Song Review: Rocket Punch – Flash

Rocket Punch - FlashWhen it comes to their music, Woollim Entertainment has been on a roll this year. Many of my favorite 2022 tracks have come from their artists. But, the agency tosses comebacks around haphazardly without much teasing or hype-building. If I had to choose, I’ll always favor song quality over robust promotions. But, it’s a bit frustrating when this excellent music isn’t getting the chance to reach its maximum audience.

Rocket Punch’s 2022 started strong with the 80’s-tinged Chiquita. New single Flash enlists the help of Woollim-favorites Newtype, who also produced DRIPPIN’s excellent Zero and Kwon Eunbi’s Glitch. It’s a little more “girl group 101” than Chiquita was, but a fine example of the genre. Over a driving electronic beat, Rocket Punch deliver a conveyer belt of quick, clipped hooks. The chorus and post-chorus work well in tandem, pulling back for a performance that’s almost spoken-word. It’s a clever twist on K-pop’s anti-drop trend, giving similar effect with a more robust instrumental.

Flash’s verses have a bit more flexibility, offering the song’s biggest shots of melody. I love the sci-fi synth that runs through much of these segments. Newtype are at their best when they experiment with their sound palette, and Flash could stand to be weirder than it is. Its tricks threaten to wear thin before the song has finished. Thankfully, we build toward a galvanizing climax that sends Flash out on a high. As reinventions go, this one works well for Rocket Punch.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

14 thoughts on “Song Review: Rocket Punch – Flash

  1. Too cutesy and sugary sweet for me. As the song finished playing, it has already become cloying. 6.75 for me.
    What a lousy follow-up to the masterpiece of Chiquita 😦


  2. I didn’t even know they were having a comeback until I saw this post 😵 I like it since I’m weak to deep house, and their vocals sound stronger than in previous titles. I think it’s going to take a few more listens for it to grow on me though, it really does sound like Glitch (which I wasn’t too into). I think the two b-sides sound more like their usual(?) sound, if only for the kind of strained high notes LOL. If Moon Prism didn’t have that awful trap verse 2 I’d rate it higher than this.


  3. I don’t get what’s Woolim have in mind with Rocket Punch. They shift completely after sugarcoated bubble tracks (which fits to the group’s name) to retro dance sound ever since. FLASH feels like a gate to new sound, but doesn’t strong enough to make me care about the group.


  4. I completely agree. I have actally really liked the majority of Rocket Punch’s music, especially the b-sides from their last two comebacks, but the group definitely feels like it doesn’t have a distinct sound or concept. The members also don’t really have distinctive vocal tones. FLASH is a pretty good song, but it just feels like Woollim doesn’t care about properly promoting the group!


  5. Middling song that becomes good on repeat listens!

    Sadly I fear this won’t be the one to generate the kind of attention that Rocket Punch needs.


  6. I feel this song have same vibe with IVE song. Tbh woollim song is good but only for their fans (not public audience) the reason why their song never get big hype.


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