Song Review: Mirae – Drip N’ Drop

Mirae - Drip N' DropI picked Mirae as my top rookie of 2021, but so far runners-up IVE have eclipsed them in 2022. This is due to a variety of factors. DSP Media has waited too long between comebacks, and has had difficulty building upon the futuristic theme of Mirae’s debut. But with new album Ourturn the first of a promised series, it seems that the agency has rekindled their ambition.

Title track Drip N’ Drop marks a new path for Mirae. Not only is it their strongest single since Killa. It also has the most direct member participation yet, with Khael involved in both songwriting and production. This doesn’t guarantee an improvement in musical quality, but Drip N’ Drop’s slick energy helps it pop. On one hand, this is a tried-and-true formula. I can map out the song’s structure in my sleep, down to its inevitable second verse switch-up. Yet, it’s amazing what a brisk dance beat can do for the fortunes of a track.

On its own, Drip N’ Drop’s melody is barely there. The chorus is simple and repetitive. The verses feel constrained. Yet, when the song explodes it becomes difficult to resist. If I were coaching Mirae’s team, I’d beg them to lean further into these dynamic arrangements. Killa became a highlight thanks to its blistering guitar solos and dramatic power notes. Drip N’ Drop rarely colors outside the lines, and this dulls its overall effect. But if you come into the song with realistic expectations, it’ll sweep you away with its propulsive spirit.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


15 thoughts on “Song Review: Mirae – Drip N’ Drop

  1. I feel we haven’t had a solid deep house boy group track in a while, and I like how this switches up the deep house tropes with a more 2-step garage-y sound. What a bounce. The skittering hi hat really adds a lot to the synth and kick pulse.
    It could have those extra layers of build and it the intial wow factor did wane on me, but in general, I’m very happy to have a track like this out and getting promoted.
    It’s a nice breath of fresh futuristic air for me.

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  2. There’s something more SF9-y (cmiiw) about this song for a Mirae track but I agree it’s their strongest single since Killa. Honestly glad they kept this vocal-heavy electropop musical direction for a while even if K-pop today is moving sorta away from this kind of sound, ironically making them stand out of sorts.

    Also yes I am a huge sucker for house so this is very much my style.

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  3. In fact, I’m more excited with the energy delivered by the song and not with the track itself. The two main problems it has got is the lack of a killer instrumental and the repetitive hook. But overall, I’m heavily biased toward house music, so this one is definitely my shit.
    Agree with the rating.

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  4. Coincidentally, I was listening to a festival of Taemin just yesterday and his “Drip Drop” came around the shuffle.
    This song here is entertaining but not compelling. If it came around on the shuffle, I would not skip.
    Low 8’s for me.


    • … The song reminds me a bit of WannaOne “Energetic”. As I sing back the chorus “Baby Drip and Drop” I want to end the line with “Feeling so energetic”.
      Make me feel so high, baby drip and drop, …

      Are they even in the same key? They sound close.


      • haha what a coincidence! Even I got the Energetic vibe at some parts lol! In fact listening to it brought a lot of songs to mind as if it had vibes from everywhere – RV’s Queendom, Cravity’s Veni Vedi Vici and so on….

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  5. Really enjoy the song though I need to listen to it more bc I keep forgetting how it goes once the song ends. However, their bside Welcome To The Future is so so good. I’d prefer it as the title track honestly.


  6. Really enjoy the song though I need to listen to it more bc I keep forgetting how it goes once the song ends. However, their bside Welcome To The Future is so so good though I could do without the music change before the last chorus. I’d prefer it as the title track honestly.

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  7. I like this, it’s solid, like the rest of the EP. But the b-side Welcome to the Future is a great, driving dance number that mixes moto and mechanical motifs with the flash I missed from Killa. And it’s great to hear Junhyuk’s rapping really up front on a title track again. Wish it was the title track. But it’s 2022 after all.


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