Song Review: Nature – Limbo!

Nature - Limbo!Nature’s Code W is the first in a string of postponed idol comebacks we’ll see over the next week or so. And, the girls have taken a sledgehammer to K-pop’s brief hiatus, re-emerging with the bonkers Limbo (넘어와). This is the group who gave us the insanity of Oopsie (My Bad) and Rica Rica, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Still, Limbo‘s eccentric choices are sure to polarize opinion.

Before I say anything about the song itself, I want to make it clear how much I appreciate the balls-to-the-wall energy Nature have unleashed with Limbo. It’s a mess. But, it’s a confident mess that pulls no punches. That’s what I like to see in K-pop, even if the results aren’t always as strong as they could be. At its best, the track’s strutting electro beat reminds me of T-ara or Crayon Pop at their irreverent peak. When the production remains focused, it delivers a brisk energy that works well with the inherent silliness of the lyrics. The chorus is ridiculous, but it’s certainly not boring!

Then, we go full-tilt madness for Limbo’s frenetic post-chorus. I love this moment. Rather than opt for the perfunctory half-time breakdown, the track speeds impossibly fast for a sonic freakout that forges an unexpected climax. It’s as if Nature placed the industry’s iconic ‘2x speed dance challenge’ into an actual song. Unfortunately, this breath of fresh air is immediately followed by… a perfunctory half-time breakdown. This is where Limbo becomes frustrating. It’s as if the music is afraid of its own ambition, retreating to overused tropes right when it should be blasting them open. These missed opportunities hold Limbo back from greatness, but overall this is campy fun.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


13 thoughts on “Song Review: Nature – Limbo!

  1. Now that’s more like it. Reminds me of 2nd gen/early 3rd gen too. Feels like a mix of Rica Rica and Girls, plus I agree with Nick it’s a confident weird that most songs who attempt weirdness don’t get a lot nowadays.

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  2. This song is my kind of bonkers!!!!!

    I was just thinking about groups who under or overthink pop music. Or lean out when they should lean in. This does not over thing pop music and leans fully in. Doubles down on the concept, and gets it right.

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  3. I feel like I only have issues with 2nd verse breakdowns when I actually like the song lol. I wish they section was removed and that the chorus had another part to it. Regardless, I really appreciate how 2nd gen this feels, I think that’s why nature hasn’t fallen off my radar, they get so close to great with their quirky music


  4. YES!!! That’s the exact kind of campy fun I’d really love to hear more often in K-pop. Although the song’s half-time breakdown partially ruins its potential, I still love it. 8.5 for me (8,8,9,9).

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  5. Silly goofy kpop. Just what we missed!

    Also are you reviewing YooA’s new songs? They’re bsides but WM released videos for them sorta like pre release singles. Great songs either way.

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  6. I wasn’t expecting this to be so fun!! I don’t know what I was expecting but this is so catchy in a cute yet fun way – the way they go limbo limbo li… this is the kind of silly fun that just makes me smile!😂 They have an interesting sound alright! Even Rica Rica – though I found the MV and theme quite weird and detached from the song, the song itself was kinda fun and this one does a bit better with more cohesion.The choreo is also super fun!

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  7. Those isolations in the post-chorus do not look easy to do in sync.

    Conceptually and sonically it reminds me a little of Everglow’s “Pirate.”

    I love the opening textures and synth riff, the melodies are a bit too random for this to work for me.


  8. God I love this. Capital P Pop! The energy does not let up for a single second and I am always so here for any weird campy 2nd-gen esque bangers. I truely just respect how insanely balls to the wall this is and love Nature’s consistency in delivering slightly unhinged POP music. Hoping they have more comebacks like this next year! They all sound so good and I love the outfits too, some of my favourite comeback fashion this year. This definitely reminds me of T-ara’s clubbier tracks and I would kind of die to hear this at my local gay bar at 2am. I used to do ballet and one of our warmups was to do the limbo. When this came out I tried again and can get down to about 40 centimetres which I’m pleased with, so let’s do the goddamn limbo I guess!


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