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Open Discussion (September 4, 2022)

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This week’s question:

Surprisingly, remixes aren’t very common in K-pop. Today, let’s take things to the dancefloor! What are some of your favorite (official or unofficial) K-pop remixes?

40 thoughts on “Open Discussion (September 4, 2022)

  1. When I’m looking for great dancefloor reinventions, I often go to Areia Creations. I’ve recently decided their take on STAYC’s Beautiful Monster will become my definitive version of the song (it totally elevates it!). I only wish they remixed more boy group songs.

    I really love their epic remix of VIXX’s Error, too (among many others, of course).

    Others to checkout from them are Nu’est’s Help Me, ITZY’s Dalla Dalla, NCT U’s Without You, BTS’s Fake Love and Boy With Luv, GFriend’s Rough and Bigbang’s Let’s Not Fall In Love and Sober.

    For official remixes, I prefer the Stadium Remix of BTS’s Idol over the original.

    There are also so many cool mash-ups on youtube. I love the ones that narrow their focus, like these two that pull together SM boy group songs into one big megamix.

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  2. Last time I heard it was probably 2018 but TheBlackLabel remix of So Hot (Orig. Wonder Girls). BLACKPINK’s vocal tones took it to another level and the raps are just so spicy. No wonder Lisa is an instant bias.


  3. Honestly, I often so overwhelmed by lot of remixes on one single/album, I tend to avoid playing them. The answers in the comment section may help me to overcome that feeling. Thank you Nick for the topic!


  4. Some people back then: GFRIEND songs sound the same.

    Also GFRIEND:

    P.S. I badly wish VIVIZ, Yuju, and Yerin will revisit their GFRIEND sound. Ugh, I miss those days. Now, I feel disconnected with them because of their current songs.


  5. I don’t typically listen to or seek out remixes – not that I don’t enjoy them – and lack breadth of experience as a result, but dang, the dance version of Super Junior’s “It’s You” goes hard (and the added piano in the bridge is a thing of beauty). That song is one of my favorites from SuJu in its original form, and I like the remix just as much.

    EXO has also done some very cool remixes for their live shows. Their remixes of “Wolf”, “Transformer”, and “Lucky” are immediately coming to mind. “Wolf”‘s in particular elevates the original from mildly ridiculous (and I love it) to absolutely epic (and I love it all the more).

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  6. This is by far the best remix of a K-pop song I have ever heard, and I’m typically not a huge fan of metal music. It’s just incredibly well executed. Much better (in my opinion) than the typical “club remix” treatment that K-pop songs tend to get.

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      • Yeah. From what I heard a lot of people didn’t care for that remix and even ranked it last out of all of the songs in the album. I don’t know why because this remix slaps.

        It’s the “nightclub” version of one of the best tracks in EXO’s discography and as someone who grew up with EDM and loved the house genre, I appreciate it. It still retains that sinister vibe that the original has yet makes it more fun.


  7. My favorite remix has to be the Darari official remix which makes the very slow song into a very enjoyable fast paced tempo song. I struggle to believe why they wouldn’t add it to Spotify but it’s certainly a yg moment and it’ll probably end up in the upcoming treasure ep

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  8. I don’t listen to remixes really but I love the fan made mashups! Especially the year end ones etc with a gazillion songs which is fun for me to check how many songs I can identify!! 😀

    One of my faves ever :

    And this is a new one, but it’s pretty fun too!!


  9. This one by Zsunder for Nmixx is so good it makes me want to WEEP:

    This one for study by Stellar is good:

    The Pit-a-Pat remix from BESTie’s Hot Baby EP is also nice:

    OH! and lastly will be the Jazz version of Purfles ‘Bad Girl’ :


  10. Queendom / Road to Kingdom / Kingdom remixes go hard. Most were pretty good but some were just loud and terrible.
    ‘O Sole Mio’ by The Boyz is definitely my favourite. I love how the strings are used throughout the song and especially at 3:08 I love the descending violin tremolos. I don’t understand how this performance got last place.

    I really liked this remix as well.

    I’m still confused as to why Golden Child were eliminated in Road To Kingdom when they had some of my favourite performances.

    The masters of remixes from these series was definitely The Boyz, ONF, ONEUS, WJSN, OH MY GIRL, and Hyolyn.

    I like when songs are remixed using orchestral instruments. It makes the song sound grand and epic.

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  11. I will forever love the following remixes.

    This one just elevates Monster so much for me.

    And this one makes HYLT go a bit harder, like I wanted it to


  12. ZSunder who understands Loona better than whoever the hell is giving them their music nowadays did a remix of Butterfly that fully makes me love the song (as it stands it is the song orbits love that has just never clicked with me)


  13. This is the one BLACKPINK song I truly love among their releases since 2018. I’m a sucker for rock remixes, so of course this makes it better.

    And for an official one, the BTS Fake Love Rocking Vibe Mix. I will always prefer actual guitars to plasticky MIDI ones. If they’d peeled back some of the Auto-Tune accordingly it would’ve been absolutely perfect.

    Also, a shameless plug, but I did a rock/metal remix of Dreamcatcher’s Red Sun a while back. I want to rerecord/remaster it at some point, but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.

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  14. There are a lot of remixes I’m fond of, actually. As an Orbit, OF COURSE I am very much fond of ZSunder and all the top-tier quality content he provides over and over again. I’ve recently been listening to the Hula Hoop Future Funk Remix (which is how the “”””””city pop””””””” version in the single should have sounded, be serious, this is so much more inventive and somehow still LOONA)

    and his most recent complete work with a LOONA song, the flip that (actual) garage house remix, heavily inspired on f(x)’s 4 Walls (both my favorite k-pop groups!), called “wake”:

    Still on LOONA, there’s this very exquisite remix of ViVi’s EDILY with Grimes’s Kill V. Maim, which could VERY MUCH be a track from OEC’s Mix and Match alongside the likes of LOONATIC and Odd Front.

    As for Areia Creations, I like this remix they did of Taeyeon’s “I Got Love”. That song is so off-putting, Even tho Areia’s version CLEARLY has that “remix feel”, especially on the post-chorus, I think they’ve done a better job than the original one:

    When it comes to official remixes, there’s Kago Pengchi’s remix of Tiffany’s IJWD, which in my opinion is as good as the original; it changed completely the mood of the song while preserving the feeling of bliss and that’s hard as fuck; I don’t like most of SM’s official remixes but this one is just gold:

    And the Orbit 1.0 remix of Hi High, which made me not only like, but love the song. It’s so epic, it sounds like a Tetsuya Nomura game soundtrack and it was exactly the type of cathartic energy I expected from LOONA’s debut; I just wish the electric guitars were more prominent, it was so, so close to sounding like a Sweetune song, but it’s still great and I love it:

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  15. It’s a shame the original remixer took it off Youtube, but there’s a remix of Wild by 9Muses that extends the intro to 45 seconds and I’m not gonna lie, the intro/instrumental piano is my favorite part of the song. It also addsa consistent drum beat to the entire song… honestly it doesn’t remix the original very much and I like it that way, it just extends the parts of the song I really liked LOL. Thankfully I downloaded the audio before they took the video down so I’ve uploaded it here on my side tumblr if anyone wants to listen :’)


    • I hit post too soon but this is by far my favorite Kpop remix, I’ve been listening it for 8 years now 😭 I have vivid memories of listening to it on repeat at like 8-9am during highschool passing period…


  16. EXID- L.I.E (JANNABI remix) is my favorite kpop remix. I easily listen to this more than the original. I still like the kpop nature of the original switching between several different genres, but the way this remix streamlines thing and makes it more chill allows me to enjoy the song in a different way


  17. If you’ve seen the SMTOWN online and onsite shows, you’ll probably know DJ J.E.B. He’s one of the new signees to SM’s ScreaM Records and one of their in-house DJs. He’s also absolutely bonkers with his remixes. Nick might not like some of these, but dude goes insane with the songs he mashes up, such as:

    aespa’s Next Level with Toto’s Africa:

    NCT’s Misfit with Seo Taiji & the Boys’ Hayeoga:

    SuperM’s Jopping with Flo Rida’s Low:

    NCT 127’s Sticker with Im Chang Jung’s Love Again:

    Red Velvet’s Bad Boy with Illenium’s Nightlight:

    f(x)’s Electric Shock with Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Heads Will Roll:

    Also here’s his SHOWME DJ set, and you won’t believe the song he mashes up with NCT U’s Make A Wish (added the timestamp too):


  18. The remix Loona did of Butterfly for Queendom never fails to make me cry. It’s so sweeping and orchestrally lush and feels like an absolute moment of catharsis and emotional release, taking an already beautiful song to another level.


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