentmindedly. 8.75 sounds right.


  6. Good song, but it feels like they’re holding back.
    I would probably enjoy the song more if it had a bit more oomph to it, either higher notes or an even more upbeat tempo (like bad news).

    At any rate it’s another quality release, Tempest is a group worth keeping an eye on!

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