Song Review: Mamamoo – 1,2,3 Eoi!

Mamamoo - 1,2,3 Eoi!Many times, context plays an important role in how I perceive a song. Take Mamamoo’s recently released Illella, for example. Had it arrived back in 2018 before the group’s music had made a sharp pivot into this style, I’d probably see it as a cool, attitude-first addition to their discography. But, the fact that it comes on the heels of many similar-sounding Mamamoo tracks dulls its overall appeal. Because of this, I find myself drawn toward their songs that paint slightly new tones.

1,2,3 Eoi! (하나,둘,셋 어이!) follows the general template of many recent Mamamoo tracks, but it does so within a different instrumental palette. The groove is funkier and looser, accented by pleasant synth and rhythm guitar. Better yet, it maintains its lively rhythm throughout its entire running time rather than collapsing into some TikTok-ready drop chorus. Mamamoo have always been engaging performers with plenty of individual character, and songs like this let them showcase that charisma in an entertaining way.

I also appreciate how 1,2,3 Eoi! references the group’s past work. The trademark harmonization of their moniker appears several times and there are a few exciting blasts of layered vocal arrangement that remind me of their unbeatable debut era. Sometimes, the track is too scattershot for its good without one defining centerpiece to keep all the competing hooks in line. But as a solid groove, 1,2,3 Eoi! is a late-career treat that rewards repeated listens. For a group of their stature, they’ve earned the self-referential victory lap.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


12 thoughts on “Song Review: Mamamoo – 1,2,3 Eoi!

  1. Yeah, this one is a keeper. This is the happy medium between old school and the contemporary Mamamoo. I was also a fan of HIP from right in the middle of their shift which is a similar melding.

    Its a bit blurred lines percussion, chopsticks on tin cans. There are moments when Hwasa is doing her best Bibi impression. For the chorus, this is one I would watch out for what Kevin of ReacttotheK would say about those middle two lines, because it does something really clever and interesting, but I am too lazy to figure it out for myself. (My first guess is a shift into the parallel major.) (Anyone who is cleverer than I am here, please educate us.)


    • I actually love when Hwasa does that x) I don’t see it as a Bibi impression, just a cool way she modulates her voice, but I see what you mean.
      (Also, it *would* be really cool if ReacttotheK reacted to it!)

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  2. This is the MAMAMOO that I miss! I don’t have myself drawn to ILLELLA in any way, but this captivates me straight away. Maybe I was too attached to the older jazzy vibe of MAMAMOO, but like that’s what makes MAMAMOO, MAMAMOO!

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  3. Unrelated but did you just start the Grade system recently?? 🙃 Because for a hot second I thought I was seeing things and then I thought I must have been blind because I did not remember it from earlier this year and went madly scrolling through the posts to confirm lol 😂 Anyhow I like it! Grade coupled with the rating gives a better picture!


    • Yes it appears Nick add the grade in the body of his assessment itself recently. Although, the same grading system has always also been on the right side bar forever, just some people don’t look there.
      For a while this summer there was a clicky numerical “Now your rate it” feature in trial mode. I suppose it got spammed too much and so it is retired.


      • Ah I see! I have only accessed this site from the phone lol so don’t see much of the extra features (either because it’s not there on the phone mode or because I’m too blind lol)

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  4. I dunno… I find myself with the overall majority and the minority on this site; I prefer new, attitude-driven chill Mamamoo over old-school funky Mamamoo. I don’t mind this song existing, but the members and their performances all suggest a preference towards their chiller material, and I think that effects things a whole lot.

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  5. I’m American and I am lucky to have a Korean wife. I will say that Mamamoo is hands down the most talented group of women I have ever listened to!!! Moo-moo, Solar, Hwasa, and Whee(my favorite) are so talented..with each of their unique singing talents combine to make a band second to none…we love your music!! If you don’t come to the USA to sing for us, then we will come to Korea…

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  6. If you liked this track in relation to it being a good mix between old school and newer mamamoo, i think that the 3rd track on the album, “L.I.E.C” is also worth a listen if you! It gives me that vibe as well and is pretty straightforward as well. It’s my personal favorite of the 3 tracks. ^^

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  7. It was nice to see a music video for this! I’ve always liked Mamamoo b-sides and this is no exception, it sits comfortably alongside Illella yet explores a more whimsical side to them and feels like it’s in conversation with their earlier retro songs. The lyrics are also a fun read, I like how they’re slightly nonsensical. Also very cool for them to make a whole song based around their group introduction, reminds me of how Solar made a song for her YouTube channel!


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