Song Review: Seventeen – Dream

Seventeen - DreamSeventeen’s Japanese discography has been a mixed bag, opening with the incredible Call Call Call in 2018 and never quite matching that energy. Many of their J-pop songs trend toward the lyrical, opting for dreamy soundscapes and subdued tempos. New single Dream may be their most reserved track yet. I’d go as far as calling it “easy listening” — the kind of sentimental b-side that might appear in the second half of an album, after the musical fireworks have subsided.

It’s not uncommon for groups to release slower-paced material near the holidays. Japan is an especially accessible market for this style, and I’m sure Dream will do well. But for me, the song wafts pleasantly in one ear and out the other. This is despite the group’s reliably polished performance. The track is refreshingly devoid of the mushy HYBE vocal effects that have snuck into some of their Korean work over the past few years. Dream could fit comfortably alongside their debut-era material, though it wouldn’t have stuck out as much of a highlight.

Dream‘s verses are livelier than its chorus — especially the second-verse rap showcase. The song’s energy briefly spikes before retreating to the lullaby-esque pace of the pre-chorus. The chorus is repetitive to a fault, though it expands nicely during its second half. This segment reminds me of a holiday song. It’d probably sound nice next to a crackling fire as it snows outside. Otherwise, Dream is a forgettable addition to Seventeen’s discography.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

Grade: C-


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Seventeen – Dream

  1. What is Japanese for “meh”?

    Re HYBE, vocal processing: There is a shed load of it in here. Sure, no obvious autotuned sound. But the vocals are multi-multi layered on top of each other, with real and crafted harmonies. Some layers have echos and reverbs on top as well. It reminds me a bit of a lite version of the vocal crafting in BTS “Film Out”.

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  2. “Easy listening” was my first thought for this too. Still, I think it’s miles better than Ai No Chikara. Hitori Janai is probably my favorite of the snoozy Japanese singles.

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  3. The song itself isn’t bad but for SVT Standards, it’s pretty meh. I don’t mind it. I wouldn’t go searching for this song but if it came up, I wouldn’t skip it.

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  4. It’s…. sleepy. I’d play it before bed or during dinner but I don’t see myself actively choosing to listen to it. Ai no Chikara was a sleepy holiday bore and unfortunately this release reminds me of it (though I like this better).

    The holiday ver. of Darl+ing on this EP really sent me lol. I love holiday music usually but can we please get an exciting JP track again??


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