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Open Discussion (November 6, 2022)

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This week’s question:

Create a five-person K-pop supergroup. Members can be from any agency, past or present. What would their concept be? How about their sound?

44 thoughts on “Open Discussion (November 6, 2022)

  1. I’m going to be super-obvious here and include members from my two Woollim bias groups. But, the key is that I want a group composed *entirely* of main vocals. Yet, I don’t want this group bogged down by ballads. I’d utilize their skills on high-octane dance tracks and slinky, vocal-centric r&b mid-tempos.

    My group will consist of Infinite’s Sungkyu and Woohyun and Golden Child’s Joochan and Y. That leaves one more spot, and I’m going to go outside the agency and recruit Kim Junsu (of TVXQ/DBSK and JYJ). This retains my concept of the group and adds another great complimentary voice. Plus, all four members can pull off an uptempo track with tons of flair and charisma. It’d be epic.

    (Sweetune would have a hand in production, of course!)

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  2. My supergroup:
    Lead Vocal: Yeonjung (WJSN)
    Main Vocal: Minyoung (Brave Girls)
    Main Rapper: LE (EXID)
    Main Dancer: Kazuha (Le Sserafim)
    Visual/center: Naeun (ex-Apink)

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    I am going to make a co-ed super group, yasss.
    Main criteria is a) belt the shit out of songs or b) shed loads of personality or c) Felix for his low voice.

    Kim Junsu from TVXQ – JYJ – solo
    DK from Seventeen
    Felix of Stray Kids
    Solji from Exid
    Lizzie from Orange Caramel / After School
    Tsuki of Billlie

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  4. Okay, I’ll be serious now.

    Soloist Rep: BoA (dancer)
    1st Generation Rep: Hyori (visual)
    2nd Generation Rep: Miryo of BEG (rapper)
    3rd Generation Rep: Wheein of MAMAMOO (vocalist)
    4th Generation Rep: Lily of NMIXX (vocalist)

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  5. TWICE’s Jeongyeon
    TWICE’s Nayeon
    Blackpink’s Jisoo
    Wonder Girl’s Sunmi
    f(x)’s Krystal (or Luna)

    Their sonic base would be a retro concept (because I’m a sucker for retro), taking elements from each of their groups: TWICE’s funky bubblegum (retro) synthpop, disco and diversity, Blackpink’s hip-hop, Wonder Girl’s retro synhtpop with band elements and f(x)’s quirky, funky and unique style. R&B elements from all the groups would be an influence too.

    With these kind of vocalists I won’t give the girls a position. That should be based on the song itself.

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  6. OMGGGGG I felt like a company rep when I was thinking of this question (someone who maybe works at HYBE or SM for the $$$$)…Jokes aside I thought of forming a super girl group focused on vocals and PERFORMANCE. These girls ooze talent and charisma for me (even though weirdly I am not a huge fan of some of the groups they belong to):-

    1. The Great SUNMI;
    2. Yunjin of Le Serrafim;
    3. Ryujin of Itzy;
    4. YooA of Oh my Girl; AND
    5. Seulgi of Red Velvet.

    What do you people think of my super group??? I AM EXCITED AT THE POSSIBILITIES.

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      • Yeah I have become a huge Yunjin fan now! I loved her covers on Lee Mujin Service and wish that her cover of think of you had been longer.
        ALSO, she is a FANTASTIC performer and has great stage presence. If I were a teenager or one of those people who have tons of time on twitter, I would open a stan account for her but I never had the energy for it so I am ranting about it on Nick’s page and am exhausted already. Basically, huge fan

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    • I find all five quite charismatic. With the different groups they come from it would be easy to see each member having “their moment” with different comebacks (assuming they switch up their sound enough)


  7. Winner Mino
    Monsta X Jooheon
    Mamamoo Solar
    Red Velvet Seulgi

    I’d love for them to have upbeat, party music that sounds good with a energetic concept that allows their quirkiness to shine through. Something like late 2000s Black Eyed Peas.

    Basically, I want the Kpop equivalent of “I’m here for a good time, not a long time” for a co-ed group lol.

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  8. ok slightly random assembly here but basically i would just throw together some of my favorite idols who i think are well-rounded & versatile. musically i feel like they’d pull of pretty much whatever but i’d want to see high-energy campy fun:

    – Seventeen’s DK and Dino
    – Astro’s Rocky
    – Stray Kids’ Han
    – NCT’s Haechan

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  9. Collaborations between groups of different generations that are obviously indebted (same agency or not): f(x) & Red Velvet, 2ne1 & Blackpink, Bigbang & BTS, Apink & STAYC. Would be cool to have groups share albums and mix up different collaborations between them.

    On that note, related but a bit different: I wish labels did yearly compilations: one disc of highlights from the past year, a second disk of new stuff (where collabs between roster-mates could take place). Loads of electronic music labels have done this: Kompakt [the yearly Total series], DFA back in the day (Compilation #2), and several classic dubstep comps, like 5 Years of Hyperdub, Hessle Audio’s 116 & Rising, Hotflush’s Back and 4th.

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    • It sounds like you’d want something like SM Station, but as an actual album release. I did a quick google search, and it seems like only the first “Season” of SM Station releases were put on an album. Everything else has been separate digital single releases, including their BoA tribute (which would seem like the perfect opportunity to put out an album of covers by SM and other artists).


  10. For me it would be this

    Chansung (2PM) – Lead Rapper, Vocalist
    Dowoon (Day6) – Vocalist
    Tzuyu (TWICE) – Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
    I.M. (Stray Kids) – Vocalist, Rapper
    Yuna (ITZY) – Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist
    Jooyeon (Xdrinary Heroes) – Main Vocalist, Rapper
    Kyujin (NMIXX) – Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae


  11. Company: GS entertainment
    Group name:SLUMMY
    The initials of their names with an extra m cause they make music

    Bestie-Uji(mv, leader)
    F(x)-luna (mv)
    Oh my girl- Mimi(md,mr)

    Their songs would be pop but with touches of oh my girl quirk and f(x) experimentation. On their b sides you would get that along with perfect velvet(the rv album) type music and at least one infinite esque ballad per album

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  12. Actually, I just remembered a dream collaborative album I used to wish for, back when I was really into Gorillaz (2000-2010s). They’re a UK multi-cultural “virtual” band (two Brits, bassist Murdoch & lead-singer 2-D, African-American drummer Russell, and Japanese bassist & occasional singer Noodle, drawn by anime/manga artist Jamie Hewlett), and they’re known for their collaborations (from hip-hop legends like De La Soul to artists like Lou Reed, Mark E. Smith and much more). The idea was that each album was the vision of one the band members, and I used to dream/hope for a Noodle-lead Gorillaz album that featured only collaborations with K-pop singers. It’s too bad that Damon Albarn (Gorillaz’ real-life frontman, and the voice of 2-D) didn’t really seem to discover K-pop, and I kind of lost interest in them after their albums Humanz and Song Machine… Anyway, I still think a Gorillaz k-pop collaborative album would have been sooooo coooool.

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  13. I don’t even want a supergroup.

    I want,
    Yoon Min
    Lee Gyehun
    Mitsuyuki Amaru
    Okamoto Keiju
    and Lee Donghyeon to debut
    I don’t even care about their concept or sound at this point.
    I just want to rescue them from their seemingly endless stay in JYP’s basement.
    Please and thank you.

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  14. Main Vocal: Either Youha or IU, they both have fantastic voices
    Lead Vocal / Lead Dancer: Chaewon (Le Sserafim)
    Main Dancer / Lead Rapper / Lead Vocal: Heejin (Loona)
    Main Rapper: Rei (IVE)
    Lead Vocal / Lead Dancer / Lead Rapper: Wonyoung (IVE)
    Concept: Something elegant but a little cute, like Oh My Girl’s 5th Season or IZ*ONE’s La Vie En Rose

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    • and maybe because I just remembered about APRIL, Jinsol as a lead vocal
      also Sieun from STAYC for some good old fashioned whistle notes. And that meeeeeans, STAYC songs! No one does whistle notes quite like Sieun, so now I can give them songs like Butterfly (STAYC), Same Same (STAYC) and DM (fromis_9)

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  15. Too many possibilities, but if I HAVE to pick one combination, then:

    The Super Group:
    – Ailee (Soloist)
    – JeA (Brown Eyed Girls)
    – Kim Bohyung (SPICA/KEEMBO)
    – Lee Hi (Soloist)
    – Sojung (LADIES’ CODE)

    Other fun combos:

    The Soloists Group:
    – Ailee
    – Heize
    – IU
    – Jessi
    – Lee Hi

    – Jessi
    – Kisum
    – Kitti B
    – Miryo (BEG)
    – Tymee (E.via)

    Jazzy Quintet:
    – Sojin (Girl’s Day)
    – Wheein (mamamoo)
    – Lee Hi (Soloist)
    – Kim Boa (SPICA/KEEMBO)
    – Katie (Soloist)

    4th Gen Belters:
    – Jiwon (fromis_9)
    – Mia (Everglow)
    – Ningning (aespa)
    – Swan (Purple Kiss)
    – Winter (aespa)

    The IT Girl Group:
    – HyunA (4minute/Soloist)
    – Nana (After School)
    – Hyo-seong (Secret/Soloist)
    – Seolhyun (AOA)
    – Sunmi (WG/Soloist)

    Other artists that I tried to mix n’ match:
    – Chung Ha (Soloist)
    – Chuu (LOOΠΔ)
    – Dawon (WJSN)
    – Gowoon (Berry Good)
    – HA:TFELT (Yeeun/Yenny)
    – Hyolin (SISTAR/Soloist)
    – Jinsol (April)
    – Katie (Soloist)
    – Minah (Girl’s Day)
    – Park Bom (2NE1)
    – Seo In Young (Jewelry)
    – Seunghee (OMG)
    – Siyeon (Dreamcatcher)
    – SooBin (Dal★Shabet/Soloist)
    – Taeyeon (SNSD)
    – Et al

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    • Quite like your main group, I’d love to hear them sing some anthems. Also, the it girl group made me feel very excited, I just wish they had one power vocal


  16. Yesung (Super Junior) – Singer – He’s one of my favorite vocalists. I saw him on a variety show performing a rock ballad and it was so good. More rock concept as a whole.

    Changmin (TVXQ) – Singer/Visual – So while I get the whole visual thing and how important it is to k-pop, I really am not a fan of the whole concept so the visual is gonna have to sing and since we are going for a little more edge in this concept, here we are.

    Taemin (SHINee) – Dance – Because he can do anything and make it look good but somehow always blends with his group. How does he do that?

    Bewhy – Rapper – Yeah, he’s not an idol but I’m very persuasive so I think I can make this work and he can also actually sing.

    I feel I need one more so I’m pondering….

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  17. Leader: Irene

    Main Vocal: Solji (EXID)
    Sub Vocal: Minyoung (Brave Girls)
    Rapper: Yeeun (CLC)
    Visual: Irene (Red Velvet)
    Dancer: Momo (Twice)

    Concept: Powerhouse Anthems. Brave Girls After we Ride, Sistars Touch my Body or Red Velvets Bad Boy sort of vibes. Not too clued up on Producers so can’t comment there but I’m very much a casual kpop fan so I hope I’ve built a decent group

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  18. I love my rock music, so I had to make a super group with a rock sound to live for

    1. Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ!/DBSK, JYJ and solo) his voice sounds so good with the angsty rock sound, for example in his solo, Mine, and in Rising Sun and I need to hear him put out some more of that kind of music
    2. Siyeon (Dreammatcher) her voice is MADE for rock music, and that rock cover of Overdose by EXO was nothing short of incredible
    3. Felix (Stray Kids) I just love his deep voice. He’d bring such a unique vocal tone to the group. Also, hearing him sing, I think he’d do really well on some indie and rock ballads
    4. G-Dragon (BIGBANG and solo) his solo, Crooked, quite literally changed the course of my life, and hearing his unique tone and rap on a rock song again would be incredible. I also just really want more music from him
    5. Max Changmin (TVXQ!/DBSK and solo) I love his vocals, he’s brilliant on Rising Sun, he sounded amazing on the rock songs on TVXQ!’s Epitaph mini-album and honestly, i love my over-the-top crazy powerful rock vocals and I think he, Jaejoong and Siyeon could accomplish that wonderfully together

    This group doesn’t really have dancers, but i think their (here’s the dreaded word) ‘stage presence’ would be out of the world. Their vocals, especially harmonies, would definitely be incredible. Rock music might be their main sound but i think they could explore a number of different genres with their versatility

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  19. Create a five-person K-pop supergroup. Members can be from any agency, past or present.

    – I’m not quite good with gen 1-3 so I’ll do newer groups and ill stick to boy groups.

    – I would like to see;

    – Ateez – Jongho [VOCALSSS. Stands out a lot.]
    – Ateez – San [Everything, especially that dance dooeeeee]
    – Oneus – Leedo [Everything and that deep voice doe]
    – Stray Kids – Changbin [Crazy af rap. He stands out in every way to me.]
    – Stray Kids – Bang Chan [Just a bias thing but also coz he’s an incredible leader and I would love to see him lead this supergroup.

    – Mark NCT as an honourable mention.

    What would their concept be?

    – FUTURISTIC & SPACE. Some sort of otherworldly, kind of mystical vibe even. Idk just super futuristic. Idk if these members would be the best for this concept but rip that’s what I want!

    How about their sound?

    – EDM AF !

    – Just want a crap ton of EDM genres, mainly; House & Drum N Bass & Psytrance.

    – I’ll be their producer. Lol.

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  20. Deep-voiced and doofy
    Jisung – NCT
    Mingi – Ateez
    Jaehyun – NCT
    Bit-to – Up10tion
    Felix – SKZ

    I’d go for the floofiest concepts that will be rendered camp by the deep voices.

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  21. I am biased towards girl groups. I also clearly have a favorite type of voice.

    Dami – Dreamcatcher
    Moonbyul – Mamamoo
    Jisoo – Blackpink
    Kazuha – Le Sserafim
    Yuqi – (G)-IDLE

    I’m not sure what their sound would be like. All of them are from groups with very different sounds that I happen to enjoy. As long as they’re all able to shine, I’d be happy.

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    • I think the human voice is a beautiful instrument; female voices more so. Korea tends to like its female singers to be Kewpie dolls with the requisite high squeak when you squeeze them; while the boys can sing in any octave when you pull their string. That’s why it’s both alarming and calming (not many things can be both) when you hear a female sing in a register not intended for dogs.

      So, while I like your list would equally like to listen to anything from that group, here’s a couple more names to add to the roster if they want to expand beyond a quintet:

      – Aisha (Everglow)
      – Amber (f(X))
      – D.ana (Sonamoo)
      – Hani (EXID)
      – Heejin (LOOΠΔ)
      – Hwasa (mamamoo)
      – J (STAYC)
      – Jessi (Soloist)
      – Lee Hi (Soloist)
      – Min (miss A)
      – Miya (GWSN)
      – Ryujin (ITZY)
      – Yezi (FIESTAR/Soloist)
      – Et al

      …hmm, I guess there are more females singing at normal levels than I originally gave credit for. Imagine that.


  22. I guess it’s time for me to pull out my notebook from last year when I made up kpop group concepts to procrastinate during class.

    4Seasons = a (possibly co-ed?) band concept where half the members are dancers and the other half are band members/vocalists. They refuse to perform on music shows unless the shows actually are willing to do sound checks/provide instruments for live performances. Potential members: Henry (ex-SJ), Youkyung (ex-AOA), Rosé (Blackpink), Wendy (Red Velvet)

    Cherry Limeade = a flirty/sassy concept a la Fiestar’s “Apple Pie.” Potential members: Jisoo (ex-Tahiti), Jiu (Dreamcatcher), Cao Lu (ex-Fiestar), Seunghee (Oh My Girl), Sunny (ex-SNSD), Kim Hyerim (on GP999, ex-Limesoda)

    Unicorn Girls = a concept where they only EVER release songs which feature heavy product placement. Super shiny, glossy, commercialized hyperpop. “Chocolate Love,” “Abing Abing,” that random Pepsi song, “Woo Hoo,” you name it. Anyone could be in this and it could work tbh, but I’d favor those with irreverent personalities like Doah (Fanatics), Dahyun (Twice), or Tammy Wu.

    Danza = what if there was a group with super complex social dance choreography? They could potentially have subunits for specific styles, as well. “Dancing With the Stars” was successful, anyway. Xiaoting (Kep1er) could definitely be in it, not sure about others. Maybe Mina/Momo (Twice).

    Lia B. = short for “lightning in a bottle,” I would want their sound to be like “Candy Store” from the musical “Heathers,” i.e. tightly-harmonized stomping rock. No idea who’d suit this vocally besides possibly Siyeon/Sua (Dreamcatcher).

    Troubadour = An indie-pop group where each member is encouraged to pursue other artistic interests. Stages focused more on vibes/audience interaction than on complex (any?) choreo. Sound kind of like AKMU’s “Happening”/”Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes”. I think Wheein (Mamamoo) or Chaeyoung (Twice) would go well in this one.

    Meridian = Boy group with powerful synths where everything sounds like the opening of Romeo’s “Target.” I just want this group bc I miss Sweetune, tbh. I think Key (Shinee) would do well in it.

    Vixxen = sexy concept, and honestly I just like the way the word looks/can game the algorithm. Potential members: Youha (soloist), Gain (ex-Brown Eyed Girls) Hani (EXID), Yujin (IVE).

    I really want a group with an equal number of members from China, S. Korea, and Japan, Like what Kep1er could have been, with traditional instrumental influences (like in Yuju’s “Play”, Jambanai, or the instrumental for “Pink Venom”). Not sure what the group would be called, maybe “New Days”.

    The “favorite vocals group, not necessarily most technically skilled but just have voices I like”:
    Tzuyu (Twice)
    Kazuha (Le Sserafim)
    Yubin (Oh My Girl)
    Yuju (ex-Gfriend)
    Seunghee (ex-CLC)

    The “going to give me a heart attack also screw you I’m putting like 13 people in it because this is basically WJSN if it was my bias list” group:
    Moon Sua (Billlie)
    Ryujin (Itzy)
    Lua (Weki Meki)
    LE (EXID)
    Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)
    Hyoyeon (SNSD)
    Mimi (Oh My Girl)
    Jisoo (ex-Tahiti)
    Chaewon (Le Sserafim)
    Seola (WJSN)
    Siyeon (Dreamcatcher)
    Jeongyeon (Twice)
    Moonbyul (Mamamoo)

    The “put together a bunch of similar-looking idols who are my type to annoy everyone else” group:
    Yeonjae (mimiirose)
    SinB (Viviz)
    Kim Boa (Keembo)
    Suyeon (Weki Meki)
    Sunha (ex-Saturday)

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    • Me, adding up all the thumbs up I gave reading your comment…

      +1 Thumbs up for each item, as follows:

      – Adding Youkyung, FIESTAR’s “Apple Pie”, Cao Lu, Seunghee, Sunny, Hyerim, “Chocolate Love” (whether you meant the SNSD or the f(X) version, Orange Caramel, MiMo, Siyeon, AKMU, Wheein, Ga-in, Hani, Yujin, Yuju, Kazuha, Yubin, Ryujin, Lua, LE, Miryo, Mimi, Seola, SinB, Kim Boa, Suyeon, Sunha…

      So, let’s see.. ..that adds up to about, this many thumbs ups:


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  23. It took me this long to nail down my group!

    BAND NAME: Big Bois
    CONCEPT: Manly, muscular idols
    FIRST SONG: Sparks (lumberjack concept)
    OTHER CONCEPTS: Gym, firemen, boot camp soldiers

    Nuest Baekho (Main vocal)
    BTOB Minhyuk (Main vocal)
    Kard BM (Main dancer, rapper)
    Wonho (Lead vocal)
    Ukiss Eli (Rapper)


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