Buried Treasure: Dreamcatcher – Fairytale

Dreamcatcher - FairytaleA K-pop act’s title track isn’t always the best song on their album, even if it’s the one most people will hear. Sometimes, b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Writing about Dreamcatcher is always a bit complicated because I’m not sure the aspects I love about their music always match with the aspects prized by the majority of their fandom. There seems to be a strong preference for the group to lean as hard into rock as they can – especially when it comes to production. But, I usually prefer their more electronic experiments or – in the case of Fairytale – songs that fully embrace classic rock melodies.

I don’t know where my brain was in January 2019, but I missed the chance to feature Over The Sky as a buried treasure. That remains one of my favorite Dreamcatcher tracks for the same reason I enjoy Fairytale. Both harness an anthemic surge of strong melody. I don’t think Fairytale is quite as strong in this regard, but it’s definitely my favorite track on the new mini album.

In a way, Fairytale combines Dreamcatcher’s electronic and melodic sides. The song has a shimmering, retro quality. The structure follows rock tradition with guitar very present in the mix. But, the entire track is underlined by bright synths that give it a satisfying sheen. Like many of their best songs, it sounds a little like the opening to an anime. I love the surging melody of the chorus – especially when coupled with filtered guitars. The simplicity of the track shines ample spotlight on the group’s vocals, which stretch to the heavens during the series of well-placed power notes that make up Fairytale’s centerpiece.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+

11 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: Dreamcatcher – Fairytale

  1. For title tracks, I like most fans prefer that heavy rock sound, but for B-sides, I’m open to more electronic EDM productions and more experimental music.
    Fairytale is definitely a great song on this album. I think it’s currently tied with Whistle as favourite B-side personally due to the energy and satisfaction of the release that the chorus brings.

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    • Also rather than an anime opening, I’m more reminded of an anime OST or track played during an emotional climax scene where the characters goes through a flashback right before the finale. Hence very satisfying and emotionally cathartic


  2. If Dreamcatcher had released this song earlier in the year, it definitely would have been one of my most listened to songs this year. I wish there was an MV for this. It’s too good to not be promoted. I can’t describe it well but this song just flows really well. It just sounds and feels smooth.


    • The Halloween concert was live band version for all night. It was absolutely incredible, they also performed Whistle and Silent night (extended version) with Fairytale. All things Nick covered before in buried treasure posts


  3. And the streak (Dreamcatcher having a Buried Treasure in every Korean release since Raid of Dream) stays alive! I like this one, it’s the obvious pick though I thought you’d pick “Some Love”. Neither song is very Nick, I thought, but maybe I’m wrong. It’s a great song, though, it’s cheesy as hell (follow your HEART) but it embraces it and I adore it for that reason. It’s not one of their very best B-sides imho but it’s still extremely enjoyable, just like the title.

    Also, I feel your comments about why writing about Dreamcatcher’s music can be complicated for you. And this is despite me being a metalhead who got into Dreamcatcher with promises of metal. I think Dreamcatcher are not a great metal group, but they are a phenomenal pop group that uses electric guitars for a distinctive texture. Their Japanese work brings the heaviness fans have been craving (louder guitars/drums) but while the music is still very much enjoyable, LEEZ and Ollounder’s melodic smarts are sorely missed. Meanwhile, for a group known as “the face of rock in K-Pop”, they have quite a few fantastic non-rock/metal tracks.


  4. I wonder why this one didn’t become the title. Like, the song has got everything to shine, but instead appears to be an obvious title track which, unfortunately, isn’t promoted. Compared to Fairytale, Vision is such a weakling.


    • I’d almost say it’s too cheesy and bright, but Fly High exists and is one of their very best. In all seriousness, maybe it’s a tad too long at just under four minutes. You know, streaming for music shows and all that…


    • As a huge fan of the group, I say you should get on listening to their B-sides ASAP. You are missing out on so much if you don’t. Free from the constraints of lengths for streaming/obligatory injection of rock (don’t get me wrong I fell in love with Dreamcatcher for their rock sound, but their EDM B-sides are amazing), they deliver some real highlights.

      Recommended listening: Sleep-walking, Silent Night, Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind, Poison Love, Starlight (basically, Nick’s buried treasures posts), In The Frozen for their more electronic goodies
      Mayday, Break The Wall, New Days, Beauty Full (Dami solo) if you want more rock
      Black Or White for a nice little funky anthem
      Red Sun for… not sure how to describe this? Trap-pop? I love it though
      If we’re treating anniversary singles as B-sides then Full Moon and Over The Sky are among the very best songs in their whole discography

      Oops I got carried away I love Dreamcatcher and their music so much ahaha


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