Song Review: WEi – Spray

WEi - SprayWEi’s music has gone through several iterations since their 2020 debut. Now, it seems they’ve entered a stage where their agency has given up on crafting a unique identity. The group has always struggled in this regard. Despite a stacked line-up of talent and pre-debut notoriety, none of their title tracks feel unique to them. They’re boy-group-by-the-numbers, like those “concept” songs that used to feature heavily in Produce 101.

With Spray, the guys have embraced the shouty bombast favored by popular groups like ATEEZ and NCT. It’s not an awful example of the style. Hints of melody pop up here and there and the group performs the material well. But, it’s a faceless comeback. Without the accompanying visuals (heck, even with the accompanying visuals!) you could’ve convinced me this was delivered by any number of different groups. From the lurching instrumental to the sneering affectations, we’ve heard Spray more times than I can count.

On the plus side, I appreciate the song’s consistency. It may not be revolutionary, but Spray sticks to its guns. I expected to hear jarring tempo shifts aplenty, but the arrangement remains focused on its (slightly leaden) beat. A spark of interest emerges during the bridge and parts of the second verse and chorus, when a neat little synth line paints over the rhythm to briefly break free from the claustrophobic sound. More flourishes like this would have helped distinguish the track from its many peers. Without that idiosyncratic vision, Spray becomes pretty forgettable.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: C


9 thoughts on “Song Review: WEi – Spray

  1. still confused on how this is the same company that released Sunset and Focus by Donghan yet they couldn’t even give this group anything close to the quality of those two songs

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  2. I agree, if you played this to me without telling me it was Wei, I would have guessed at least 10 other groups beforehand.

    I once again ask for #FreeDonghan


  3. Basically, this one is All or Nothing 2.0. Noisy, obnoxious and, of course, boring to tears, except for the fact it has got a little bit more melody. I thought that this fucking noise music has already left the boy groups alone, but, alas, it wasn’t meant to be…

    Rating is way too high, 6.25 for me.


  4. like. u have a group w the center of x1 two 1the9 members two pd101 project group alumni and the 1st 4th gen idol to have a lead role in a musical. all with great amounts of talent (shoutout to my fav limp wrist seokhwa bros improved so much since pdx). and yet every single thing theyve released is so so so mid like i cannot remember a single song of theirs once i stop listening to it. they deserve so much better

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    • fr i feel so bad for them especially yohan, mans won 1st place in px101 (not sure if it was legit thanks to the scandal) only for him to fall out of the public eye after x1 disbanded

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  5. I still don’t get what was their agency’s plan. Donghan had a set solo career, and Yohan had much potential to reach one. Instead, they tacked WEi together without a plan. They had a decent moment in Bye Bye Bye, but minus that… their discography sounds forced and arbitrary as if the music was the group’s last plan. I have this issue with Omega X, AB6IX, Cravity, T1419… come to think of it, this issue is not isolated at all.

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