Song Review: T1 x Raiden x The Boyz – Last Man Standing

T1 x Raiden x The Boyz - Last Man StandingLooking back over the past two years, The Boyz’ strongest material hasn’t been promoted as title tracks. There have been a number of missed opportunities – songs deserving of a bigger audience. Last Man Standing continues this pattern. As a collaboration with the TI League Of Legends team and DJ/producer Raiden, the track might pass some listeners by. That would be a shame, because it’s much more successful than any of the group’s past three singles.

As a song designed to pump you up, Last Man Standing accomplishes its goal. It’s a rousing rallying cry, built on tense guitar, thundering beats and a general vibe of impending battle. The verses develop this energy, whether it’s via melody the first time or rap the second. A catchy pre-chorus brings us into the track’s choral centerpiece. Much of the production drops out to shine full spotlight on the vocal melody. This hook is successful, but I was hoping it would vary as the song went on. How cool would it have been to change the arrangement each time the chorus came around? I want to hear that melody underpinned by the full brunt of the instrumental.

Instead, Last Man Standing reaches its climax through a double whammy of electric guitar solo and standout rap verse. These dramatic flourishes should be mainstays of The Boyz’ sound. I guess it takes a video game tie-in to deliver the goods. Hopefully, their next comeback will pick up where Last Man Standing leaves off because there’s a ton of potential here.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


11 thoughts on “Song Review: T1 x Raiden x The Boyz – Last Man Standing

  1. Gosh, I love this. I can imagine the song soundtracking a thriller or a horror film. If only The Boyz were blessed with such great material instead of getting forgettable, underwhelming NCT-lite shit every time…
    Although that chorus being instrumental-underlined could have sealed the deal. Rating is about right.

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  2. Well now there are lyrics I have not heard before
    “I’ll spread your ashes”
    “Last man standing on his last leg”
    Certainly a lift your head moment on a song.

    Wow. I often go on about songs having more of a point of view instead of mush mouth common sentiments. Yeah, this, this is a point of view.

    Small ell love it. It could use some dynamism, as in the whole song is at the same volume when it could have used the opportunity of the lyrics and melody to create even more theatrical drama by varying the intensity and volume.

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  3. I’m with you, Nick. I would have loved to hear them build that chorus more every time it came around, or at the very least build it and then drop it back out at the end. I think that would have pushed this over the top. The song is great as-is though! I am once again thankful to you for drawing attention to new music that I would most likely be oblivious to otherwise.


  4. I dig this. (I prefer Runner slightly, but my love for Bacon is pretty irrational.) T1 and Raiden know what they’re doing. Just could have used more guitar.

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  5. anyway im still looking forward to when tbz release their 2nd full album in early 2023 and reunite with hausofteam to do a 2 baddies style neon cyberpunk concept and plagiarize this for the tt MANIFESTING MANIFESTING MANIFESTING


  6. this song is really something, i love how hypeful (hey guys i made up a word) it is, but i agree that the chorus could be better

    anyway, im gonna be that kid again and ask you, nick, if you listen to kanjani eight. if so, can you recommend me some music from them? 🙂


    • I’m not a big Kanjani8 fan, tbh. It’s not that I don’t like their music. It’s just so different to what I look for in Johnny’s stuff that I don’t seek it out.

      With that said, I’d recommend the single Musekinin Hero (a classic!) and some of their earlier stuff that has more of a traditional Japanese influence. Songs like Naniwa Iroha Bushi and 桜援歌(OH! ENKA) are very interesting and different.

      I also liked their most recent album 8beat. It’s a little more synth-dance in places than you’d expect from them.

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  7. Nick, are you going to do a Buried Treasure from The Boyz’ latest album Be Aware? I thought it had some pretty solid tracks like Bump and Love, Levitating, and especially Survive the Night (which is probably my favorite b-side this year).


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