Song Review: NMIXX – Cool (Your Rainbow)

NMIXX - Cool (Your Rainbow)When K-pop’s title tracks are at their most polarizing, a common plea from fans is: “check out the b-sides! I swear they’re better than the title!” I’m guilty of this rallying cry, and I’m a firm believer that you need to listen to entire albums to get a realistic picture of an artist’s work. Unfortunately, NMIXX have yet to release more than a two-track single, making their discography pretty threadbare. And with one of those b-sides centering itself around the refrain: “freaky fresh fresh I’m so freaky fresh fresh I’m so,” the group may have trouble shedding their “polarizing” label.

Enter: Cool (Your Rainbow), which has now been accompanied by a special music video. I don’t think this is a particularly great (or interesting) song, but it’s the one most likely to have wide appeal. Thus far, NMIXX haven’t been given much chance to showcase their vocals (I’d kill to hear “freaky fresh fresh” re-arranged with long, operatic notes, JYP!). Cool’s midtempo arrangement leaves plenty of space for the girls themselves. They no longer have to battle against an overstuffed, claustrophobic instrumental that constantly drops out like those frustrating, falling blocks in Super Mario.

Instead, Cool melds brittle percussion with symphonic swoops and fantastical keys. It’s a pleasing blend, though not very original. The vocals feel comfortable and warm, with all seven members consistently matched. In contrast, title track Dice required a much more antagonistic performance that did NMIXX no favors. Cool isn’t the style of song I’d return to outside the context of an album, but it works as a welcome oasis within the group’s “mixx-pop” madness.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


12 thoughts on “Song Review: NMIXX – Cool (Your Rainbow)

  1. It’s an okay song. There are better examples of this type of song. But I’m just glad that we got to hear a lot of NMIXX’s vocal potential for once because they are a really strong vocal group.

    As much as I could complain about it being a ridiculous song, “TANK” had a beautiful, vocal-centric bridge. I just wished the song didn’t have a shouty and repetitive chorus. I would love to have the song rearranged with a layered, militaristic refrain akin to NCT 127’s “Limitless” and EXO’s “Monster”. Now THAT would be interesting for a girl group.

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  2. Ah, yes, the “check out the b-sides!” lament.
    Sometimes that works, like say SHINee “One Minute Back”, or for something newer perhaps Ghost9 “Reborn” which finally got a performance video.

    This song is a b-side all the way around. I mean its nice, performed and produced well, but it sounds like a little ditty, a little something, a little amuse bouche not the main course.


  3. Oh I really really loved this though! 🥺❤❤ Besides doing their voice justice this is the kinda chill bside I adore – it’s soft and happy, but there’s something mysterious about it too. And some very nice pitches! 🙂 And I really liked the MV – it was surprisingly appropriate and fit the mood well! This gave me goosebumps the same way I got when listening to StayC’s Young Luv for the first time 😀


  4. I’m waiting on NMIXX to deliver something that distinguishes them in a positive way. This is fine, good even, but it’s just a nice song…not much else.

    That said
    my favorite part of this song is Jiwoo’s sing talk rap in verse 2. I love a soft melodic flow.
    also Sullyoon is a continually impressive vocalist…looking forward to title tracks that truly highlight NMIXX’s strong vocal line.
    and it’s nice to hear Jinni not doing the annoying talk rap.

    I guess I do agree with the folks who are like “but the girls are so talented!”
    they are…they have just not been given much to run with.

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  5. I like it!! I didn’t know what to expect. They sound good. I was hoping they did not sound like Blackpink, they have a totally different vibe. I’m looking forward to hear more from them and the group New Jean. I’m American by the way, but have really became a fan of kpop music first starting with BTS. Looking forward to hear more great music and watching great performances (dancing).

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  6. It’s really nice to hear them sing comfortably. Honestly this felt more like a new jeans song but I think that’s more of testament to just how affected girl group vocal performances have become

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  7. Hate that I prefer Tank to this. At least Tank’s absolute insanity was musically Interesting and this just felt a little boring! They are all fantastic singers but I’m kind of obsessed with their Mixxpop concept purely for how different it is (good different or bad different I’m not sure yet!) and wish they’d done something more funky with this. It is a good song and nice to listen to but not what I want from Nmixx. I also absolutely need them to cover 2NE1 desperately, they could do an incredible I Love You.


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