Song Review: TFN (T1419) – Amazon

TFN - AmazonWhen it comes to name changes, “T1419 to TFN” feels like a lateral move. T1419 sounded like a tracking number, but TFN is about as bland an acronym as you can get (it stands for “Try For New,” if you were wondering). I haven’t run the math, but I’d guess about seven out of ten new K-pop groups use similar acronyms. It’s getting a bit ridiculous, and doesn’t often bode well for the music itself. For their “re-debut,” the guys have tackled a jungle concept. I guess nobody told them the short-lived Wonderboyz already mastered this schtick with 2013’s cheesy-fun Tarzan. Fellow acronymers DGNA also had a (rilla) go at it a year later.

Sadly, TFN’s take on the concept is nowhere near as enjoyable as either of those tracks. In fact, it feels completely pointless. If you were to challenge an AI machine to churn out a K-pop boy group track based on current trends, I imagine it would sound something like Amazon. We’ve got that annoying, abrasive synth riff, global elements thrown in for “exotic” appeal and a complete non-starter of a chorus.

Over the past few years, MLD Entertainment has become notorious for its poor music choices. I’m not sure who they have working at the agency, but I can’t imagine hearing the demo of Amazon and thinking: “Yeeeessss! That’s our title track right there!” The music is totally faceless, down to the perfunctory chant that closes the track with a whimper. The less said about the repetitive nothingness of its chorus, the better. I mean, the guys are basically just pulling apart the word “Amazon” and shouting its various syllables as if that’s some grand statement. It’s not.

Hooks 5
 Production 6
 Longevity 6
 Bias 5

Grade: F


26 thoughts on “Song Review: TFN (T1419) – Amazon

  1. hahaha. oy. Maybe they are pandering to a Brazilian audience with this name?
    Poor guys. I believe a T1419 logo is still visible in the background of the video. This and the ATBO release today, really really low bar, disappointing even without low standards…bummer. Neither exciting or fun music… thumbs down.


  2. Unfortunately, the poor name choices do reflect the quality of the music. This is just what I would expect from a boygroup called TFN.
    Man. I really wish all groups would quit the acronyms altogether (unless they’re going the STAYC of VIXX route, aka cool enough and not spelled out). There are so many fun words out there!! Grab a dictionary and just choose!


  3. So today we learn that T1419 was to have been pronounced Tee Fourteen Nineteen the whole time. Til Futher Notice they will be TEE EFF ENN. Maybe time to rebrand and Try Fomething New.

    The song is fine, basic boy band fare. The producers try to jazz it up with Even More Samples! But because the song construction is workaday, all those bells and whistles and flutes and beats don’t improve the song just add more noise. Example: there it is, at 2:54, that drum downbeat sample in every other kpop song.

    Is it really 5.5 bad? Oh, idk, maybe mid 6’s, not failing, but not passing either.

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  4. this is a scathing review that concisely says what’s needed. i don’t think i remember seeing parenthesis for group renames too (beast/highlight), which is another point against mld’s choices lmao


  5. Haha I actually liked this one. My least favorite song from them was Flex which I still race to skip if it ever accidentally comes in my shuffle list – but this one was pretty fun. Honestly I really like their rap line and they were pretty good here like usual! It was fun and they’ll probably be fun on stage too! 😀 I preferred the old name though lol. The 3 letter acronyms are kinda tiring now – DKZ, TNX and now this lol.


  6. I agree. When I was a young naive 15yo kpop fan a couple years back, I would make my own kpop groups and give them names, concepts, outfits etc. So I think instead of baseless acronyms I’d rather have an edgy/cheesy name like the ones I used to make as a baby fan


    • We have an unofficial Bias List list of unused dumb kpop names, courtesy of WackoAZMT:
      5IVE Teen

      I would be happy to add yours to the list, yes please!

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      • Oh I can’t turn that offer down! Okay, here goes. These are all boy group names ironically enough since the girl group ones weren’t all that bad tbh:
        Vellocity (Vello as in yellow. Yeah it’s kinda bad)
        SNG3 (Little did I know that I also contributed to the bad acronym trend)
        TAT (Like Tattoo)
        Teran (something earth related idk)
        TactUS (like cactus but with a t. idk what I was thinking)
        AIV4N (like the name Ivan but more edgy)
        X-N0 (idek how you pronounce this)
        ÆRIZE (arise but more cool)


        • These are good! I shall add my favorites to the list.

          Snig-three will of course have 4 members, as will AiV4n “Ayee-vahn” who will start with 4 members and promptly lose one before adding two more.

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        • Wow these names are actually cool!

          On the topic of weird names once as a challenge with my sibling to form a super group like SuperM, I picked a few members from the following groups to make a team : Shinee, SF9, Oneus, MonstaX, P1Harmony, Ateez, Seventeen, SKZ .

          And then in true cheesy style taking the first letters of each group gave them the name “S2OMPAS2” 💀 And then I claimed it’s pronounced like Storm-past as if they are like a storm that rips straight past you 💀😂 I think I’m beginning to understand how companies come up with odd explanations to odd names lol.

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          • Until one knows it is pronounced “Stormpast”, it reads as “Stomp ass”.
            Which is perfect because half the time, the agencies don’t seem to run their names by a test group of snarky native-English speakers.
            “heh heh heh the group name is Stompass heh heh”


    • Oop. Is it bad that I do it, sometimes?
      My names are pretty bad as well, but here are some I enjoy:
      Twilight — Honestly, I doubt there are no groups with this name. But one that lasts needs to come by one day, no? I think it’s pretty and nice. An elegant concept, maybe? Or something dark but not horror. Who knows.
      Dreamade — this one came to me in a dream (lol). is supposed to be both “dream made” and “dream ade”, as in the juice of a dream. I think it’s funny and would personally love to stan a silly-cute group named like this. (This could’ve been TFN, if MLD had any sense and put the members in concepts that actually fit their age range).
      Ha7e — ok i will have to admit i like a little letter, sometimes. it could be HAZE, it could HATE, who knows? they would be one of those 4minute-esque girlgroups that i kind of miss. the ones who try these concepts nowadays don’t really have that charisma the girls had, you know?
      Eden — honestly in an alternate reality i think ONEUS could’ve been named this (yes, it is because they have a song with this name).

      that’s all for today! the point is: so many good words to choose from, and companies are still choosing so wrongly…

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  7. Hello. Longtime lurker here. This song musically falls short in comparison to the last release with a jungle concept I remember, the infamous Welcome to the Jungle . Speaking of which, I recalled you mentioning you wrote a review of that song that went unpublished due to the problematic lyrics. If I may ask, what was your rating for that song?


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